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ACH Price Prediction 2022: Market Analysis and Opinions

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May 4, 2022
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This payment-processing powerhouse is coming off an unusually challenging year, emerging as one of the most reliable, dependable growth tokens on the market – making a case for this ACH price prediction. Alchemy Pay has churned out double-digit growth, and its price has grown at a steady annualized rate.

But 2022 has not been a good year for ACH crypto price prediction. This token-ended Q1 was essentially flat and needed a strong March to give investors a break-even, but growth increased in the next quarter as the market pulled from the bear territory. So here is the complete ACH coin price prediction: 

ACH Price Prediction | Introduction

At the time of making this ACH coin price prediction, ACH crypto was trading at $0.02363 according to data available on the ACH delivers an ideal combination of financial stability and growth potential, boasting a market cap of $104 million, fully diluted to just over $235 million. 

Alchemy Pay offers crypto and fiat payment processing – accepting more than 20 cryptocurrencies and converting the funds into fiat currencies at the best market rates. It delivers a full range of crypto tools combined into one easy-to-use interface that redefines online banking. 

As one of the first startups to leverage new technologies to reduce the cost of cross-border financial transactions, Alchemy Pay is recognized for making payment processing affordable, transparent, and instantaneous. This strength has, in turn, transformed ACH into a crypto powerhouse. 

ACH Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

This technical analysis of ACH crypto price prediction will illustrate the opportunity in the levels above and below the current trading price. In addition, it will help expose areas of strength and weakness for ACH crypto and areas where investors are likely to find opportunities and threats. Here is a summary of recent trading prices: 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
April 2022$0.04179$0.02455$0.04696
March 2022$0.04926$0.04179$0.05098
February 2022$0.03949$0.04926$0.06822
January 2022$0.06305$0.03949$0.09580
December 2021$0.09178$0.06305$0.09465
November 2021$0.07109$0.09178$0.12050
October 2021$0.06247$0.07109$0.09178

Can a historical support level trigger a significant upswing in ACH coin price prediction? That is the only question that matters right now. ACH price is heading for a stable support area following a 91% crash. The investor should watch how ACH reacts here and expect a bounce off this support level.

ACH Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

ACH crypto price is preparing to mount a quick run-up as it arrives at a significant support point. A resurgence of the bulls at this level will add credence to the coin that is testing early adopter patience, and adding a tailwind to this potential outcome could open the floodgate for long positions. 

In early September 2021, ACH set up an all-time high at $0.24175 and crashed roughly 65% to set a significantly important swing low at $0.6420. This move was followed by further dips in the next three months, resulting in a local top establishing around the same level. 

Since then, ACH has failed to break this barrier, resorting to trade even lower towards $0.02053, an area that formed the foundation of the current all-time high. Then, as seen in the chart above, ACH set up a major upswing to set a new all-time high, which justifies the faith market participants have in this support level.

ACH Price Prediction
Source: TradingView

Interestingly, ACH price prediction bears seemed to have dealt a major blow at the previous support level where the crypto invalidated the strength of $0.03202. However, in a highly bullish ACH coin price prediction, ACH crypto could revisit this hurdle again to mount an ascent to $0.06420. 

ACH Price Prediction: Technical Conclusion

Supporting the bullish ACH coin price prediction, the ACH token weakens as it creates daily lower lows below $0.03202. Here, long-term holders often accumulate in these conditions since the risk of a sell-off is very low. So, investors can expect the ACH crypto price to form a base around the support level and trigger an uptrend. 

While things are looking optimistic for ACH crypto price prediction, a daily candlestick close below $0.02053 will invalidate the bullish thesis for ACH. In such a case, the ACH price prediction might crash lower to $0.01363 due to the price inefficiency, putting the historical support floor to the test. 

ACH Price Prediction: Market Opinion

While price expectations are heading for an all-time high, market opinion is the best indicator for the likely ACH price prediction. If confidence in ACH crypto holds up further, the positive impact will be seen on the trading price. Here are some popular opinions: 

ACH Price Forecast for May – June


TradingBeasts ACH price prediction for 2022 reveals why market participants should not panic sell but accumulate more at the current discount price. The ACH price forecast for May – June is $0.03384, with the potential to rally to $0.04230 and fall back to $0.02876.


CoinArbitrage forecasts why market participants should be bullish on ACH going into the final chapter of Q2 2022. Eyeing a bearish outcome for its ACH price forecast for May – June, the forecast suggests the window of opportunity might close at $0.01131 before a rally sends ACH trading higher. 

ACH Price Forecast for the Rest of the Year


WalletInvestor ACH coin price prediction for 2022 is $0.0636, strengthening the thesis that testing the support floor will give the token enough upswing potential to kick-start a rally. This ACH price forecast for the rest of the year can be validated pending a reaction from the overhead resistance barrier.


DigitalCoin exposes a setup that will trigger a rally to $0.0321 for ACH if the support level at $0.0288 holds. However, if the current bearish market environment prevails longer than anticipated, the ACH price forecast for the rest of the year might fall back and trade around $0.0303. 

ACH Price Prediction for the Next Year


Gov.Capital ACH crypto price prediction supports the thesis that a rally will follow a retest of the support floor with a potential of testing $0.19467 in the next year. In other words, the current trading price offers investors an opportunity to accumulate at a discount before ACH price prediction for the next year materializes.


PricePrediction presents a compelling case for why the ACH coin needs to crash before triggering an explosive rally that will see the crypto hit $0.092 in the next year. Building on a prediction targeting $0.061 in 2022, the ACH price prediction for the next year’s eyes supports around $0.076 and $0.078. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

Saver0 describes ACH price prediction as a win-win situation where investors can accumulate maximum wins with minimum potential for loss. The prediction takes full advantage of the support floor thesis to suggest ACH crypto is headed for $0.07 if it can break the resistance barrier. 

Officialsmoov forecasts the potential for earning to exceed 50% if ACH bulls can muster enough courage to break the resistance barrier at $0.06. With the potential to break this established level, investors can anticipate ACH crypto to collect liquidity for a solid run from here. 

Latest News and Happenings Concerning ACH

Alchemy Pay (ACH) collaborates with ePayments, a merchant payment service provider, to bring crypto payment to thousands of businesses in New Zealand and Australia. That means millions of users will be able to get access to ACH to complete payments. 

At the same time, Alchemy Pay is collaborating with MAP Protocol, a multi-layered cross-chain operable blockchain, to allow developers to integrate its payment channel into decentralized apps. They aim to bring more mainstream accessibility to cryptocurrencies and decentralized networks. 

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ACH Price Prediction: Verdict

The key takeaway from this ACH coin price prediction is that ACH has better than a 50% net margin on trading and generates substantial revenue, which it returns to its holders. Its current position makes it hard to compete with in terms of potential earnings, and it can provide stability and security to a balanced portfolio. 

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