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BNB price prediction

BNB Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Apr 8, 2022
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A chaotic first quarter of 2022 has taught crypto investors two things: be ready for anything and look for stability around promising projects like this BNB price prediction. The market has had a rough start to 2022, giving new life to proven business models.

Look no farther than the Binance Coin price prediction for proof. While most coins have recorded their worst performance in 2022, the BNB coin price is positive, beating the broader market by a wide margin. Here is the complete Binance price prediction: 

BNB Price Prediction | Introduction

When making this BNB price prediction, the BNB coin was trading at $435.22, according to data available on CoinStats. BNB is undoubtedly one the biggest kids on the crypto-block, sporting a market cap of an impressive $75 billion, fully diluted to the same amount. 

After all, BNB powers one of the largest blockchain-powered ecosystems in the world. So while many crypto investors might occasionally interact with the Binance bright chain, the bottom line is that using one of its many compatible tokens is becoming a daily occurrence. 

Combined with the muscle of the Binance exchange, BSC is an integral part of the blockchain industry. That makes Binance Coin price prediction one of the best value propositions in 2022 and beyond because it mixes many consumer tastes. 

Binance Coin Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Throw in the recent price action, and there is a lot to like about this Binance price prediction. BNB has performed remarkably from a technical standpoint to keep the rising uncertainty and BTC influence at bay from eating away its profit margins. Here is a summary of BNB price: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
March 2022$395.62$428.92$451.96
February 2022$375.10$395.61$444.29
January 2022$511.91$375.28$533.37
December 2021$621.81$511.71$650.25
November 2021$524.74$622.67$669.35
October 2021$387.64$524.36$539.94

BNB coin looks poised to make an explosive move upward with great potential of staging a 40% move. Additionally, the coin has in recent weeks deviated above the year’s high at $536.5 to set the stage for further gains from the current support level.   

Binance coin has revealed bullish intentions as it moved above a crucial resistance barrier at $447 in the first week of April. However, such a development is likely followed by an explosive move to the hurdles after a minor pullback. 

BNB coin price rallied 25% in under five weeks and set a swing high at $456.92. This move details the range that stretches from $320 to $474. While this price action is bullish, BNB is likely to first retrace nearly 10% before triggering another run-up.

Binance Coin Price Prediction

A retest of the $474.3 barrier will provide sidelined buyers an opportunity to accumulate BNB at a discount, allowing them to ride the next leg up. This bullish BNB coin price prediction will send the Binance Coin to the $505.9 hurdle and constitute an 18% upswing. 

Due to the nature of this resistance barrier and the expected resistance here, BNB will likely form a local top there. Although unlike, another Binance price prediction is that BNB could extend the run-up to retest the $536.5. 

BNB Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Regardless of the bullish BNB price prediction, a sudden nosedive in BTC price could threaten the BNB position. Any such move could turn the optimistic Binance Coin price prediction sour. A pullback to the next available support would be the next move. 

In any case, a daily candlestick close below $320.5 will invalidate the bullish Binance price prediction. Such a move will also open the path for the BNB coin to crash lower to the range low at $296.6, where all hopes for recovery would lie squarely on the shoulders of sidelined buyers. 

BNB Price Prediction

BNB Price Prediction: Market Opinions 

The Binance Coin price prediction only works as much as the market shares the same attitude towards the BNB coin. In this section, let us consider the outlooks of other traders and forecasting systems to identify the middle ground for our Binance price prediction. 

BNB Price Forecast for April-May


TradingBeasts reveals the bullish intentions of BNB as it makes a move to a crucial resistance barrier in the next month. Such a development is likely to be followed by an explosive move on $504 according to the BNB price forecast for April-May.

Long Forecast

Long Forecast marks how BNB could reach a new all-time high later in the year by staging a bullish pattern around $429 in April. The BNB price forecast for April-May is bullish, with a thesis suggesting a run-up to $445 in the coming weeks. 

Binance Coin Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor Binance Coin price prediction predicts a brief pause before bulls restart the rally to an all-time high. However, based on this Binance Coin price forecast for the rest of the year, BNB is looking sharp and composed for a comeback to $776.43 in 2022.


DigitalCoin makes the case how BNB could return to pre-crash levels by consolidating around support at $527.50 and $571.69. Hinting at an explosive move, this Binance Coin price forecast for the rest of the year eyes a retest of $616.99 in the coming months. 

BNB Price Forecast for the Next Year


PricePrediction Binance price prediction determines that BNB crypto will regain lost ground and retest the support levels of $548.78 and $564.97. As a result, BNB, which is at an exciting point according to this BNB price forecast for the next year, has an opportunity to test $631.96.


Gov.Capital determines that BNB price needs to alleviate selling pressure to revisit $733 and higher. This BNB price forecast for the next year is betting on recent development as a sign of a return to the bullish markets if BNB can bounce off immediate support.  

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers 

Maxbit Binance price prediction is an explosive move to $1000 following the same bullish pattern from 2021. Moreover, this forecast on-chain metrics point to a bullish outlook, crediting our technical standpoint. 

ProjectSyndicate Binance coin price prediction features a buy and holds strategy that sets its sights on $560, where bulls might attempt to break past the resistance barrier. This prediction identifies threat levels at $482 and $458.  

Latest News and Happenings Concerning Binance Coin 

The Binance Smart Chain is quickly shaping up as a formidable competitor to Ethereum and the long list of Ethereum-killers. BSC was born right at the same time as the start of the DeFi revolution and thus has been able to capitalize on this growth to expand its reach. 

From 2022 onwards, BSC will combine the power of the BNB chain to jump on the MetaFi (meta finance) boom to spur growth beyond what it has accomplished today. As a result, investors should expect to see more growth as BSC makes its foray into the metaverse. 

Here are some of the most important exchanges where you can trade BNB:

BNB Price Prediction

BNB Price Prediction: Verdict

With so many tailwinds at its back, buying BNB looks like a prudent thing to do right now – it is trading lower than last year’s earnings. The key takeaway from this BNB price prediction is that BNB is no-brainer crypto to buy right now.

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