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CoinLive – Crypto News Aggregator Review

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May 4, 2018
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Succeeding in cryptocurrency investment or trading is heavily influenced by the quality of information a trader has access to. However, given the continuously growing number of news coverage sources, it might prove very difficult for investors to keep up with the latest developments and happenings in the industry. That’s why many traders use news aggregators specialized in cryptocurrency. One such aggregator that uses a more data-driven approach is CoinLive.

About CoinLive

CoinLive is a crypto market intelligence platform that provides real-time, 24/7 news coverage, also offering detailed analysis, didactic material on trading, video interviews, as well as other similar services. It streams all the latest crypto and blockchain developments, allowing you to design the best portfolio and increase your chances as a crypto trader.

What sets the platform apart from its competitors is that, unlike other news aggregators, CoinLive does not run an automatic newsfeed, but, instead, it combines hand-picked news with data analytics and research. This method of sorting content ensures that only the most relevant information is streamed to the trader.



The platform’s news terminal boasts a modern UI/UX that has the purpose of maximizing functionality and usability, while also maintaining the structure of an aesthetically pleasing site.

The information is made readily available for the user in an intuitive manner by being sorted in various, relevant sections. Thus, one can browse through sections such as Daily Recap, Hottest News, Events, ICOs, Industry News, and Crypto Assets, in order to find the desired information. The design is meant to simplify the user experience as much as possible in order to save time.


How does CoinLive Work?

CoinLive provides crypto-related news over a system that uses a series of efficient methods to evaluate information, including data analytics and human curation.

CoinLive’s team of reporters and analysts investigate and research the most relevant topics, producing insightful analysis for all pressing subjects. The articles may sometimes be complemented by various videos in order to ensure the content’s high levels of relevancy, legibility, and all-round accessibility.

The platform’s tutorials are designed to help educate traders on crypto matters which will be useful in their investment journey.

CoinLive’s Team

CoinLive’s team consists of members with decades of experience in Capital markets, who transitioned full-time into cryptos in the last few years. Their analysts are distributed across the world, in order to ensure around the clock coverage. The CoinLive team has been aware for quite some time of the blockchain’s potential to positively influence the world, hence, they’ve dedicated themselves to provide data of the highest quality that is sure to impact the crypto community.

CoinLive’s Objective

CoinLive was created to eliminate the problems that arise in the supply of crypto market data. That is why the team takes a rational and systematic approach to interpreting and delivering the news that matter, using the highest and most rigorous criteria.

CoinLive’s main objective is to deliver high-quality standards in crypto market intelligence, undertaking the existing issue of dispersed quality information head-on.

It should be noted that the platform is the first crypto news feed to be selected as part of OST KIT⍺ Phase II program, where developers will be able to create a Proof of Concept (POC) coded integration between their website/app/platform and the OST KIT blockchain toolkit. The platform will probably make use of the OST token for the contributed research and analysis segment.


CoinLive is a unique news aggregator that provides a sense of structure to a seemingly chaotic environment, letting traders and investors alike make smarter and more fruitful trading choices.

It’s also worth noting that in the following 2 months, CoinLive will be transitioning from a free resource to a PRO news terminal. Users will still have free access to their content for a limited period of time, with or without various limitations in terms of content consumption.

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