Encrypted Communication Won't Be Cryptic With IMpulse K1 Smartphone
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Encrypted Communication Won’t Be Cryptic With IMpulse K1 Smartphone

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Jun 14, 2019
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The blockchaingraphic software we have today welcomes those who try to use it with Rube Goldberg-machine complexity and academic language. Why is it so horrifying to use? Because there’s no such thing as usable blockchaingraphy, regardless of growth in popularity of the trendy expression “usable blockchain” among specialists as of late. Ease of use and blockchain are in fact two separate subjects. One is about making things that people interact with; the other is concerned with technical stuff that, although vital, should not be visible to the end client. Unless we find the right balance, users will never benefit from blockchaingraphy.

Let’s face it, “the masses” aren’t going to sacrifice a good experience for a bad one that includes encryption. That’s why Karat has launched its user-friendly privacy-oriented IMpulse K1 smartphone recently.

It’s hard to say that the competition is high – there’re lots of rumors about Samsung’s, Apple and other giants’ developments, however, only HTC has managed to deliver the real product so far. Karat’s approach is a little different: instead of talking, the team conducted a thorough user experience research and created a unique blend of high-end cyber-secure hardware and sleek software.

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Karatbars CEO Harald Seiz commented on the reason behind the idea of IMpulse K1:

“If we want people to use encryption on a daily basis, we must build attractive, easy-to-use experiences like those people already rely on. We have to adapt the technology to its users, not vice versa.”

IMpulse K1 Phone’s main advantage is Voice-over-Blockchain Protocol. Gadget’s owners can use the decentralized peer-to-peer network to securely transmit voice messages as well as text, media and documents. And the best part – they don’t even notice what’s going on at the back-end. They simply call their friends or colleagues and talk, no extra obstacles.

End-to-end encryption protects customers’ information from hackers and other third parties. All data is stored on IPFS (Interplanetary file storage) allowing its users access your photos, videos and docs from any place in the world through a secure connection.

IMpulse K1 Phone is a part of K-Universe, a global financial infrastructure that uses KaratGoldCoins (KGC) as its primary settlement currency. Soon all other KaratGold’s projects like K-Merchant, KaratPay, KaratBit and others will integrate the revolutionary Karat blockchain, which was specifically designed to perfectly meet K-Universe products’ needs.

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KaratGold Coins will become the global solution for instant cross-border value transfers for the blockchain-based economy. Some well-known blockchain influencers are already getting on board. Recently John McAfee described KBC in his tweet:

“KBC coin is linked to gold in a way that downside is limited, while upside is unlimited. For me it is simply a way to protect against the blockchain markets’ volatility.”

You can find further details and technical specification of IMpulse K1 smartphones on their official website. The first batch is available for pre-order and will be delivered to their owners by September 2019.

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