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Echelon – Bridging the Gap in Crypto!

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May 27, 2022
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Echelon, a leading provider of blockchain solutions, released a cross-chain bridge that supports seven major blockchains.

The Echelon Foundation, the team behind leading cross-chain blockchain Echelon, announced today that they are ahead of schedule in reaching their goal of bridging all major cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystems together. Echelon set forth the goal of becoming the only blockchain with multiple major blockchains integrated into the Echelon Bridge, where users can exchange and trade $ECH across all major blockchains. With Echelon’s recent progress, they are well on their way to achieving this goal and becoming the go-to platform for cross-chain exchanges and trades. This news is a major development in the cryptocurrency space and will have far-reaching implications for the future of Echelon and blockchain technology as a whole.

The Echelon Foundation has released a bridgeable $USDC, which is titled $bUSDC. This is the first blockchain to release BridgeableTokens. The main native token being $ECH can be traded, currently, across 7 major blockchains as Bridgeable $ECH, also known as $bECH. Echelon plans to bring this number up to 100 in the near future. This will allow for a more efficient way to transfer value and data between different blockchain platforms.

Echelon smart contracts provide the most core element of cryptocurrency deployability while also combining the decentralization of data. Echelon is the upper echelon of blockchains due to its developers’ research and understanding of Satoshi Nakamoto’s core values. The Echelon Foundation’s success is recent, but it has been growing and evolving ever since its creation. 0xECH, the main developer for Echelon, urges all other developers to do their own research so they can see why Echelon calls itself the upper echelon of blockchains. The Echelon Foundation’s success is due to its dedication to provide only the most essential parts of cryptocurrency while also maintaining a decentralized network. Echelon contracts aim to provide what other cryptocurrencies lack: simplicity and functionality. Other cryptocurrencies may have more complex functions, but they sacrifice simplicity and many times, functionality. Echelon provides both without fail, which is why it has seen such success in recent months. The Echelon Foundation will continue to grow and succeed in the coming months because of its dedication to providing what other cryptocurrencies lack: simplicity and functionality.

Echelon is a blockchain foundation that strives to bring Speed, Scalability, Security and Sustainability in an all-in-one blockchain. The Echelon Foundation realizes that the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why they strive to make every link in their chain unbreakable. They will also remain true to the Satoshi Nakamoto values by staying anonymous for the foreseeable future. Echelon is more than just a single developer or group of developers, they are a community that wants to see greatness. Echelon is anonymous, they are one, they are legion, and they are the Upper Echelon.

  • 7 Major Blockchains including $AVAX, $BNB, $CRO, $ETH, $FTM, $ONE and $MATIC.
  • 3 Centralized Exchange listings (IndoEx was announced 05/16/22 – Goes live by ~5/20!)
  • Echelon is EVM and Cosmos compatible with IBC Relayers.
  • Echelon Blockchain has validators who earn rewards and act as a DAO.
  • Echelon Foundation offers grants and bounties to developers/builders.
  • Echelon Foundation is actively pursuing partnerships like Chainlink and Major CEX listings.
  • Echelon Foundation is working towards bringing developers into the ecosystem to build DEX’s and other platforms like DeFi Yield Farming, Lending, NFT Platforms, Immersive Gaming, and Meta-verse development.


The Echelon Foundation is a new blockchain founded by the Echelon Foundation built for the elite builders, creators and developers. Our mission is to provide an Upper Echelon platform that allows users to bridge $ECH and $USDC from various blockchains including Avalance, Binance, Cronos, Ethereum, Fantom, Harmony and Polygon. We are focused on Speed, Scalability, Security and Sustainability. Come see why we are the best of the best!

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