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Best Crypto YouTube Channels

Best Crypto YouTube Channels: Top 10 Picks to Simplify Your Crypto Knowledge

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May 31, 2023
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Cryptocurrency is one of the most notorious topics discussed in this era. Information about it is everywhere on the internet, thanks to technology.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to find information about cryptocurrency, among many other education and entertainment topics.

There are many Crypto Youtube channels, but only a few that have informative videos or that discuss complex crypto topics.

Why Should You Choose Carefully Your Crypto Source of Information on YouTube?

Because it’s really easy to get fooled by a top crypto youtuber. We’ve seen a lot of people fall into this trap.

There are many fake crypto channels that host scam giveaways or a major Crypto Youtube channel that will tell you about the next Shiba or Pepe.

In the end? You’re most likely to lose a large amount of your money – or even all of it.

We wanted to select the best Crypto Youtube Channels that will help you in your crypto journey, not that Youtubers that will do clickbait videos that aim to captivate your attention with flashy headlines and bombard you with irrelevant advertisements.

Identifying and Avoiding Shill Videos

If you ever see a cryptocurrency Youtube channel speaking about the

  • Next Doge
  • Next Shiba
  • Next Pepe
  • How that coins will reach top 100

It’s most likely a shill video, with the solve purpose of increasing the value of that cryptocurrency so that other people will sell their tokens. Many popular youtube channels did this in the past.

As a crypto investor, these are the types of channels that you need to stay away from. No crypto analyst can find the next PEPE, DOGE or SHIBA – it’s just a marketing scheme to lure you into buying their token.

Developing a Critical Eye

Luckily, with some practice, spotting these shills becomes easier. If a video’s title promises instant riches or makes crazy claims about a project’s potential to skyrocket, it’s time to sound the alarm.

This is not something hard to learn, but you’ll get fooled once or twice until you learn to properly analyse the information that was presented to you.

Top Crypto YouTube Channels in 2024

We’ve tried to build a curated a list of the top 10 best crypto YouTube channels in 2024 that deliver up-to-date news and valuable insights into the world of digital currencies.

These crypto YouTube channels offer a mix of educational content, expert analysis, and an insider’s view of the latest happenings in the crypto sphere.

Note: Please remember that this exclusive list focuses solely on crypto YouTube channels, and while we acknowledge the wealth of valuable crypto podcasts available, they are not included in this particular ranking.

If you’re eager to explore the realm of crypto podcasts, we invite you to check out our separate article dedicated entirely to this captivating audio medium.

Without further ado, let’s see the top crypto YouTube channels you should take a look at.

1. Coin Bureau

1. Coin Bureau Youtube Channel

Subscribers: 2.27M

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Crypto News, Crypto Tutorials or How-to Guides, Crypto Explanations, Price Predictions, Fundamental Analysis, and more.

The best crypto YouTube channel is, without a doubt, CoinBureau.

Coin Bureaufounded by Guyemerged on the YouTube scene in 2019 and quickly established itself as a leading news source and information on cryptocurrencies

As one of the premier cryptocurrency YouTube channels, Coin Bureau offers viewers valuable insights into crypto, including price predictions, fundamental analysis, and upcoming coins.

With regular uploads almost once every 2-3 days, Coin Bureau delivers high-quality YouTube videos that provide in-depth explanations of how the cryptocurrency market operates.

In complement to covering the latest crypto news, the channel highlights the best cryptocurrency products, services, and innovations. Guy’s expertise shines through as he breaks down complex crypto coins and their underlying technologies.

The channel’s analysts go the extra mile to present the best blockchain technology in a beginner-friendly manner, making it accessible for newcomers to understand the crypto-verse. 

Whether we like Guy’s face or not, we must give credit where credit is due and recognize that it is currently the best and most educative crypto channel on YouTube and one of the best crypto youtubers out there..

2. Benjamin Cowen

2. Benjamin Cowen

Subscribers: 784K

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Altcoins, Crypto Explanations, Price Predictions, Fundamental Analysis, and more.

Benjamin Cowen is a prominent figure in the crypto market with an impressive YouTube following. Benjamin brings a unique perspective to technical analysis in the crypto space.

With a doctorate (Ph.D.) in engineering and expertise in computational mathematics and programminghe is a trusted source of knowledge on these subjects.

Leveraging his expertise, Benjamin employs a logical and analytical approach to his cryptocurrency price analyses. Rather than focusing on short-term fluctuations, he takes a broader view of the market by considering high timeframes, which provide more reliable insights and are less influenced by intraday changes.

Benjamin’s expertise extends to several leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum.

His YouTube channel offers a wealth of content, covering a wide range of topics such as crypto news, technical trading strategies, and informative tutorials. He delves into indicators and mathematical abstractions in his videos, providing viewers with valuable insights into crypto trading.

You won’t often encounter terms like “feelings” or “opinions” on this channel because Ben’s approach is rooted in data-driven analysis.

He prioritizes factual information and objective observations, providing viewers with a reliable and unbiased perspective, aspects we considered in our well-deserved 2nd-place ranking for Ben.

3. Brian Jung

3. Brian Jung

YouTube Subscribers: 1.33M

Crypto Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Credit cards, crypto educational content, crypto trends, viral token news.

Brian Jung is one of the crypto youtubers that focuses on analyzing the crypto markets, provide insights whenever Ethereum or Bitcoin has a network upgrade and even about the latest hot memecoin.

It’s one of the Youtube channels that doesn’t focus 100% on crypto – but have a more diversified range of content such as: Credit card comparison, Affiliate Marketing, ChatGPT ideas, Building an investment portfolio etc.

We’ve picked Brian as one of the best crypto influencers due to his reviews of various exchanges as Crypto.com, Coinbase and various crypto tax related videos.

Even though he’s not a fully crypto youtube channel, his videos are educative and he doesn’t often shill new memecoins that are risky for the audience.

His latest 5 picks for 2023 were Polygon, Chainlink, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin – which are all pretty safe options for a decent return.

4. 99Bitcoins

99Bitcoins Youtube Channel

Subscribers: 708K

Crypto Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Crypto Exchanges, News, Crypto Tutorials or How-to Guides, Crypto Explanations, and more.

Since its establishment in 2015, this YouTube channel has delivered valuable and reliable crypto advice to its audience. In its activity, it has gained a significant following over the years. The channel’s success can be attributed to two key factors: a strong focus on clarity and Nate Martin’s amiable host presence.

For those just starting in crypto, 99Bitcoins is a prime destination. The channel excels at simplifying complex crypto concepts and straightforwardly presenting them. Videos are kept concise, allowing viewers to gain a solid introductory understanding of the discussed topics. 

Particularly helpful for newcomers are the tutorials on purchasing specific coins and tokens, as well as the two-minute reviews that offer quick insights into platforms, projects, or blockchain technologies.

Nate Martin, with his composed and reassuring demeanor, ties everything together. His relatable persona makes even the most intricate subjects more accessible and understandable. 99Bitcoins is a testament to the significance of combining style and substance while remaining highly approachable to crypto beginners or crypto investors.

One thing we forgot to add, 99Bitcoins is one of the first crypto influencers and is now also focusing on the latest cryptocurrency news.

5. Ivan on Tech

 Ivan on Tech Youtube Channel

Subscribers: 497K

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins, Price Predictions,News on Trends, Market Fluctuations, Crypto Explanations, and more.

Ivan on Tech is one of the most well-known YouTube channels dedicated to cryptocurrency. With a staggering number of subscribers and incredible views, the channel has made a remarkable impact since its launch in July 2013

Ivan Liljeqvist, a crypto YouTuber and a software developer with expertise in blockchain technology, is the driving force behind this educational platform that delves into cryptocurrencies and their profound influence on the market.

As an esteemed international speaker on blockchain technology, Ivan Liljeqvist brings invaluable insights to his channel.

His content is a valuable resource for those seeking to expand their knowledge of crypto and blockchain. Moreover, he interviews notable crypto world figures, including Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino and Roger Ver

By subscribing to Ivan on Tech, you ensure that you never miss out on crucial developments in the crypto space while enjoying live presentations and enriching discussions. 

With its exceptional content and valuable insights, this YouTube channel undoubtedly belongs to the elite group of the best crypto YouTube channels.

6. CryptosRUs


Subscribers: 663K

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins,News on Trends, Market Fluctuations, Crypto Explanations, Fundamental Insights, Regulations, Geopolitical Conditions, and more.

CryptosRUs, with George Tung at its helm, has amassed a dedicated following and continues to grow. Since its establishment in 2017CryptoRUs Youtube channel has garnered millions of views, attesting to its popularity and relevance.

What sets CryptosRUs apart from other YouTube crypto influencers is Tung’s ability to distill comprehensive analysis into concise 30- to 40-minute videos. Drawing on his extensive IT background, he not only comprehends the intricacies of cryptocurrencies but also effectively imparts this knowledge to his audience.

Furthermore, Tung values interaction with his viewers by incorporating Q&A segments into each video.

CryptosRUs cover a broad spectrum of content, ranging from fundamental insights on various altcoins to updates on regulations and geopolitical conditions. Tung informs his audience about the latest industry updates, news, and analytics.

Besides, he addresses the potential impact of significant events, such as the Ukraine-Russia crisis, on the crypto space

In the realm of crypto education on YouTube, this channel effortlessly ranks among the best crypto YouTube channels available.

7. DataDash


Subscribers: 511K

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins, News and Trends, Market Fluctuations, Fundamental Insights, Interviews, Monetary Policy, and more.

Nicholas Merten is like the crypto king. His fame doesn’t come easy. The sheer number of views on his content leaves no room for debate. As a data analyst and cryptocurrency trader, Merten possesses extensive knowledge in relevant data analysis and provides invaluable education on the latest trends in the crypto space.

Merten’s approach to explaining market trends is remarkable. He ensures viewers comprehensively understand each movement through meticulously crafted flowcharts, enabling them to make informed decisions.

With a consistent output of approximately five videos per week, Merten covers diverse topics, including interviews and live streams focused on data analysis.

One of the reasons he has garnered a dedicated following is his unwavering transparency regarding monetary policies. Merten advocates for a decentralized economy, challenging existing policies while offering intriguing ideas. His refreshing perspective resonates with many crypto enthusiasts, making him a trusted source in the crypto community.

8. Altcoin Daily

Altcoin Daily

Subscribers: 1.31M

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins, News and Trends, Market Analysis, Technical Analyses, Crypto Tutorials or How-to Guides, Interviews, Crypto Explanations, and more.

Altcoin Daily was founded by the brilliant minds of Austin and Aaron Arnold and has emerged as a powerhouse in the crypto YouTube space, boasting over one million subscribers. The inception of this premium channel took place in 2018 when the brothers recognized the immense potential of the early digital coin market.

True to their channel’s name, the Arnold brothers deliver daily YouTube videos encompassing a wide range of content. Altcoin Daily covers everything from comprehensive market analysis and crypto token trends to the latest news in the cryptocurrency realm.

Besides, their videos provide educational insights, thought-provoking opinions, glimpses of technical analysis, and captivating interviews with crypto entrepreneurs.

Also, Altcoin Daily consistently offers top-notch content on blockchain technology (crypto & NFTs), the metaverse, and crypto mining news. 

This YouTube channel undeniably captures the essence of what makes the best crypto YouTube channels stand out from the rest.

9. Lark Davis

Lark Davis Youtube Channel

YouTube Subscribers: 478K

Topics Covered: Bitcoin, Altcoins, News and Trends, Crypto Tutorials or How-to Guides, Reviews, Crypto Explanations, and more.

Lark Davis is the face behind this channel, formerly known as The Crypto LarkHe comes from New Zealand and has one of the most popular Bitcoin channels in the country. 

He entertains crypto lovers with blockchain solutions and sarcasm, discussing technology disruption. The channel also offers information on reviews, analyses, and interviews about cryptocurrencies.

This is one of the best channels for those ready to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies, especially for newbie traders. He will show you how to get paid in Bitcoins, and, as if that’s not enough, he will give insights on the latest market trends.

Importantly, Lark educates you and updates you on events like Bitcoin halving

With its educational content that also has excellent quality and a dedicated community, this YouTube channel is undoubtedly among the best crypto YouTube channels to follow.

10. Finematics

10. Finematics

YouTube Subscribers: 348k

Topics Covered: Educational content, How DeFi Works, Perpetuals, various DeFi protocols explained.

Finematics is one of our favorite crypto youtube channels out there. We’ve kept it at the end because this isn’t one of your average crypto youtubers – it’s a team working on delivering the best videos about DeFi in general.

Ever wondered how a liquidity pool work or how a bank run in DeFi works? That’s exactly the type of quality content that the crypto industry needs – and that Finematics deliver.

They don’t usually review cryptocurrency projects, but rather various protocols where they explain how it works that difficult thing that you struggle to understand.

While they don’t post very often, Finematics videos are very informative and useful for any crypto enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions – Picking The Quality Crypto Youtube Channel

What is the Biggest Crypto Channel on YouTube?

At the time of writing, the crypto YouTube channel with the most followers is Coin Bureau, with over 2.27 million subscribers. 

He is recognised to be one of the best crypto youtube channels by the entire crypto space, speaking about various things that happen in the crypto market on a daily basis .

What is the Best YouTube Channel for Crypto Education?

The best crypto YouTube channel on the education part is clearly Coin Bureau.

But Finematics and 99Bitcoins are also among the best crypto youtube channels.

What is the Best YouTube Channel to Learn Crypto ?

The best YouTube channel to learn crypto depends on your interests in crypto. If you’re a beginner, you can reach out to Coin Bureau, Finematics or 99Bitcoins to learn the basics, while if you’re more interested in technical analyses, you can reach out to Ben Cowen.

Who is the Best Crypto Analyzer on YouTube?

The best crypto analyzer on YouTube is Benjamin Cowen. With his unique perspective and expertise in technical analysis, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the cryptocurrency world. Cowen has established himself as a trusted source as an enthusiast with a doctorate in engineering and specialized expertise in computational mathematics and programming.

Who is the Best Crypto Advisor on YouTube?

The channels we recommended do not represent or offer financial advice but pure information related to various aspects of interest in the crypto market, as they often state in their videos.

We recommend the channels provided above if you’re interested in information about the crypto space. By the way, be very wary of people offering clear advice and check if they have any certification; otherwise, you may fall prey to scams.

What is the Best YouTube Channel for Crypto News?

The best YouTube channel for crypto news is Altcoin Daily, founded by the Arnold brothers. Altcoin Daily posts regularly and covers everything from comprehensive market analysis and crypto token trends to the latest news in the cryptocurrency realm.

Other alternatives are 99Bitcoins and Crypto R Us, channels that analyse the crypto market quite often.

Who is the Best Crypto Teacher on YouTube?

Determining the “best” crypto teacher on YouTube can be subjective, as it depends on individual preferences and learning styles.

However, several prominent crypto educators on YouTube are highly regarded for their knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner. Here are a few popular crypto teachers on YouTube: Coin Bureau, Benjamin Cowen, 99Bitcoins, CryptosRUs, DataDash, Altcoin Daily or Lark Davis.

Why are you missing some top crypto youtube channels?

We’re missing a lot of those so called ‘best crypto youtube channels’, but on purpose.

Some of the big crypto youtube channels that are missing are damaging the crypto industry as a whole by their content and behaviour, and we believe it’s best to ignore them.

Final Thoughts

The crypto industry can be complex and ever-changing, making it crucial to have reliable sources of information to simplify your crypto knowledge, thus becoming essential to follow crypto YouTube channels.

These top crypto YouTube channels mentioned above provide a wealth of valuable content, ranging from trading strategies and market analysis to the latest news in the Bitcoin market, and they certainly are the best crypto YouTube channels.

As the crypto market continues to expand, we can expect more YouTube channels to emerge, offering further insights into the blockchain world.

However, it’s essential to remain cautious of potential scammers and fraudulent individuals in this industry. Educating yourself on identifying and handling such scams is equally vital as you navigate the crypto area.

By leveraging the knowledge and expertise shared by trusted crypto YouTubers, you can stay informed, make more informed decisions, and enhance your understanding of cryptocurrencies. Embrace the power of YouTube as a learning tool and embark on your journey toward mastering the intricacies of the crypto world.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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