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Chiliz Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Feb 24, 2022
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Even as concerns about BTC weigh down the market, Chiliz exhibits potential to be the market-beating coin of 2022 – let’s review Chiliz’s price prediction 2022. Chiliz has been on a growth spurt, and this dip might be your chance to buy before prices go up. 

The sports and entertainment FinTech provider remains stable crypto in a volatile market, riding the ups and downs of the market – but that’s not entirely a worst-case scenario. Ascertain as the market has been, this Chiliz crypto price prediction has some good news for you. 

Chiliz Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of writing this Chiliz coin price prediction, CHZ was trading at $0.1509, according to CoinMarketCap data. The market cap of the Chiliz ecosystem at this price was nearly $901,622,903, fully diluted to over $1.3 billion. 

Chiliz is, by all means, a growth cryptocurrency. The crypto flexed its muscles in 2021, taking action to expand its user base during the year and expanding the reach of its currency to investors and traders from around the world. 

This crypto-unicorn has its roots in the idea that blockchain could be leveraged to provide sports fans with a way to engage their favorite teams and monetize their loyalties. CHZ is the cryptocurrency used by fans to buy Fan Tokens on – a digital pass to the biggest clubs in sports. 

Chiliz Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

This Chiliz price prediction 2025 would not be complete without a thorough analysis of CHZ through the price charts. In this section, we consider the price action of CHZ to identify points of strength and weakness and above everything, windows of opportunity. Here is a summary of Chiliz price:

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
January 2022$0.2834$0.1888$0.3252
December 2021$0.4378$0.2834$0.4531
November 2021$0.4849$0.4378$0.6080
October 2021$0.2608$0.4849$0.6618
September 2021$0.3960$0.2608$0.4613
August 2021$0.2633$0.3960$0.4271
July 2021$0.2510$0.2633$0.2926

Chiliz price eyes recovery to $1 as CHZ approaches the last stable support zone. The coin has been on a steep corrective spree for the better part of four months. This downward spiral has pushed CHZ to the last support zone, where a bounce off this level is likely to trigger a massive upswing. 

The coin has dropped more than 45% in 2022 and is currently piercing the $0.1650 to $0.2321 demand zone. This area is vital since it is the last support level that is capable of absorbing the incoming selling pressure from bearish Chiliz price prediction actors. 

Beyond this, CHZ bulls are non-existent. Hence, there is a good chance that sidelined traders are likely to pick up from this level, triggering an uptrend. The resulting bounce could send CHZ upward by 45% to tag the immediate resistance level at $0.4496. 

Investors can expect the CHZ price to witness a considerable bounce from this level. This bullish Chiliz coin price prediction is further solidified with the recent uptick in the number of new addresses joining the Chiliz ecosystem over the past month. 

Chiliz Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

These metrics point to the fact that investors are taking an interest in CHZ at the current price level and are likely to invest. Traders are rushing to take advantage of the buying opportunity before the altcoin market takes off, and with it, CHZ price. 

Alternative Chiliz Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

While the technical and on-chain metrics point to a bullish Chiliz coin price prediction, a daily candlestick formed below $0.1650 will invalidate the bullish thesis for CHZ. This scenario will see CHZ trade lower in search of critical support.

Chiliz Price Prediction: Market Opinions 
Source: TradingView

In this case, CHZ will revisit the wider support level of $0.0494. The upside potential would be capped at $0.1650, which will not act as the immediate resistance barrier for this bearish Chiliz price prediction.

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Chiliz Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

The key takeaway of the Chiliz coin price prediction technical analysis is that investor sentiments are the gatekeepers keeping CHZ in check and away from a bearish outcome. In this section, we will evaluate these sentiments to identify a thesis. 

Chiliz Price Forecast for February – March


TradingBeasts eyes a retest of $0.24 as Chiliz forms a reversal that investors can expect CHZ to pierce through the breaker and tag the monthly resistance barrier despite the recent bearish retracements. The Chiliz price prediction for February – March eyes supports at $0.20. 

Long Forecast

Long Forecast Chiliz price forecast of February – March eyes a 10% advance for $0.19 as CHZ reaches an inflection point in February. The forecast anticipates CHZ price setting up a higher low as it dips inside a demand zone, indicating the bullish Chiliz price prediction is intact. 

Chiliz Price Prediction for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor is bullish, noting CHZ price is ready for a quick run as it bounces off the last support. According to the Chiliz price prediction for the rest of the year, CHZ could post an advance for $0.467, expedited by the comeback of Chiliz price prediction bulls.


DigitalCoin eyes $0.24 within the year as CHZ settles on top of a vital launching pad. This Chiliz price prediction for the rest of the year predicts the downswing is likely to end, thereby exposing a consolidation phase until CHZ forms another barrier breaker. 

Chiliz Price Forecast for the Next Year 

Gov.Capital Chiliz price forecast for the next year suggests CHZ price will tap the vital and wise support area it is currently sitting on to prevent crashing lower for the time being and tap it further for an attempt to test $0.7541. As such, the Chiliz price prediction for 2025 is $5.87.  

PricePrediction is betting long suggest CHZ could make a run for $0.33 and $0.34 in its Chiliz price forecast for the next year. CHZ price will pause the descent and rethink its directional bias before bouncing from the said foothold for a bullish regime around $0.41. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Trader Fred Chiliz price prediction identifies the potential for a 30% breakout as bulls could fail to follow through. On close inspection, the influencer suggests a target of $0.211 as the coin builds a price action that falls within the confines of the ongoing consolidation. 

Dany is bullish owing to the fact that CHZ is still trading above a reliable trend line with greater upside potential. The Chiliz coin price prediction eyes a test of the resilience of both support and resistance barriers in keeping up with the consolidation phase. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Chiliz

UEFA, the world’s biggest annual sporting event, recently tapped as its Global Licensing Partner, which makes it an Official Licensed Product and the Official Fan Token Partner of the UEFA Champions League. This deal brings CHZ token to UEFA league worldwide.

That means UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, and Super Cup fans can buy fan tokens using CHZ tokens, which will increase the number of active wallets in the network. Chiliz could gain users through this licensing deal said to run to 2024. If this Chiliz price prediction brought interest in buying CHZ, you can trade it on different exchanges like Kucoin, as you can see on the Kucoin review.

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Chiliz Price Prediction: Verdict

Short-term headwinds have CHZ selling at a discount. Despite CHZ having a challenging year so far in 2022, the primary reason for a bullish Chiliz price prediction is still intact. For investors who can stomach the volatility, CHZ is excellent crypto to buy and hold for the long term.

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