Crypto Sports Betting Bonuses
Crypto Sports Betting Bonuses

What Bonuses Can You Expect on Sports Betting Websites?

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Nov 24, 2022
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Whether you like it or not, bonuses have a very important role for many online bookmakers. Thanks to some of the top-tier reviews of online betting platforms, we know that some bonuses are better than others. In fact, you can always check out top bookmakers and their latest promo offers here because the best reviews will show you all sorts of things about the sites, as well as the bonuses.

There are many differences between the bonuses offered by some online gambling platforms, especially when it comes downs to the payment options. Most platforms offer all kinds of bonuses, even in the crypto area, so don’t be surprised if you find rewards that provide a lot of BTC and other options.  

Of course, some are better than others, but almost every operator has something interesting. Thankfully, you can always learn more about them by reading their complete terms and conditions.  

Instead of focusing on individual promos, this article will try to show you some of the most common crypto sports betting bonuses you can find while playing. Although some bookies may have a little bit more offers than others regarding digital currencies, you should have access to at least several perks. 

100% Bonus for New Crypto Users 

One of the most common bosses that you will find while betting online is the one that you get when you sign up. Every single gaming operator has at least a couple of rewards for new users. That said, the most popular one will give you a 100% bonus in cryptocurrencies. Most of these offers focus on BTC, but there are cases where you can get a reward in ETH or something else. 

The minimum deposit requirement might be slightly higher than the one for the specific payment option. In other words, you may need to deposit a little bit more money to get the offer you want. Don’t forget that cryptocurrencies change their value regularly, so you need to keep an eye on them. 

Accumulator Bonuses for Crypto Bets 

Despite the fact that many people like betting on a single event, some users are more interested in wagering on at least a couple of matches using cryptocurrencies. Therefore, people who like BTC and other alternatives can find bookies that have different kinds of ACCA bonuses. 

There are different kinds of Accumulator rewards you can put to the test. Of course, the most common one will give you extra funds in crypto once you bet on at least five events. However, you can find loads of other options.  

One of the things you have to remember about these bonuses is that most of them will give you a way better reward if you wager on more sports events or use a specific digital currency. Of course, this will affect your potential winnings because you could win more.  

Bonuses for a Series of Losing Bets with Crypto 

There is no arguing that everyone who wants to bet with cryptocurrencies online wants to predict all of their bets. Unfortunately, even some of the best gamblers will lose a couple of times because betting is risky. This is the big reason why most people who use BTC and other digital currencies will often look for sports betting bonuses that will reward them when they lose a couple of times. 

Even though it is not recommend to rely on these rewards because you have to lose to receive something, it is definitely a plus because you will at least get something even if you don’t predict your bets. The reward is less impressive than you think, but it is better than nothing. 

One key thing to remember while using this cryptocurrency bonus is that it may only work if you bet on a specific sport. Despite the fact that many online bookmakers have lots of different sports that you can choose from, most of their bonuses will only work if you punt on football or eSports. In some cases, users may also have to use a specific cryptocurrency. 

Boosted Odds for Bets with Cryptocurrencies 

One of the big reasons why some people choose a specific gambling website is because it offers amazing odds. Most of the top-tier online bookmakers will offer good odds, but there are sites that will provide you with boosted odds for their cryptocurrency bettors. 

Unsurprisingly, most of the events that have boosted the odds are for football. This is the most popular sport when it comes down to online betting, so bookmakers pay more attention to it. Aside from soccer, you could come across boosted odds for sports like tennis, basketball, volleyball, and several others. 

Every crypto bettor needs to check if the odds will work when wagering with every digital currency. In some cases, these offers might only work for bets with Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and a few other options. 

Early Payout 

The next popular online betting bonus that people can find while punting on sports is called Early Payout. Even though it is rare and not available among most cryptocurrency bookies, some of the best names in the business will allow their clients to avail themselves of it as long as they bet on specific matches and use digital currencies.  

The early payout bonus allows bettors to pull out their winnings before the specific event comes to an end. Of course, this is only possible in certain scenarios, such as when one of the teams has a specific lead. For example, the early payout bonuses for football matches become available to bettors whose team has at least a 2-goal advantage.  

Free Bets for Cryptocurrencies 

Of course, the last popular cryptocurrency betting bonus that you can find while using a specific operator is called a free bet. It is safe to say that this offer needs no introduction because it allows people to wager on something for free. 

What’s interesting about the free bet is that there are all kinds of variations to choose from, and each one offers something special. Most of the free bets can be obtained after making a deposit with digital currencies, but some bookies may grant this reward to new or existing users. 

The fact that you can place crypto bets for free is good, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be responsible. Gambling is risky, and players should be careful of how much they spend. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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