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Blockchain Projects that Have Changed the Gambling Industry

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Feb 20, 2019
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The technology of blockchain is creeping into just about every industry and it will be a strong presence in the coming years. An industry that has already been disrupted by this technology is the gambling industry. Over the years, the concern with an online casino is that data and gaming results can be intentionally hidden from the public. With blockchain technology, these concerns can be resolved. Blockchain technology projects have already made a mark on the industry in a number of ways.

Trust and Transparency

For a number of years, online casinos have often been accused of using scams and some tricks to steal money from registered members. There have been some proven cases of fraud and due to the lack of transparency, many players are considering avoiding online casinos altogether. This will result in a huge loss of revenue for reliable and trustworthy sites. With blockchain technology, trust will be increased and players will be able to bet with confidence. All records of gaming will be recorded on a ledger that cannot be altered, so this will increase transparency.

Secure Transactions

One of the major ways in which blockchain technology has disrupted the industry is by eliminating the many tasks associated with the process of making deposits and withdrawals. With this technology, players no longer have to provide sensitive data when they are funding or managing their account. With the increasing use of cryptocurrency at online casinos, players are enjoying a more secure way to gamble. The tedious part of verification is one that can be and has been eliminated with the use of blockchain technology. Sites are making use of this and providing a more secure way for players to engage in real money action without the worry of their personal safety. Check Casumo Casino, one of the trusted sites that are innovating instant deposits and payout.

Easy Access to Winnings and Funds

Anyone who has gambled online will be aware of the process of withdrawing funds. This can often tea a few days and at many traditional online casinos, the process is quite frustrating. With blockchain, the regular habits have been disrupted and players now have easier access to their funds. Withdrawals are often instant, providing players with simple ways to get their winnings. This is a positive change that is being embraced by many players around the world and is one reason most believe blockchain technology is the future of online gambling.

Another great benefit is that the standard withdrawal limits that are found at online casinos are lifted with blockchain technology. This is great news to players who are high rollers. There are no limits as to the maximum or minimum amount that can be removed from the account. Since the transactions are also much faster, it is a welcomed change for many who engage in real money gambling at leading casino sites.

In Summary

Online gambling is one of the largest industries and each day, millions of players from all over the world access sites to play games and win. Online casinos are known to offer better payouts than land casinos and with the use of blockchain technology, players can now enjoy fast access to payouts and will even find better odds. Many of the fraudulent casinos that have been operating in the past have been eliminated, so the technology is actually creating a safer way for players to gamble online. Blockchain technology has already disrupted the industry, but in a positive way, and it will continue to do so as more sites employ the use of this technology.

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