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Best Telegram Channels for Crypto Trading Signals

Best Telegram Channels for Crypto Trading Signals in 2023

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Sep 19, 2023
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In crypto trading, keeping up with the latest trends is crucial. Especially at the beginning of the journey, when you are prone to make decisions that are often not the most inspiring.

With numerous top Telegram channels offering trading signals, it’s like sorting through a constant stream of messages. As we are in the second part of 2023, we’re here to help you find the top Telegram channels for crypto trading signals.

This article is helpful for you whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out in crypto because these channels can provide valuable information and opportunities for making money in this ever-changing market. So, let’s dive in!

What is Telegram?

But first, let’s find out what Telegram is and why it is important to be part of different Telegram channels or communities for trading crypto and more. 

Telegram is a messaging app made by a Russian entrepreneur named Pavel Durov, available on most devices, and that has become increasingly popular, especially for its security and privacy features. As an idea, Telegram has over 1 billion downloads on Google Play and over 700 million monthly active users.

What’s unique about Telegram is that it tries to keep your messages safe and secret. They use a unique lock on your messages, so only you and the person you’re talking to can see what’s written.

Telegram also saves your messages on a safe computer instead of just your phone. This way, you can see your chats on any device, which is very handy. Instead of giving out your phone number, you can use a username to talk to people, giving you more control over who can contact you.

As a platform that flirts with some of the essential principles that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have brought, more and more new communities are emerging on this platform, communities where information related to this space is discussed and offered privately, without input from that group being offered to the authorities or other sources.

Why You Should Use Telegram in Crypto?

Many people in the crypto market prefer using Telegram for a few good reasons. 

First, it’s a place where many crypto enthusiasts gather to talk about digital assets. So, Telegram is a great choice if you want to stay in the loop and discuss crypto stuff with others.

Moreover, what’s cool about Telegram is that it takes your privacy and security seriously. Messages are encrypted, and users can enable features like two-factor authentication for added security. This particular aspect provided by Telegram aligns perfectly with its role as an ideal space for crypto enthusiasts because the emphasis on security and privacy is in harmony with the fundamental concept of decentralization promoted by the cryptocurrency industry, as explained earlier.

Another awesome thing about Telegram is its bots. For crypto traders, these bots can send updates and messages to trading groups, making life easier and keeping them informed.

What is a Crypto Signal?

A crypto trading signal service is a suggestion or recommendation typically provided by expert traders and analysts in the cryptocurrency community regarding buying, selling, and trading crypto at a specific price and time to maximize profits.

These signals are generally based on technical analysis, market trends, and other factors traders consider.

Crypto signals are meant to assist traders and investors in making informed decisions about their cryptocurrency holdings and trades. They are prevalent because their followers believe they do most of the work for them.

They are usually shared through various means, including social media platforms such as Telegram, which we also focus on in this article. However, remember that not all crypto signal groups are good or have good intentions. That’s why you must be aware that free communities are not always the best or most serious, so you must be very careful about the communities you join and believe in.

How a Crypto Signal Might Look?

A crypto signal typically includes several key pieces of information to help traders make informed decisions. Here’s how a crypto signal might look: 

  • Pair: ETH/USDT; 
  • Entry Price: $1,600;  
  • Stop-Loss: $1,500; 
  • Take-Profit: $1,700;  
  • Risk-Reward: 1:2.5. 

In this signal, the pair is ETH/USDT (Ethereum against US Dollar Tether). The recommended entry price is $1,600, and the stop-loss is $1,500, which is the price you should consider selling to limit potential losses. The take-profit level is $1,700, indicating the price you might consider selling to secure profits. The risk-reward ratio is 1:2.5, which means you are risking 1 unit to potentially gain 2.5 units if the trade goes in your favor. 

Depending on the crypto signal and the Telegram channels you choose, these signals may vary, i.e., they may have more or less details. 

In a Nutshell: Best Telegram Channels to Watch for Crypto Signals in 2023

In a nutshell, the best Telegram channels or most popular Telegram channels for crypto signals are the following:

  1. Binance Killers;
  2. Crypto VIP Signal;
  3. Whales Crypto Guide;
  4. B2C Crypto Calls & News;
  6. Crypto Inner Circle;
  7. Wolf of Trading;
  8. Learn2Trade;
  9. Wall Street Queen Official;
  10. Bitcoin Bullets.

For a complete review, read below our extended explanation for each of this Telegram channels.

Best Telegram Channels to Watch for Cryptocurrency Trading Signals in 2023

1. Binance Killers

1. Binance Killers

Our first destination when we want to learn and find more about crypto signals on a Telegram channel is Binance Killers. Binance Killers Telegram channel is among the most well-established crypto channels, boasting over 250,000 members. As they promote themselves both on the channel and as presented in multiple articles, this community is managed by a team of skilled crypto traders who provide valuable market analysis, interactive member discussions, personalized assistance, exclusive VIP channels, and more.

Binance Killers focuses primarily on mid to long-term trading signals, although they occasionally delve into day trading and scalping strategies.

There are both free and paid versions available for users. The free version offers signals and market analysis, while the paid version includes additional features such as entry points, target prices, stop-loss levels, and in-depth market analysis videos.

If you’re seeking crypto signals tailored for mid to long-term trades, allowing you to set your trades and leave them to grow, Binance Killers’ paid group offers a valuable starting point.

2. Crypto VIP Signal

2. Crypto VIP Signal

Crypto VIP Signal is our second choice for several compelling reasons. The channel boasts an impressive subscriber base, with over 315,000 members, and is notably active in delivering valuable content. 

While it may not be extensively promoted, the number of subscribers speaks volumes about its reputation in the crypto signal Telegram channels. With such a substantial user base, additional promotion becomes unnecessary. 

This channel is excellent for individuals seeking to make technical analysis easier. The dedicated traders behind the channel handle this aspect efficiently, offering technical analyses based on subscribers’ requests through frequent polls. In addition to these insightful analyses, Crypto VIP Signal provides crypto signals, industry news, and other valuable information for consideration. 

The channel offers free access, along with the option to join their premium channel for a fee. It’s a channel worth exploring to determine if it aligns with your preferences and needs.

3. Whales Crypto Guide

3. Whales Crypto Guide

While it might not appear to be a heavily advertised Telegram channel initially, Whales Crypto Guide stands out as one of the largest Telegram channels for crypto signals, boasting an impressive subscriber base of over 285,000. 

Observing the channel’s activity shows that it regularly shares crypto signals a few times each week. Additionally, it occasionally shares noteworthy crypto news that could interest its users. What sets this channel apart is its inclusion of technical analyses prepared by the project’s experts, providing valuable insights for making informed decisions. 

In addition to this Telegram channel, the channel’s creators recommend following them on Twitter. There, they offer crypto signals with a remarkable level of accuracy. They proudly claim to have maintained a flawless 100% accuracy rate over the past 10 months within that Twitter account. 

Whales Crypto Guide is a resource worth considering, which you can analyze to determine if it aligns with your investment goals. However, conducting your independent research is essential to ensure your investment decisions are well-informed.

4. B2C Crypto Calls & News

If your interest is more in staying informed in crypto than for crypto signals, a good option is B2C Crypto Calls & News

This group offers news from the crypto world and calls, with a greater emphasis on news. It covers many topics, including crypto, tech, business, and finance, transforming this group into a wealth resource for insights and updates. 

On this Telegram group, you can expect to find information on presales, the latest cryptocurrency trends, and how various developments in the crypto world might impact the markets. 

Unlike some Telegram groups run by a single individual or a small team, the B2C group benefits from a diverse range of experts. These experts bring their unique perspectives, spanning from technical analysis to macroeconomics, ensuring you receive a well-rounded view of the crypto landscape. 

Moreover, the B2C Telegram group simplifies your tasks in crypto by curating news articles and featuring external content from respected figures like Jacob Bury.  

With over 15,000 members already benefiting from the insights the B2C Telegram group offers, joining B2C Crypto Calls & News is a logical step for anyone looking to enhance their crypto knowledge.


5. is designed for those who prefer a straightforward approach to crypto trading. They provide cryptocurrency signals tailored for short-term trading, saving users the hassle of sifting through whitepapers and Discord channels.

Operated by a team of seasoned traders who utilize bots, AI, and technical indicators, they track coins and predict their future prices in order to ensure you don’t have to make trading decisions alone. focuses primarily on day trading and short-term investments. But offers more than just signals; they also provide educational resources, keep you updated on crypto news, and offer practical guides to help you navigate the crypto industry.

You’ll receive three weekly free signals when you join their Telegram group. Moreover, for those seeking an even deeper dive into trading, their VIP Telegram group, priced at £42 per month, offers additional features like risk-reward analysis and portfolio allocation.

In addition, they boast a signal accuracy of around 82%, according to their website.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for guidance or an experienced trader seeking convenient signals, can be a good friend for you.

6. Crypto Inner Circle

6. Crypto Inner Circle

Our next choice for the best Telegram channels is Crypot Inner Circle. Crypto Inner Circle is a well-respected Telegram channel for crypto enthusiasts, boasting an impressive following of over 185,000 subscribers.  

This exclusive community is home to advanced Bitcoin futures traders who come together to share their experiences, trading strategies, and market wisdom, fostering collective growth. 

Upon becoming a part of the Crypto Inner Circle, members gain access to various valuable tools and resources to refine their trading skills. This includes engaging in discussions and workshops led by seasoned Bitcoin futures traders and the chance to exchange insights on current market trends and strategies with fellow members. 

Notably, Crypto Inner Circle is recognized for generously providing Binance Futures Trading Signals free of charge. Their expert traders have consistently demonstrated an impressive 92% accuracy, showcasing their ability to outperform the crypto market.  

They also have a channel for VIP members where, theoretically, their VIP members can look forward to receiving in-depth market research and exclusive, highly profitable, high-leverage signals. 

Surprisingly, the free channel within Crypto Inner Circle has proven more profitable and active than some other channels’ VIP offerings, so you can consider it.

7. Wolf of Trading

Wolf of Trading is a welcoming, free Telegram group designed with beginners in mind. While it offers valuable trading signals, it goes a step further by providing insights into recent events shaping the crypto industry.

In this group, you’ll find discussions about current happenings, and how these events might influence crypto prices in the short and long term.

Additionally, Wolf of Trading regularly shares updates on the Bitcoin Fear and Greed index, connecting it to ongoing events to offer well-informed trading signals. The group also offers expert technical analysis, considering elements like chart patterns, support and resistance levels, and trading volume.

For beginners seeking a risk-free entry into the world of cryptocurrency trading, Wolf of Trading stands as one of the best Telegram groups available. Since membership is entirely free, you can join without the pressure of making large trades to cover costs.

8. Learn2Trade

8. Learn2Trade

Learn2Trade is a trusted trading education provider, serving a community of over 25,000 traders on their Telegram channel. This Telegram channel offers signals and courses for cryptocurrency and Forex markets. Beyond that, it’s a reliable source of news, guides, and reviews to keep you informed. 

Learn2Trade ensures you never miss a trading opportunity. It’s particularly well-regarded for its effectiveness in short-term investing, with a claimed trade success rate or accuracy of 79%. 

Learn2Trade offers two membership options: free and VIP. In the free group, you receive three signals per week at no cost, along with weekly analyses such as the Bitcoin fear and greed index. On the other hand, the VIP group provides comprehensive support for crypto trading, including up to five signals daily, 24/7 access to professional traders for chat, and exclusive live webinars. 

Additionally, the group provides fundamental analysis, a valuable resource for identifying projects with long-term growth potential.

9. Bitcoin Bullets

9. Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets also stands out as one of the well-established Telegram channels. This group specializes in providing signals for Bitcoin and some of the best altcoins, primarily focusing on mid-term trading charts. 

One of the notable features of Bitcoin Bullets is its unique blend of technical and fundamental analysis. This combination helps gauge market sentiment across short-, mid-, and long-term timeframes, providing a comprehensive view of the crypto landscape. 

In the free Telegram channel offered by Bitcoin Bullets, you gain access to valuable news updates and insightful market analysis. However, if you’re looking for trading signals, you’ll need to subscribe to their VIP group. Within the VIP group, you can expect to receive 1-2 calls daily, and they claim an impressive accuracy rate of 95%, making them one of the more profitable options available.

10. Wall Street Queen Official

10. Wall Street Queen Official

Last but not least, in our top of the best Telegram channels for crypto signals is Wall Street Queen Official.  

The Wall Street Queen Official Telegram channel is led by a highly successful crypto trader primarily focusing on high-leverage Bitcoin and Ethereum trading. However, the group also extends its expertise to lower market-cap cryptocurrencies with significant growth potential. 

Regarding signals, the group adopts a technical analysis approach, relying on factors like support, resistance, technical indicators, and chart patterns to guide their recommendations. 

While a free version is available, most signals are shared in the paid version. Nonetheless, even in the free version, you can access valuable news updates, helping you stay informed about industry developments.

How to Choose the Best Crypto Signals Provider for Your Needs

When seeking a crypto signals provider, it’s essential to make an informed choice. Here’s a breakdown of crucial factors to weigh when selecting the best crypto signals channels: 

  • Reputation and Track Record – Before committing to any crypto signals provider, reputation matters. Seek out providers with a documented history of delivering accurate signals.  
  • Success Rate / Accuracy – Transparency regarding success rates is essential. Trustworthy providers generally openly display their signal success rates or accuracy on their websites or Telegram channels. Their Telegram channels also discuss the profits generated through their signals. 
  • Signal Frequency and Timing – Timeliness is crucial. Opt for crypto signals that provide real-time alerts. Evaluate the frequency of signals and avoid providers that send sporadic alerts. 
  • Fees – Consider the pricing structure.  


How to Find Telegram Channels?

The most effective way to find Telegram channels is by searching within the Telegram app. You can use the search bar at the top of the app and enter keywords related to your interests. Telegram will display a list of channels, groups, or users matching your search criteria.

Another method is to leverage social media platforms, forums, and community websites where users often share links to Telegram channels. Some media outlets and bloggers also review Telegram groups, providing insights and recommendations. It’s essential to conduct thorough research to understand each group’s unique features and benefits before joining.

Lastly, consider asking for recommendations from friends or fellow enthusiasts who may already be part of relevant Telegram channels.

Are Crypto Signals Worth It?

If the crypto signals are worth it depends on your trading goals and experience. They can be valuable for those seeking trading guidance and saving time on analysis. However, they are not a guarantee of profit and may come with costs. It’s essential to use signals as part of a broader trading strategy and exercise caution when choosing signal providers.

How Do I Get Free Crypto Signals?

You can access free crypto signals from various providers. However, it’s important to note that the frequency of signals in these free channels is significantly lower than in VIP groups.

Final Words on Top Telegram Channels

So, navigating the cryptocurrency trading signals industry on Telegram in 2023 can be a valuable but somewhat overwhelming journey. However, these Telegram channels offer insights and advice that can help beginners and experienced traders.

Remember that while these Telegram channels can provide helpful information, they aren’t a guaranteed way to make money in the crypto market. Trading always carries risks, and managing those risks responsibly is crucial.

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, these Telegram channels can offer a wealth of information and insights to help you in your crypto trading journey. So, as you explore these channels, DYOR (do your research), make informed decisions and trade responsibly.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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