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DiveWallet – A Look into a New Way to Handle Crypto Funds

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Feb 24, 2022
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Handling a crypto wallet is a delicate matter, and investors understand this. With the increase in crypto-related criminal activity recorded in 2021, introducing security in the sector is vital.

Our review will talk about DiveWallet, a new solution aiming to provide investors with a secure and practical crypto ecosystem. First of all, we will learn about the main features of the initiative and look at its native token.

Finally, we will share a few details about the project’s roadmap, anticipating future developments.

How DiveWallet Is Planning to Enter the Market

As the whitepaper mentions, DiveWallet is an all-inclusive, fully-functional, cross-chain mobile wallet.

This project is working toward keeping crypto assets safe and secure. Connecting your wallet to an unknown system can be a dangerous choice. Scammers leverage traders’ gullibility by running criminal web3 dApps.

The team explains being well aware of how challenging the cryptocurrency field can be. The founders developed a new wallet system to help investors avoid the risk of falling into a typical scam.

The following subsections will deliver more information about DiveWallet’s key features.

A Dual Plan

The whole mission of the team revolves around the ideas of security and practicality. In this sense, every user can access the following functionalities:

  • Find the logged Dollar-Cost Average (DCA) of the wallet and the initial amount of money you invested.
  • Receive a notification whenever the system connects your wallet to any web3 address.
  • Obtain price information from different sources, such as DexTools, Poocoin, CoinMarketCap, etc.
  • Visualize a detailed summary of all the assets in your wallet.

The team is working on a series of Pro features. To access them, you will need to own at least 500 million DiveWallet tokens:

  • In one click, you may cancel all rights granted to associated dApps.
  • You will receive live notifications about dusting attacks
  • You will be able to configure automated disconnect features from web3 addresses. The system will trigger the disconnection after a certain amount of time.

What Do We Know about the Team’s Values?

The team claims that transparency is an essential matter for DiveWallet. The online community will receive frequent updates on token and wallet developments. The same is true for other important news, such as launch information and any potential issue.

In addition, the team wishes to receive regular input and recommendations about the project from the community.

The team promises that, when DiveWallet goes live, it will be functional and secure. Furthermore, the developers promise that they will not rush the final launch. Their idea is to release a finished, secure product following the team’s roadmap.

DiveWallet’s founders claim to be active members in other crypto communities and promise commitment to the project.

More Information about $DWT

DiveWallet comes with its native token: $DWT. The team decided to allocate the total supply of the coin (equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000) as follows:

  • Burning operations: 33% of the supply
  • Pre-sale: 29% of the tokens
  • Liquidity: 22% of the coins
  • Private sale: 10% of the overall $DWT amount
  • Development fund and team wallets: 6% of the total supply

The team divided the $DWT token launch into three phases: a private sale, an Ignite presale, and a public sale. As the project progresses, DiveWallet will provide more and more details on each of the launches.

Everyone earning a whitelisted presale seat will be able to buy the maximum amount of tokens during the presale.

Each transaction will trigger a 15% tax that we can break down as follows:

  • Liquidity: 2%
  • $BUSD reflections to $DWT holders: 13%

Looking at DiveWallet’s Roadmap

The team has divided their work into four stages, as we described below: 

Stage 1 – Q1 2022

The team marked a part of this phase as completed on DiveWallet’s website. It included the whitepaper and website launch, the development operations, and the private sale.

The current phase is seeing the beginning of the first marketing operations aiming to build a community. The pre-sale operation will begin soon, and the public sale operation will launch $DWT on the market.

Stage 2 – Q2 2022

By Q2 2022, the team expects to hire developers to start working on the wallet feature. At the same time, marketing operations should continue to support the community’s growth.

Stage 3 – Q3 2022

In Q3, the project will launch DiveWallet v1.0. The first reflection distribution operations from advertising revenues will begin. At the same time, the team will buy back and burn tokens using the same source.

Stage 4 – Q4 2022

This phase will be a continuation of the previous one, with more reflections and buyback & burn operations. Furthermore, the team expects to expand the wallet functionalities.

Final Thoughts

DiveWallet is entering the market with the promise of bringing more securities for crypto investors. Connecting a wallet to an unknown web3 address can be dangerous, and traders may need additional security layers.

The project is ambitious, as it aims to make crypto investors’ lives easier and safer. Anyone wishing to stay in touch with DiveWallet can explore its official website and social media channels.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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