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AmaZix Moderation Bot Helps Battle Crypto Scams on Telegram

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Jul 3, 2019
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The AmaZix blockchain company is offering for free the services of its “moderation bot” to the popular messaging app Telegram in order to reduce the rate of crypto scams.

The bot has created a blacklist of Telegram users by using the data it has collected over the course of two years. The current list comprises of 50,000 banned users.

The database of blacklisted accounts was made by moderating Telegram group. AmaZix revealed that from 140 groups, out of the 730,000 Telegram users over 54,500 (7.5 percent) were banned for trying to peddle a type of crypto scheme.

Banned accounts included those that impersonated admins and direct messaging users, phishing group users that tried to steal private keys and those that posted fake giveaways and links for fake social media or other websites.

Jonas Karlberg AmaZix CEO gave details regarding the functionality of the system:

“Through our service, which takes the form of a bot that is added to a group, we offer free, real-time threat intelligence for Telegram. As soon as a user posts malicious content on any of the groups we monitor, they are automatically banned from all our groups, and added to our global blacklist.”

Karlberg also noted that all moderated groups by the bot had at least one form of crypto scam.

“As soon as a project gets traction, the scammers move in. Telegram offers the criminals complete anonymity, so they use it with absolutely no fear of reprisals.”

Dejan Horvat, AmaZix chief operating officer, has stated that the service is currently available only in English, but has stated that many of its features work on posts of all languages. For instance, if you try to forward an account or link you still get banned, regardless of language.

“If someone forwards spam, regardless of the language, then the bot will act on it. The only feature where language is important is the curse list where the bot deletes many curse words,” he said.

Wrongful blacklistings can be reported by the users to them AmaZix team, “who will then investigate the situation and remove you from the blacklist if appropriate.”

The bot executes the blacklisting in “real-time” and works on a 24-hour basis, being managed by the firm’s channel moderators. AmaZix is currently in no formal partnership with Telegram currently.

Our hope is, by opening access and encouraging more people to use and contribute to our service, we will catch the scammers even more quickly. This will effectively discourage malicious activity on Telegram.”- stated Karlberg.

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