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Chainsulting Conducts Smart Contract Audits for 200+ Crypto Projects

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Feb 2, 2022
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Chainsulting, a German-based firm specializing in DeFi architecture and codebase audits, has helped secure 200+ crypto projects. The leading blockchain security company prides itself on delivering professional quality at the best price.

The experienced team of auditors and security experts at Chainsluting has conducted 500+ audits over the last four years, and almost no smart contract exploits have happened to their clients. The team endeavors to secure the DeFi industry to attract more investors and help new crypto projects thrive. 

The market-leading auditor is currently protecting a whopping $100B of user funds across multiple DeFi protocols. Some of the notable projects that have trusted and hired Chainsulting to secure their smart contracts include POA Network, 1inch, Unicrypt, and TrustToken.

Many more top 100 crypto projects by market capitalization use Chainsulting services to guarantee investors that their funds are safe. 

How Chainsulting Brings Confidence and Security into DeFi

The DeFi industry has enjoyed unprecedented growth over the past year. Per data from DeFi Pulse, the total value locked across all DeFi protocols stands at just over $100B, highlighting the mounting investor appetite in the sector.

Unfortunately, the rapid growth has attracted cyber criminals who seek to exploit security loopholes in a project’s code and siphon user funds. 

In 2021 alone, hackers infiltrated 73 DeFI protocols, including high-profile projects such as Poly Network and BadgerDAO. Overall, the malicious actors made away with a staggering $1.7 billion from DeFi projects, significantly undermining the industry’s growth potential.

Chainsulting is one of the leading firms that have stepped up to curb the threat of cybercrime and help build confidence and security in the DeFi space. The auditing company conducts world-class architecture and codebase checks, rooting out bugs, design inefficiencies, and other loopholes that could put user funds at risk.

The team at Chainsulting has years of experience and a proven track record in verifying DeFi code integrity. They leverage their robust technical expertise to deliver comprehensive distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions to clients in multiple industries.

Chainsulting also provides software development services tailored to each client’s business needs to help give them an edge over the competition. 

The smart contract audit process consists of a thorough analysis of the security of a digital token, farming/staking contract, liquidity pool, and other DeFi components.

The Chainsulting team provides a list of recommendations and works with the project developers to apply the necessary fixes before issuing a certificate of compliance. 

Chainsulting’s Unique Approach to Smart Contract Auditing

Chainsulting has introduced a game-changing audit process that integrates elaborate steps to ensure 100% test coverage on decentralized applications. 

This unique approach to smart contract auditing ensures better security standards with German tech for DeFi projects. The methodology entails a code review that integrates automated vulnerability analysis and the best practices review.

Other integral parts of the audit process include a manual security test, coding style checks, and a function and logic test. 

To learn more about Chainsulting and how they implement security measures to instill investor trust in DeFi, check out the resources below: 

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