B2BinPay Review: A Secure and Convenient Crypto Payment Solution for Businesses

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Jul 17, 2019
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B2BinPay is an all-in-one cryptocurrency payment solution that enables merchants and businesses from all over the world to transact, store, and accept online payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and tokens, at convenient fees.

The platform was created in 2014 by the B2Broker company, a top liquidity, and technology provider that facilitates global crypto payments. The company has offices in Estonia, Hong Kong, and Russia.

B2BinPay was developed to serve a large variety of clients, such as forex brokers, hedge funds, cryptocurrency exchanges, and online merchants that want to accept crypto payments for their products and services.

1. Lowest fees in the industry

B2BinPay offers its clients advantageous fees which are very low in comparison with the market average charged by most crypto processors. There are different fees applied to merchant and enterprise accounts, depending on the volume, type of coin and transaction, but the fees are usually situated below 0.5%.

For merchants, the coin processing fee for receiving payments is 0.5%, and outgoing transactions incur no cost. For stablecoins and tokens, a fee of 1% is applied to incoming transactions, with 0 fees on outgoing transactions.

All transactions with the native token of the platform, B2BX Token, have no fees.

The coin processing fees for enterprise accounts are as follows:

  • 40% < 1M
  • 25% 1 – 2M
  • 20% 2 – 5M
  • 15% 5 – 10M
  • 10% 10 – 50M
  • 05% 50+ M

The processing fees for stablecoins & B2BX, BNB Tokens are:

  • 1% < 1M
  • 9% 1 – 2M
  • 7% 2 – 5M
  • 5% 5 – 10M
  • 3% 10 – 50M
  • 1% 50+ M

Liquid Tokens Processing Fee:

  • 40% < 1M
  • 25% 1 – 2M
  • 20% 2 – 5M
  • 15% 5 – 10M
  • 10% 10 – 50M
  • 05% 50+ M

You can consult their website to see the prices.

2. Over 888 Coins, Tokens and Stablecoins

B2BinPay enables clients to accept 13 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, XRP, DASH, Litecoin, Monero, NEM, NEO, Stellar, Zcash, and Cardano, as well as tokens such as Binance Coin, B2BX. Due to its integration with so many top blockchains, it is able to support all tokens issued by Ethereum.

3. Merchants & Enterprise Clients Accounts

B2BinPay features two types of accounts – merchant and enterprise – which can easily be integrated through a single API that can be connected in less than an hour.

Traders can benefit from accounts that have no recurring fees or hidden charges, low fees, real-time updated balance and transaction history, as well as highly secure transactions. The integration tools allow merchants to early integrate B2BinPay into their website and start accepting crypto payments.

Enterprise clients, such as brokers and exchanges, have access to a very secure, reliable and scalable wallet. Other features included are automatic withdrawals for clients, secure API and sandbox environment for developing apps, as well as advanced real-time reports.

4. Crypto-Crypto and Crypto-Fiat Withdrawals

There are two payment options that have been integrated into the service: crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat. Crypto to crypto payments allow you to receive cryptocurrency for your site’s products, with the funds being credited directly to your crypto wallet. The crypto/fiat option enables the client to pay in cryptocurrency, and the merchant to receive fiat currency (USD, EUR) which is then deposited directly into his balance.

5. 24/7 responsive support

The support team of B2BinPay is available on a 24/7 basis, in 8 languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Persian, Urdu, and Arabic.

For clients that have a problem with a specific extension (WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop), they are advised to directly contact a developer. All developers can be contacted via the support e-mail address listed.

The platform can also be reached through three phone numbers: +44 207 043-71-76 (GB), +7 495 108-04-71 (RU), and +357 250-308-82 (CY). Other questions or issues regarding account or payments can be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

6. Direct Bank Deposits

Merchants have the possibility of receiving their fiat funds directly into their bank balance, and to withdraw said capital via SEPA Transfers (0.5% fee) and SWIFT Transfers (2% fees).

7. Highly Secure Transactions

B2BinPay enables businesses to securely store, transfer and accept online payments in cryptocurrencies. The platform incorporates a variety of security measures which ensure that the accounts are protected against various types of fraud and DDoS attacks, making them much more reliable than traditional payment systems.

8. Globally Accessible

B2BinPay allows merchants and enterprises to conduct transactions with a global network of clients. The transactions incur fees which are just a fraction of what traditional online payment gateways usually charge. The high level of automation and high transaction speeds of up to 20 seconds allow users from all over the world to pay for products and services in a convenient manner.


B2BinPay is a crypto payment gateway which enables businesses and merchants to receive and send a variety of digital assets to and from clients regardless of their location, at a very low cost.

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