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Advice on How to Pick the Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

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Oct 3, 2019
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The online gambling industry and Bitcoin seem like a match made in heaven, so it’s no surprise that cryptocurrency was embraced by many casinos, sportsbooks, and other similar platforms on the web. However, finding reputable gambling sites that accept cryptocurrency can be a bit tricky.

There are some that will try to scam you, while others simply don’t offer a quality service to their customers. Setting up some ground rules on how to pick the top sites can help you avoid the risks that come with Bitcoin gambling.

Hybrid or Bitcoin-Only?

The first question you need to answer would be if you want to join a hybrid or a pure Bitcoin gambling site. The former usually means that a more traditional bookmaker, casino, or poker room simply has implemented the cryptocurrency.

There are plenty of advantages here, as these gambling operators are usually safer, have a lot of experience, and offer a quality service. On the negative side, you can’t be anonymous and there might be longer processing times for the withdrawals.

One contrary, the Bitcoin-only gambling sites use all the perks of the crypto, such as no need of registration, provably-fair games and faster transactions. However, the risk of getting scammed is higher and the overall service is not of the same quality.

Once you set your mind on what you prefer, there are a couple of other steps that can help you pick the most suitable option.

The Site Must Be Licensed and Secure

The first step would be to stick to sites that have a gambling license. If there’s a regulator that is monitoring all the actions of the company, the chance of fraud is much lower. The old-school casinos, bookmakers, and poker rooms that have simply implemented Bitcoin usually have a license by a respected authority.

That’s not always the case with pure Bitcoin gambling platforms, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the lack of license altogether. There must be at least some kind of regulation behind the service or the risk is too great.

The other important safety factor is related to the security measures on the site. If there aren’t proper SSL encryptions of the transactions and other standard means of protection, you should stay aside.

Other Factors to Consider

Once you are fairly certain that a Bitcoin gambling platform can be trusted, it’s time to consider some of the other important aspects of the selection process. For a start, you should figure out if you want to bet on sports, play poker, enjoy casino games, or all of these.

When you have your answer, evaluate the following factors.

  • Quality of the platform: some Bitcoin operators are simply not good enough. Make sure to find one that won’t constantly grind your gears with technical issues, broken design, and other annoying flaws.
  • Promotions: you should be looking to join Bitcoin gambling sites that provide various incentives to their customers. A solid welcome bonus that will boost your bankroll instantly is a good start, but some kind of loyalty program for later is also crucial.
  • Mobile gambling: most people like to gamble on the go and if you are among them, you should be looking for a platform that works on mobile too. The good news is that most Bitcoin gambling websites are responsive, so they are compatible with the likes of iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Help and support: you never know when you will need some assistance. It’s good to find a gambling site that will be ready and willing to provide it to its customers.


If you follow the simple rules in this article, you should easily find a reliable Bitcoin gambling site that fits your needs. The good news is that there are more and more of those on the internet and the future of the industry looks bright. The services of the crypto-only platforms are improving by the minute, while most traditional gambling sites are looking to add Bitcoin and other coins all the time.

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