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Coinbase App not working

Why Is The Coinbase App Not Working?

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Jul 5, 2024
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There are hundreds of trading platforms available in the crypto space. Each has its bright features and security measures, most of which are worth considering when looking for a place to trade your crypto assets. 

Still, we usually stick to some popular options, but why is that? Well, it’s not just the fact that they are popular. They also provide significant benefits and ensure that all users can access them. They offer high accessibility, are user-friendly, are suitable for both beginners and experienced traders and so much more. 

It is the same with Coinbase. After all, the crypto exchange did not steal the 2nd place at the top; it earned its place and title of one of the most popular and widely used cryptocurrency exchanges. 

However, as much as we would like to believe that things are always rainbow-colored, sometimes even Coinbase can have issues that prevent its app and website from working well. 

The good thing is that there are many ways to overcome these issues, and we are here to offer you all the troubleshooting steps. Stick with us to learn how to use Coinbase seamlessly, even when it throws a spanner in the works. 

Potential Reasons Why Coinbase Is Not Working

As fast, safe, and user-friendly as Coinbase might be, it can sometimes not work properly. There are numerous reasons why this should happen, but the most widely encountered are related to the app’s version, your internet connection, and how crowded the network is. 

Outdated Operating Software or App Version

Both mobile devices and apps constantly update to improve their features and resolve various issues they notice. This is why you have to always keep your phone and widely used apps up to date. 

However, if you don’t update your Coinbase app every time a new update is available, it can happen that it does not load properly. 

This can also happen if your mobile device is not up to date. If you don’t update your device regularly but pay attention to the Coinbase updates and enable them as soon as they are out, it is highly possible that, at some point, your phone will simply stop supporting the Coinbase app. 

On the other hand, if you update your phone but not your Coinbase app, at a certain point, Coinbase will entirely change or even remove the features you have in your version, and you will not be able to use the exchange app properly. 

Poor Internet Connection

Yes, poor internet connection is still a frequently seen issue. Sometimes, it can be because your device (in the case of mobile data) or router (in the case of Wi-Fi) is not working properly. Other times, it can be due to a bigger issue that is not your fault, nor can it be solved by a simple internet user. 

If you don’t have a strong internet connection, accessing all of Coinbase’s features can be challenging. For instance, you might be able to log in, but completing a transaction may be pretty hard. What’s the point of using Coinbase if all you can do is launch the app and look at its dashboard? 

Accessing Coinbase is surely not enough; you need to have a strong internet connection to support all the actions you can complete through the crypto exchange app. 

Too High Traffic

It should be no surprise for anyone, new to the crypto world or not, that the network sometimes gets crowded. It still happens, and it will probably continue to happen in the following years, considering the increase in the number of transactions and crypto users (we are over 560 million, can you believe it?). 

In this case, you can probably open the Coinbase app or website, navigate through it, and initiate the transaction. Still, the problem will occur when processing the transaction. 

Also, it can happen to complete the transaction, but processing it might take longer than usual due to the high number of transactions in the queue. 

Server Issues or Scheduled Maintenance

Sometimes, Coinbase can have some bugs, especially after significant updates. Although this does not happen that often, anything is possible, and in this situation, users cannot do something to change the app’s features. 

Furthermore, whenever there are specific bugs in an app or on a website, developers can schedule a maintenance process to resolve those problems and look for others that need to be resolved. 

The good thing is that Coinbase usually notifies users in advance whenever they plan to have maintenance, advising them not to initiate transactions during that time. Fortunately, such actions do not take too much time. They should usually take no more than a few hours. 

How to Fix Coinbase Mobile App and Website

Now, we discussed why your Coinbase app might not be working correctly. But what can you do in those situations?

Outdated App/Device – Update Your Device and App

If your device or app is outdated, the only thing you have to do is update it. Depending on your situation, you will need to update your phone’s operating system, the Coinbase app, or both. 

To update your device’s system, you will need to access the settings and look for new updates that are available. Enable them and wait for your mobile device to be updated. 

To update the Coinbase app, go to your app store, search for Coinbase, and tap on the “Update” button. You can also find the update option by going to the updates page, where you might notice that more apps need to be updated. 

Poor Connection – Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection does not work as you would like, you can start by checking where the problem is. In some cases, your device might offer such information. If not, first check the internet connection on your device.

If it looks like you are connected to the internet, you can go on and restart your router and modem. Sometimes, this can help restore your internet connection. Then, you can also try to evaluate the software problems, check your signal range, or even try a different browser, as the problem might come from the browser instead of the internet connection. After all, web browsers can also have bugs, right?

High Traffic – Wait for the Network to Recover

Frankly, there is not so much you can do when the network is too crowded. Usually, all you can do is wait for the network to have reduced traffic. 

The good thing is that if you wait, you will also trade crypto with lower fees. Network fees increase significantly when the network is crowded. Just wait until the Coinbase status improves, and things will sort out nicely. 

Server Issues or Scheduled Maintenance- Contact Coinbase Support

When Coinbase has scheduled maintenance, it usually announces some days in advance and advises users to complete their crypto-related actions before or after the maintenance. 

In this case, you can wait or contact Coinbase’s support team to learn more about the maintenance process and how long it takes. Usually, it should not take more than a few hours or a night. 

Other Options

In case Coinbase still does not work after trying the things we mentioned above, Coinbase’s official support page offers some more options:

  1. To ensure proper operation, you can turn your mobile or desktop device off and then back on.
  2. Switch from Wi-Fi to mobile data or vice versa (in case the problem comes from your internet connection).
  3. Clear your mobile app cache. On some devices, you can do this by going to their settings, selecting the Coinbase app, and looking for the “Clear cache” option. If you don’t find it, simply uninstall and install Coinbase again.
  4. Access Coinbase through your device’s web browser.

About Coinbase and the Sign up Process


Coinbase is the 2nd largest crypto exchange in the market, allowing users to trade, purchase, sell, receive, and send crypto seamlessly and through a highly user-friendly platform. 

The platform supports thousands of cryptocurrencies, including the most popular digital assets, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Polygon (MATIC), Dogecoin (DOGE), AAVE, Solana (SOL), and more. 

Coinbase offers various types of trading and provides 2 main platforms: Coinbase Simple Trade and Coinbase Advanced Trade. While the former is suitable for beginners, Coinbase Advanced Trade was developed for more experienced crypto enthusiasts who look for advanced trading features and analysis. 

Signing up on Coinbase is pretty simple. Users are required to provide simple information, confirm their device through a code received through a text message, copy their account recovery phrase, and pass the identity verification procedure. Afterward, they can improve the security features to keep their funds as safe as possible. Coinbase allows for 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) through an authenticator app. 


Why can’t I access my Coinbase account?

It is possible that your Coinbase app or your device are not up to date, and if this goes on for some time, you might find yourself unable to access your account from your mobile device. Furthermore, your internet connection might not be strong enough or the app may be under maintenance.

Why is Coinbase blocked?

Coinbase can block or restrict your account for various reasons, such as suspicion of malicious activity targeting your account, detection of a security issue during account recovery, or, as requested by you via a link in a Coinbase email, due to unrecognized account activity.

Is there something wrong with Coinbase?

Coinbase can sometimes have bugs, too. It happens, and in some cases, developers cannot anticipate it. However, the exchange usually announces potential bugs and further maintenance to provide high-quality services to all its users.

In Conclusion

Coinbase is an option worth considering by worldwide crypto enthusiasts, offering numerous high-quality trading services, along with a bright and safe crypto wallet, a Layer-2 platform, and much more. With all its products, Coinbase has created a great ecosystem that offers users plenty of crypto-related opportunities.

It can sometimes happen for Coinbase not to work properly, and the reasons are plenty and not always related to the app itself. However, users also have many ways to troubleshoot Coinbase in order to continue their crypto activities seamlessly.

Whenever you notice that Coinbase does not work as you wish, double-check every transaction (in case you need it to complete it right then) or wait for the app to work better before initiating a crypto transaction.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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