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Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency in 2023

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Apr 7, 2022
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Crypto traders are mainly betting on value in 2022, but there are plenty of opportunities to be found with the fastest growing cryptocurrency in 2022. After a rough start to the year, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in beaten-down growth tokens – including these top picks. We have selected some of the best tokens to stand up against uncertainty.

Investors who have been spooked by the latest red-hot reading on the crypto market should know that few assets offer safety under similar conditions. As a result, crypto growth investing came to a crashing halt in 2022, but investors should not give up on this fastest growing crypto. Everything you need to know about the fastest growing cryptocurrency, 2023. 

Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency – Introduction

In a year that the fastest growing crypto of 2021 was supposed to pull one over on value tokens finally, it was the latter that yet again pulled ahead. The significant cryptocurrencies dropped by 10% in January alone, translating to $205 billion in value lost. However, almost every sector of the global economy is down as inflation fears hit hard. 

Investors are yet again betting on these value cryptos for the most part. However, this article will outline a cautiously optimistic case for growth tokens. Growth tokens are likely to continue outperforming value tokens in the current market environment. Growth tokens have held up well against bearish market forces. 

While investors might do very well investing in the fastest growing crypto over longer time horizons, picking out the fastest growing cryptocurrency in 2022 could be the way. One thing to learn from the recent turbulence is that growth cryptos never go out of style in this 2022 environment that does not necessarily benefit value tokens in comparison. 

Top 10 Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

Investors looking for bargain cryptos promising many upsides should note these fastest growing crypto offerings we found. Among the highlights are newcomers and returning fan favorites. The underlying theme being the fastest growing cryptocurrency 2022: 


Tezos  -  Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

Despite Tezos losing a significant chunk of its value in Q1 2022, it is a strong contender for the fastest growing cryptocurrency. The current trading level provides plenty of upside for risk-tolerant investors keen on capitalizing on easier comparisons, and attractive valuations by the second quarter are some noticeable positives.


Ethereum - Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

Following its steady gains in 2021, ETH solidified its position as second only to Bitcoin. While ethereum is unlikely to repeat the prior year’s strong performance, it does have an impressive YoY return. In other words, anything is possible for this smart contracts network. For enterprise clients making their way to blockchain, ethereum is the likely destination. 


Cosmos - Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency

Predictions are mixed when it comes to Cosmos. However, the overall view does skew a bullish outcome and validates the title – fastest growing crypto for 2022. Cosmos is trading at a discount, which provides significant upside potential relative to the broader crypto market. Positioned as the network for all blockchains, the Cosmos offer plenty of opportunities. 



Polkadot is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency this year. In 2021, Polkadot delivered high returns. The Web3.0 network has been helping innovators and entrepreneurs to grow their digital footprint by providing the tools to scale their transactional and economic needs. With the launch of parachain, experts believe this crypto will continue to grow at a relatively brisk pace. 


NEAR Protocol

With a billion-dollar valuation, the NEAR metaverse project continues to innovate. The startup is invested in research and development, which has enabled it to grow its recurring revenue as its clients continue to digitize in preparation for the migration to the metaverse. Despite many competitors, this cryptocurrency is positioned to benefit from secular digitization. 

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

Strategists are divided on Shiba Inu following its rather unconventional take-off in 2021. However, there is reason to believe the recent pullback on the Shiba Inu price chart is nothing but a transitory move. Moreover, the token is trading on elevated market sentiments, which could act as a bullish catalyst in the year ahead.  



The Terra programmable money platform has been so profitable and continues to be a top pick for the fastest growing cryptocurrency 2022. Offering investors market share gains in the attractive e-commerce market, further upside potential from its discounted token price, and a play on decentralized finance proves Terra will continue to grow its bottom line. 



XRP uses its blockchain business to disrupt cross-border transactions, and many major financial institutions are sold on this idea. To the disappointment of many, its centralized business model is working well for it. However, the threats leveled against it by the SEC lawsuit are cause for concern. In any case, the transactional value of XRP increases its value proposition. 

Yearn.Finance (YFI)

From an investor’s standpoint, 2022 is expected to be a busy year for decentralized finance offerings with Yearn.Finance is set to refresh the banking experience. Expect more of the same from the value creation front. In the trailing quarter coming to the end of 2021, Yearn.Finance has churned out billions in returns to investors. 

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity (AXS) Logo .SVG and .PNG Files Download

Gaming was a big loser in 2021 even as the broader market soared, but this crypto gaming token is a top recommendation for the fastest growing crypto. Play-to-earn is not going away. Further, with gaming platforms expected to grow in the coming years, Axie Infinity is ideally positioned to capture a large slice of this growth as a gatekeeper to access the market.  

Fastest Growing Cryptocurrency – Conclusion

While the world maintains its focus on Bitcoin, there are reasons for optimism in the coming months ahead for the fastest growing cryptocurrency, 2022. The current broad market situation will continue to deliver above-potential global growth and continue developing the growth. However, recovery will be uneven as the market moves past peak momentum and accommodation. 

Nothing will do more to underscore the potential of the forecasted market environment than the emergence of the fastest growing crypto. However, given that the start of 2022 has proven that anything can happen, investors should take the most prudent approach and plan for a range of outcomes, even when dealing with the fastest growing cryptocurrency. 

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