Cryptocurrency Casinos

Top 5 Benefits of a Cryptocurrency Casino

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Aug 23, 2019
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Cryptocurrency is not only popular in the investment world, but it is already becoming known in casinos, too. A regular casino uses regular currency while crypto casinos utilize cryptos as payment. Mostly, these crypto casinos are virtual, and you can pay and win bitcoins and other coins.

Cryptocurrency Casinos

If you want to play casino games or you want to try gambling, then crypto casinos is a good choice. Whether you’re a first-timer or a casino expert, cryptocurrency casinos can offer you the following benefits:

1. Hides Your Identity

Since crypto casinos are virtual, you can gamble or play virtually. When you’re a famous or well-known person who doesn’t want to let people know of your casino hobby, you can do it in crypto casinos. Or even if you’re an average Joe who wants to keep their identity hidden, playing in a virtual casino like is for you.

Much like Bitcoin’s purpose, which was created to make private transactions without government or organizations tracing it, you can keep your identity well hidden. Due to its decentralized property, you won’t have to worry about your details being seen by anyone anywhere. This is because digital currencies use blockchains, so you only need to enter or give your crypto wallet address for cashing in or cashing out your winnings. Since Bitcoin and other coins are currencies being used in crypto casino transactions, these casinos do not have a bank or government overseeing each transaction.

Moreover, since your details are anonymous, the risk of being hacked is also low because you will only be providing information about the crypto and wallet address that you are transferring to.

2. Provides Security for Crypto Casino Players

Aside from the anonymity that crypto casinos offer, there are more reasons why playing with such is secure. One of this is that you can expect security from biased winnings and hacking.

Your details like bank accounts, email address, or contact number, are not required when transacting in online casinos. Therefore, you won’t risk having your bank accounts hacked by unscrupulous people, especially if you use digital currencies as your payment method.

Moreover, to ensure secure online crypto gaming, crypto casinos have the following:

  • Random Number Generator – Also known as RNG, which secures impartiality when playing casino games. This will prevent external factors from influencing winnings, but only with chances. Through this system, players will have equal and fair chances of winning.
  • Online Code – Without any intermediary or centralized system to govern any transaction, only the holder of such codes can transact with a crypto casino. With such codes, you don’t have to worry about your being traced.
  • Blockchain Technology – Your personal data is not linked with your crypto data. Moreover, any transaction you make creates a block on the chain. This technology requires a public and private key to execute a deal successfully. Thus, your funds are secured as long as the private key that can unlock your block is known only to you.

3. Offers Fast Transactions

If you’ve tried playing and winning in a regular casino, your withdrawals can take up to 3 days. But with Bitcoin and other digital currencies used in crypto casinos, you can withdraw them instantly. After the casino has processed your cashout request, you can withdraw your winnings after a few hours.

Moreover, because no banks or financial institution operates or oversees the crypto transaction, you can expect your funds to be available on your crypto wallet. The blockchain technology takes charge of any transaction made with cryptocurrencies so you won’t worry about overcharging fees either.

Unlike credit card or bank accounts that have service charges for every transaction, cryptocurrency casinos do not charge one. And since there are no institutions to get commissions from your transactions, you’ll enjoy fewer expenses from your winnings or transactions.

4. Allows Anyone to Play

Wherever you are residing, crypto casinos provide access for everyone. This is most beneficial for residents of countries banning online casinos.

Since cryptocurrency is decentralized, your government has no rule over your crypto. You can use your digital currency however you like it since there are no governing rules to restrict you. But in order for you to make wise decisions and strategies, you must engage yourself in cryptocurrency courses that can help enhance your knowledge on cryptocurrency.

With online casinos that use credit or bank accounts, the possibility of banks refusing to process your transaction is highly probable. But with a crypto casino, payouts or payments of cryptos are not banned because no legal sanctions are attached to it.

Therefore, crypto casinos can allow you to gamble your digital currency wherever you are.

5. Offers Various Games

If you’re used to casino games and have tried them all, then gear up as most crypto casinos offer more of what classic casinos have. All games that use Bitcoins or any altcoins usually comprise of slot games, roulette, blackjack, and other casino games.

For other cryptocurrency casinos, they have games that you can play to earn Bitcoins for free. If you’re into adventures, you can also enjoy adventure-like slots that offer multipliers, free spins, 250+ ways to win, and three or more progressive jackpots. Some even have competitive graphics and music to listen to and enjoy while playing.

But if you want big winnings, blackjack or poker games are a good choice. If you have good skills and strategies to outwin the dealer, you’ll have a higher chance of winning bitcoin or even cash. However, you have to pay for every card you use. If you have a thing for dice, then you can opt for playing duckdice casino, where you can wager Bitcoin on the outcome of a roll of the dice.

Moreover, most games have their own private group where you can get tips or more games. This way, you’ll get more bonuses and chances to win Bitcoins while socializing with your fellow players.


Online casinos may seem exciting, but crypto casinos are more beneficial. With the advantages listed above, expect that you can gamble hassle-free by using only your e-wallet to make transactions. You won’t have to worry about bank restrictions or bank fees as crypto casinos have less fees. Thus, you can enjoy casino games you can win with fair chances and withdraw your winnings in a shorter period.

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