Benefits of Using Bitcoin in Online Casinos

What Are the Benefits of Using Bitcoin in Online Casinos?

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Sep 26, 2022
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Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency unrelated to a central bank or single administrator. It has been a game-changer when it comes to online activities implying sending or receiving a specific payment. And considering the fact that BTC transactions are usually safe and quickly validated, it is pretty common to notice the use of Bitcoin in any live crypto casino you visit. 

Crypto casinos are becoming increasingly popular among investors as they provide a quick and fun way of earning more crypto without much effort. And using Bitcoin on crypto casino websites comes with many benefits, some of them being more important than others.

Thus, stick with us to learn more about the benefits of using Bitcoin in online crypto casinos!

Bitcoin provides anonymity to online casino users

There are many different factors to consider when it comes to online gambling. One of the most important is anonymity. Some users may probably feel their privacy is tickled whenever too much information is required for gambling online. And while some particular websites or games may require a basic KYC, some let users play entirely anonymously. 

Furthermore, Bitcoin offers an excellent solution for maintaining anonymity. When you use Bitcoin for online gambling, your personal and financial information is kept completely secure. And because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, your transactions don’t require personal information to be completed. Anyone trying to track your gambling activity back to you is sure to have a hard time finding traces. 

So, if anonymity is important to you, Bitcoin is the way to go for online gambling.

The blockchain provides faster transfers

If there is one thing that makes players choose Bitcoin for online gambling, it is the speed at which crypto transactions are made. A player will choose a method of payment based on the transaction speed, too. Traditional payment methods such as debit and credit cards have an extended payment process since the transactions have to go through an intermediary to be validated. 

However, with Bitcoin, transactions are verified and completed relatively quickly. The player transfers their funds from their digital cryptocurrency wallet to the casino’s accounts and vice versa without waiting hours or days. Since there is no need for a third-party validator, transactions are faster, thus making gamblers prefer Bitcoin over other payment methods. 

The transaction fees can be lower

Bitcoin is well-known for its low transaction fees in crypto casino games. And compared to the fees a bank would apply for such payments, a gambler may not even notice or feel the loss of a small fee for playing crypto games online. 

The small transaction fees occur thanks to the fact that Bitcoin functions as a decentralized network. Therefore, no middlemen are needed to complete Bitcoin-related activities, and more crypto assets can be shared with users instead of paying a third party. 

Bitcoin immutability offers more security

Thanks to Bitcoin’s decentralization, the cryptocurrency is not controlled by any government or organization. Also, Bitcoin is largely unregulated and cannot be affected by any government policies that may attempt to seize the funds. 

One of the most important features of Bitcoin is that its value is dictated by supply and demand, making the cryptocurrency a secure investment and a solid way to transfer money. Moreso, there are fewer chances of a user being hacked or having their identity stolen, as personal information is not shared and is rarely required. Still, BTC users must be cautious with their private keys and what apps they use. Giving access to your wallet to a malicious app can take away all your digital assets.

Another thing worth mentioning is that once a Bitcoin transaction is validated and stored in a block, it becomes immutable. Thus, the transaction cannot be reversed or altered from its first (and last) version.

There is one more benefit of using Bitcoin for crypto gambling. There are no limits regarding withdrawals, as long as they meet some basic rules set by the particular casino. Therefore, players are not required to wait for too much time before withdrawing their winnings.

About Privacy

As aforementioned, neither Bitcoin casinos nor cryptocurrency wallets require personal information to start gambling with digital assets. Thus, no one can see who bought or won what. 

At the same time, Bitcoin casinos’ activity is transparent, as users can find out more about an address and its transactions, but never another user. 

What types of games can be played with Bitcoin in online casinos?

A variety of games can be played with bitcoin in online casinos. These include slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more. And one advantage of Bitcoin is that it can be used to play casino games both in-game and when depositing funds into the casino’s account.


While playing slots, players can also use Bitcoin to bet on the game’s outcome. Players can place a predetermined amount when betting on a slot machine or choose to make their own wager. 


Blackjack is also a quick way of winning crypto in Bitcoin casinos. It is also called Twenty One because the player can bet until they reach 21 on the table. If they go higher, they lose, but they are winners as long as they stay under or at 21 and have the highest value at the table. 


Bitcoin Roulette is quite similar to the actual table game, and the winnings can be remarkable if the gamblers follow some strategies, too. 

The game implies betting on a specific number, on even or odd, and on red or black, with the primary purpose of picking the number on the slot where the ball will land, thus winning the bet. 


Baccarat is a niche cryptocurrency game that has become popular in the past years. It is played with cards, and the crypto version is highly similar to the original, physical one. Baccarat can be found on Bitcoin casino websites, and despite its slight complexity, it remains a great way of winning crypto. 


Bitcoin brings many advantages to the “crypto gambling” table, and crypto enthusiasts are intrigued by the idea of winning digital assets by playing dynamic and engaging games. 

Playing casino games with Bitcoin is a safe way of increasing your total crypto funds, its main benefits being anonymity, privacy, security, and the fact that you can get your assets in no time after the game.  

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