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Ark: A Quick Review of the Coin

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Mar 25, 2018
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About Ark

Ark is a cryptocurrency based on blockchain algorithm. The platform provides a revolutionary technology so that users, developers and startups will benefit from all-in blockchain. Its principles: highly flexible, adaptable and scalable.

The team reaches a sum of 30 devoted and passionate members. These are web developers, money managers, hardware experts, traders, business owners, social media promoters and others.

The platform gives users what they are looking for. It provides future potential incomes through bridged blockchains. Ark offers measurable values to create an ecosystem that assists in the mass production of cryptocurrency.

Its tokens are called ARK.

Ark’s Wallet

Ark platform provides a wallet for everyone. To keep your money safe, the Ark team recommends you to install the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet system. The wallet isn’t connected fully with the main blockchain, this means you will not download full version of it. Your transactions will be confirmed in just 8 seconds. You do not need to synchronize every time your interface to check if your transfer was accepted.

The wallet is available to download on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

The team had recently launched the new project: Ark mobile wallet. Stay tuned with news to see what’s up.

What is SmartBridge?

SmartBridge is a system created by the Ark team which allows companies and projects communicate with each other.

The concept is very simple. They create their own applications inside the blockchain, then give them another functionality. These can be used further outside “the box”, meaning outside the blockchain. The team had searched for nodes which can be connected with the Ark system while it isn’t fully proceeded.

Is it real that the Ark platform can execute Smart Contracts through another blockchain? It will surprise you, but yes, this is the concept of SmartBridge’s system. The user controls how to realize any instruction to any connected blockchain to the system.

The Advantages of Ark platform

– The platform is accessible to users. The interface is very friendly. The team designed a platform which can be understood by everyone;

– It offers offline and online measurable values about future potential incomes;

– The platform uses the Anonymous Network Integration which has high privacy terms;

– The Ark team had introduced the cryptographic algorithm in the platform, so that users could have a strong security while realizing transactions;

– The platform provides a SmartBridge system. It allows communications between blockchains that are connected and accepted by Ark;

– Transactions are proceeded very fast – in just 8 seconds you get a confirmation;

– It is a decentralized platform.

The Disadvantages of Ark platform

– Despite the high security which is implemented in the system, there isn’t a total proof that hack attacks will not take place;

– The platform consumes a lot of computer power, because of hard mathematical puzzles.


The Ark cryptocurrency is, for sure, one of the most innovative platforms that exist on the global marketplace. To make a decision, just put in a balance all the strengths and weaknesses of the platform.

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