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Best Crypto Movies

Top 10 Best Crypto Movies and Documentaries to Watch in 2024

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Jul 25, 2023
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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have been haunting the minds of humanity over the past decade, and it has been seen in many mediums. From social networking websites to daily press and, nonetheless, movies entirely devoted to this topic. 

With this in mind, we’ve collected the top 10 best crypto movies and blockchain-related movies to help you relax and further educate yourself regarding blockchain and cryptocurrencies’ history and basic concepts.  

Indeed, you will need a few hours to enjoy all films, but the following list deserves your attention, as it depicts the state of cryptos and where it’s heading.

Best Crypto Movies and Documentaries

1. Inside Job

1. Inside Job - Crypto Movie

Year: 2010 

Director: Charles Ferguson 

Stars: Matt Damon, Gylfi Zoega, and Andri Snær Magnason 

Inside Job is one of the best and most exciting documentaries ever created. Moreover, in 2011 won the Oscar for best documentary, had eight other wins, and had 27 nominations. 

Despite not being related to Bitcoin or blockchain, it’s a good foundation for anyone passionate about cryptocurrencies as it follows the events that brought about the 2008 financial meltdown. For all we know, the events from 2008 probably made Satoshi Nakamoto invent Bitcoin. 

2. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

2. The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Year: 2014 


Duration: 35 minutes 

This short cryptocurrency movie is based on several interviews that the filmmakers took with some of the leading market experts, such as: 

  • Gavin Andresen, one of the developers of Bitcoin; 
  • Erik Voorhees, CEO of; 
  • Bennett Hoffman, director of Buttercoin; 
  • And more other respectable names. 

These interviews will teach you about the basics of blockchain, Bitcoin, and where the crypto industry is headed as a concept and practicality.  

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you must watch this masterpiece, as all the big minds are reunited in a video of just a few minutes. They explain the main concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, even for newbies. 

3. Life on Bitcoin

3. Life on Bitcoin - Crypto Movie

Year: 2014 

Directors: Travis Pitcher and Joseph Lebaron  

Stars: Beccy Bingham, Austin M., and Craig Charlie Shrem 

Like its name, Life on Bitcoin is a highly informative and engaging crypto movie that follows the life of a newly married couple who decided to conduct a thoughtful experiment that initially seemed unattainable: to live 100 days on cryptocurrencies. 

As a result, in the first part of the movie, you will find out what Bitcoin is, how it is used, its problems and features, and its application difficulties. 

Indeed, most cryptocurrency critics argue that you can’t buy everyday things with Bitcoin, and even more so with any other digital coin. For this reason, we’ve chosen to tell you about this remarkable movie about Bitcoin. 

4. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

4. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Year: 2014 

Director: Nicholas Mross 

Stars: Daniel Mross, Eliza Mross, and Gabriel Sukenik 

If you are new to cryptocurrencies or plan to initiate someone else, you can’t go wrong with The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin. Launched in 2014, it’s somewhat of an oldie but goldie that focuses on the early days of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin

The documentary, written by Daniel Mross, a computer programmer, and two other Bitcoin devotees, takes you through various controversies about how Bitcoin was born, what it is, and, at the time, where it was heading.  

What’s even more exciting is that the cryptocurrency movie features Gavin Andresen, one of the project’s key figures, who communicated directly with Satoshi Nakamoto, the legendary, elusive, and still-to-this-day mysterious creator of Bitcoin.  

5. I am Satoshi

5. I am Satoshi - Crypto Documentary

Year: 2015 

Duration: 53 minutes 

Award: Winner of Berlin Independent Film Festival 2018 Micro-Budget Feature 

Regarding the top 10 best crypto movies, I Am Satoshi falls into the non-mainstream category. Nevertheless, it’s a must-watch movie about Bitcoin that will expand your knowledge and general understanding of the landscape. 

Described by many as a true “eye-opener,” this fascinating documentary provides a set of well-constructed arguments for using cryptocurrencies and not traditional money. It pinpoints various significant flaws in today’s banking systems, and still, to this day, it prevents some powerful knowledge that can’t be comprehended from books. 

6. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

6. Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

Year: 2015 

Directors: Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchu Lonis 

Stars: John Barrett, Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and Jeffrey A. Tucker 

Even today, when Bitcoin is the most well-known crypto, blockchain remains a mystery to most people. The crypto movie’s primary purpose is to popularize the concept of cryptocurrencies and make people understand, in simple language, what blockchain is and its role in their life. 

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It pays particular attention to the difference between fiat vs. crypto or any other payment method in humankind’s history. Thus, Bitcoin represents the first fully decentralized payment facility in the world where there is no place for intermediaries and third parties. 

As many speculate that our children and the following generations will no longer require cash, this movie explains why and how Bitcoin aggressively disrupts the traditional financial system. It also does an excellent job of taking you through the history of money, from ancient times to the Wall Street era.  

So, regardless of whether you believe in the power of cryptocurrency or not, this documentary will surely make you ask yourself many questions.  

7. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

7. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

Year: 2017 

Director: Tim Delmastro 

Stars: Jeff Berwick, Trace Mayer, and Tone Vays 

Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution’s main idea is the influence of Bitcoin on people’s daily lives worldwide and the use of cryptocurrency instead of fiat.  

In addition, you will be able to learn more about the history of Bitcoin, its main properties, and its features. This movie will show you how cryptocurrency works in an easy-to-understand manner. 

The film starred Roger Ver, one of the leading promoters supporting cryptocurrency as a payment method for services and goods. Moreover, the film’s main characters are the famous trader Tone Vays and Bitcoin expert Trace Meyer.  

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that filmmakers have focused on the process of forming a global currency, which is simply impossible to control. 

8. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

8. Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Year: 2018 

Director: Alex Winter 

Stars: Rosario Dawson, Vinay Gupta, and Imogen Heap 

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is a new movie from which we can learn more about blockchain technology and its features. The film shows the full story of the creation and development of blockchain technology. So, you will know about all the possibilities distributed ledger technology provides – from cryptocurrencies to the secure storage of personal information. 

The director also emphasized experts’ personal opinions to better illustrate blockchain technology’s importance. Venture investor Tim Draper, head of the Guardian Circle Mark Jeffrey, and activist Lauri Love gave the interviews for the documentary. 

One of the newest productions on our list, this documentary boasts itself as “the first blockchain-funded, blockchain-distributed, and blockchain-focused documentary,” which is a statement all on its own. 

The 84-minute documentary touches on essential matters in the current crypto and blockchain scene, and it is considered a must for every crypto enthusiast, regardless of experience. 

9. Bitcoin Big Bang – L’improbable épopée de Mark Karpelès

9. Bitcoin Big Bang - L'improbable épopée de Mark Karpelès 

Year: 2018 

Directors: Vincent Gonon and Xavier Sayanoff 

Bitcoin Big Bang is one of the most subjective yet comprehensive productions regarding crypto movies and documentaries. The 104-minute screen piece follows the story of the arrest of Mark Karpales, the mysterious CEO of Mt. Gox in Tokyo, following the hack in which 850,000 Bitcoins were reportedly stolen. 

At the time, Mt. Gox was responsible for over 70% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide. Follow the journey of Mark Karpales as he breaks the silence after a year when he is set free for lack of evidence.  

10. Crypto

10. Crypto Movie

Year: 2019 

Director: John Stalberg Jr. 

Stars: Beau Knapp, Luke Hemsworth, and Jill Hennessy 

Crypto is most likely one of the most popular movies about cryptocurrencies that have gained popularity among the general public.  

As some people might expect, this is a crime thriller film. The film does, however, make numerous references to cryptocurrency technology.  

Because the film’s main characters deal with money laundering and other forms of decentralized money, viewers can see an accurate illustration of the technologies. John Stalberg Jr. directs the film and stars Beau Knapp, Alex Bledel, and Luke Hemsworth, and it is one of the best thriller experiences a person can have.  


It’s no wonder crypto is becoming increasingly popular, and movies about Bitcoin and crypto are a step forward into mass adoption. Moreover, they are an excellent depiction and provide a much-needed context for the average crypto enthusiast.  

For the open-minded, these crypto movies and documentaries will act as a catalyst and make it ponder the wide range of concepts discussed.  

Undoubtedly, there is a lot of blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency-related movies, through which you can learn about this industry, its history, and possible development scenarios. 

So, if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend watching at least a few of our top 10 best crypto movies and let us know which one you like best. 

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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