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Telegram Channels for Crypto Trading

Best Telegram Channels For Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

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Oct 11, 2018
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Cryptocurrency trade has gone through a number of ups and downs, especially during the last one year period. From Q4 2017 to Q4 2018, it appears that the markets have done a complete 180. Older, experienced traders might tell you stories of massive profits – the profits that they made during the crypto boom of 2017 when the likes of Ripple boomed by as much as 36,000%. However, the current cryptocurrency markets are rather dull and slow. However, smart traders continue to make profits even these slow, bearish markets.

Cryptocurrency investments require an analytical mind where the investors need to analyze and understand the market, as well as the currency that they are about to invest into. However, sometimes it requires more than just that analytical insight – a helping hand of sorts. A large number of cryptocurrency traders tend to refer to Telegram channels to make smart trading calls.

Telegram has become a platform where cryptocurrency traders have formed discussion groups and chat-rooms where they exchange information and tips about the movement of the markets. While the likes of Reddit are also quite popular with cryptocurrency users and there are a large number of Reddit Cryptocurrency Subs which offer trading tips, Telegram has emerged as a more popular alternative in recent years. Let us take a closer look at understanding why Telegram was chosen as the platform of choice by cryptocurrency traders, as well as some of the best telegram channels where you can find the best cryptocurrency trading signals and investment advice.

Why Telegram?

The first question that many people often wonder about is – ‘Why Telegram’. Why are cryptocurrency traders so fond of Telegram and prefer it over other platforms which offer similar features, such as WhatsApp, Reddit or even Facebook.

  • Higher level of privacy and secrecy:

Telegram tends to offer a higher level of security to each member of the chat. Users can join Telegram channels without ever having to disclose their personal information such as their name and their phone numbers: a problem that other platforms such as WhatsApp often have. Moreover, the kind of encryption that Telegram offers makes sure that the conversation remains strictly between the members.

  • Selected Members:

Some of the best and most accurate Telegram channels tend to be invite-only, or even paid on occasions. Members of these channels need to pay an entry fee to be a part of this group. Administrators of the group exercise strict control on the members and ensure that anyone causing chaos or confusion in the channel is kicked out. Moreover, it also ensures that only users who give credible tips are allowed to be a part of the channel.

  • Multi-Platform Support:

Another major benefit of using Telegram is that it is a multi-platform application, which can be accessed from various platforms – be it a PC or be it a mobile. Unlike WhatsApp and other mobile-focused applications, it does not need an active internet connection on the primary device at all the time. Thus, making it easier to access for everyone and from anywhere.

Benefits of Telegram Channels for Cryptocurrency Traders

  • Cryptocurrency Signals:

A ‘signal’ is basically a tip that a cryptocurrency investor gets from another – based on which they buy or sell their currencies to ensure profits. These telegram channels often focus on cryptocurrency signals – and ensure that only active users who keep providing useful signals are promised a position in the group. However, there are a number of groups which are relaxed about this policy and are not as strict on those members who are not as active – allowing everyone to be a part of it, but only a select group of members can post in the group.

  • Community Interaction:

Community support is what keeps the cryptocurrency industry going. Members who support each other, as well as support the developer team tend to come together on Telegram channels and keep the discussions going. These members tend to suggest improvements as well as bug reports, which help the platform improve with time.

  • Obscure Cryptocurrencies:

Another major benefit of joining a Telegram channel which offers cryptocurrency trading signals is that it helps users gain an insight into obscure cryptocurrencies which they otherwise may not be knowing about – or be too weary to invest in. These groups have a detailed knowledge on obscure names in the markets and they are constantly tracking the movement of all currencies, sometimes even using AI technologies.

  • Trend Analysis:

These telegram signal channels tend to provide users with detailed and in-depth information about the currencies they may consider investing in. Trend analysis shows a detailed report about the past trends as compared to the present trends of the markets – and comment on the possibility of how the markets might react in the future too.

  • Price Bots:

Bots are another important and exclusive feature that Telegram offers. Users can simply key in a set of keywords which result in the bot fetching information related to the latest cryptocurrency prices. This ensures that the users do not even need to leave the Telegram channel to check for the latest price updates. Moreover, some of these bots can even be scheduled to drop price updates at regular intervals.

Best Telegram Channels for Cryptocurrency Trading Signals

Let us now take a closer look at some of the best Telegram channels which are useful for getting these cryptocurrency trading signals and investment tips.

  • Blockchain Life

Blockchain Life is one of the greatest channels out there right now. They have two services, separated into two channels, Altcoins and Bitmex, and they share their signals either in main exchanges and small exchanges.

Anyone can see that the results were pretty consistent along the time and people think that the key to success was the number of signals they share. Blockchain Life prefers quality rather than quantity, and new traders consider this a plus as they won’t need to wait in front of the screen all day. Any trader can just easily follow the signals, knowing that, at the end of the month, his ROI will be positive. Regarding this, the team mentions that it has an Auto Trade Bot linked to each signal that can do all the job for you (you will only collect the profits).

The channel was launched in October 2018 by professional traders from Holland and Germany. They admit that their development is due to hard work:

  • They have pursued core competencies that are very rare in the current Telegram-crypto ecosystem: honesty and transparency.
  • They are continually improving themselves and their products.
  • They are always trying their best to be as accurate as possible.

Does this mean that we talking about a big new star in the Telegram Crypto Channels sky?

Anyone interested can check out the team’s results along the time or contact them directly at

  • AlphaTradeZone®
  • Info Crypto

One of the best names when it comes to cryptocurrency trading signal providers on Telegram, one of the best things about Info Crypto is that they present their information in a very detailed manner – and stress particularly on the technical details.

The channel provides its users with screenshots of their analysis, as well as various entry points and sell-targets for cryptocurrencies listed in an organized fashion. These screenshots of their analysis provide the assurance that the channel is doing original research and analysis and does not engage in malpractices of copying content from other similar channels.

Further, another benefit of using the Info Crypto Telegram channel for cryptocurrency signals is that it offers multilingual support (In English as well as in Portuguese). Info Crypto also tends to provide information on altcoin price alerts – however, their Bitcoin price analysis, as well as alerts, have been proven to be really successful and accurate in the past. The channel also provides VIP Chat support and one-on-one trading counseling, as well as regular trading strategies. The support team too is quite active.

Those looking forward to joining Info Crypto can head to their website.

  • Verified Crypto Traders

A cryptocurrency trading signals Telegram channel is highly recommended for experienced traders. Verified Crypto Traders is a channel which provides the users with trading signals particularly aimed at Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, Bitfinex, and KuCoin cryptocurrency exchanges. The channel sends out cryptocurrency trading signals, as well as regular news alerts – which helps ensure that all the followers stay informed and updated with the latest happenings in the world of cryptocurrencies.

The channel provides information on which cryptocurrencies should the investors invest or disinvest in. It provides a technical analysis along with complete trading decisions such as the targets, circuits and entry points. Further, it also does a ‘market sentiment analysis’, which allows the users of the channel to understand how the public at large is viewing a particular cryptocurrency. It is important to understand market sentiment because market sentiments often govern the direction the price of a currency is likely to head towards.

The signals provided by Verified Crypto Traders telegram channel are very accurate – and those who provide signals there have a very keen eye in the markets, providing accurate insight into various coins, sometimes even dabbling with lesser known coins that they expect to boom soon.

One of the biggest differences between Verified Crypto Traders and other similar Telegram signals channels is that this channel does not believe in posting signals every day. However, this also ensures that they get to think over the signals and hence provide the most accurate trading calls. Sometimes, the channel even offers a PDF file along with a trading signal which has a detailed explanation as to why they provided the kind of signal that they did.

To summarize, Verified Crypto Traders differentiates by offering Live trading, webinars, and an automated trading bot to follow all their calls. The team is also available 24/7 to speak to and answer any questions the members have.

Contact Verified Crypto Traders to Enroll here.

  • Crypto Addicts

Another popular name when it comes to Telegram channels that provide a good cryptocurrency analysis. It is a Belgium-based channel known for its highly accurate trading tips when it comes to altcoins. The channel provides spot-on signals which are highly detailed and come along with a technical analysis. Another major advantage that the Crypto Addicts channel has to offer compared to practically every other channel is that it provides even the most complex of data in very simple formats. It is a ‘noob-friendly’ platform where even the beginners can understand the logic behind the trading calls.

In addition to providing signals and cryptocurrency trading calls, the platform also offers ICO reviews, which ensures that users can invest in the safest of ICOs. Those who enroll for a special plan can also get access to a BitMEX trading support. Similar to some other channels listed here, VIP Members on Crypto Addicts also get a VIP Chat feature where they can directly get one-on-one advice on trading from the analysts.

The Crypto Addicts Telegram channel comes with its own cryptocurrency target calculator, a unique tool meant for the members of the platform. Users can also opt for a Binance auto-trader tool on the platform. Crypto Addicts makes use of Artificial Intelligence to calculate their trading calls and to estimate the risk levels. Crypto Addicts also has their own magazine called the Diamond Report, as well as ‘The Fund’ – a hedge fund for their members.

Sign Up for Crypto Addicts here.

  • Bitcoin Bravado

Bitcoin Bravado is another popular name when it comes to cryptocurrency trading signals. The platform provides accurate cryptocurrency trading tips – and is one of the oldest known names in the cryptocurrency ecosystem on Telegram. Bitcoin Bravado has been around since 2015 and is a trusted entity when it comes to cryptocurrency trading signals. Access to Bitcoin Bravado is priced in at $49 per month.

The platform provides real-time trading signals, a detailed analysis of why these signals were made, as well as simplified entry points, targets and exit points for the traders. The platform also runs a newsletter which provides the members with the latest goings-on in the world of cryptocurrencies. Back in 2015, Bitcoin Bravado was famously known for providing ‘insider information’ regarding the happenings in the crypto community.

Bitcoin Bravado offers reports on the performance of various cryptocurrencies, as well as ICO analysis services. Members get ICO feedbacks on a regular basis and they know which ICOs are legitimate and safe to invest in. Furthermore, the Bitcoin Bravado platform also offers trading strategies and tips on portfolio management. Moreover, alternative trading strategies are also provided by the platform. A major benefit of being associated with Bitcoin Bravado is that they are really quick when it comes to providing trading signals, as compared to other groups.

Those interested in joining Bitcoin Bravado can head over to their channel.

  • CryptoMedics

CryptoMedics offer their users with pretty much every feature that all the aforementioned names offer – but take it one step further with their extended list of features. The CryptoMedics cryptocurrency trading signals channel provides its users with some of the best trading calls – giving them the opportunity to maximize their profits. It is one of the newest names when it comes to the cryptocurrency ecosystems on Telegram – but also one of the fastest growing. They launched their paid channel on the 1st of May.

The CryptoMedics Telegram Channel also releases a monthly magazine titled ‘Crypto Nurse’, where they provide some of the best cryptocurrency-related stories from around the world – and also technical content which can help the investors understand the markets in a more comprehensive manner.

When it comes to providing trading signals, this group ensures that there are about 5 to 10 altcoin trading signals per week on an average. In addition to that, there is one fundamentals-based trade per week too. (both these features are exclusive to the premium and the elite members of CryptoMedics). Elite members also get access to features such as portfolio consultation and optimization, as well as a bot for arbitrage.

Various other bots are being developed by the team at the moment – aiming at becoming one of the most ‘smart’ platforms when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. The platform is also ‘very well connected’ when it comes to the cryptocurrency industry and tends to provide exclusive leaks and scoops, sometimes before things happen – giving the investors on their platform an extra edge.

CryptoMedics can be joined here.


Telegram-based cryptocurrency trading signal groups are commonly used by the top-traders in the industry. Some of these groups have over 100,000 paying users. However, one must remember that these are just smart trading tips and not a sure-shot secret to success. While this does allow the traders to invest in a smarter manner, nothing can guarantee a 100% success rate in the markets – and the trader must invest with caution. Nevertheless, these Telegram channels provide value-addition when it comes to the overall cryptocurrency trading experience, and are an investment which pays off for itself with the profits that you make using the advice shared on these channels!

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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