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Will SafeMoon See a Massive Dump  After Terra Or Bull Cycle?

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Jul 25, 2022
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For the past few weeks, the SafeMoon coin has experienced a massive sell-off. Although the investors have put in their best to make sure this project brings good gains for all the community members, with the current bearish market community members can buy the dip. In 2021, the developers of the project launched the SafeMoon V2, this was to ensure that the project gets to the moon. Even though there has been an increase in the utility of the token and the utility of a token sometimes affects the price of the token, the price keeps going down. The SafeMooon token, when launched in 2021, had great potential but the SafeMoon investors have been waiting  for the token to shoot off to the moon after the bear market in 2022, should we expect a bull run of the SafeMoon token?

There have been lots of claims against the leadership of SafeMoon regarding its liquidity pool. Investors need to do their own research to know if these scam allegations are true and then know the decisions they need to take whether to invest in SafeMoon or not. Is SafeMoon truly safe? Is the SafeMoon liquidity pool clear enough for investors to put in their funds? Will these allegations have any effect on the SafeMoon price?

In the last 24-hours, Terra network has seen a historical dump of the Luna token, a token that hit an all-time high of above $118 per token and dropped to below $0.7 per token in 24-hours. Could this be a leadership challenge or the bearish cycle? It is worth studying to avoid making the same mistake for any project. Should the leadership of Terra be held responsible?

Leadership requires transparency and making quality decisions. Everything rises and falls on leadership, so leaders must know any decisions they take in the crypto sphere can affect the worth of a token. Even in the midst of the bearish market, lots of tokens have still not been rug pulled. With the allegations by the popular YouTuber, it is good for the Leadership of SafeMoon to address important issues so as to avoid FUD and make traders and investors buy more of the SafeMoon token even in this bearish cycle.

The Former CTO’s Response To The YouTuber (H2)

SafeMoon at press time is trading at $0.0004305. on an SFM/USDT trading pair. It is up by 7.73% at a 24-hour trading volume on the global exchange platform Gate.io. Will the response of the For CTO hold any water and make any positive impact on the price of SafeMoon? The former CTO of SafeMoon, Thomas Papa Smith has given his own side of the story to Stephen Findeisen, stating that;

  1. The auto-locking function was still in place for the lock liquidity pool.
  2. He is an employee that is working through a different firm under a contract.

This is a time for every investor considering investing in SafeMoon to do good market research before investing in the SafeMoon token to know how Safe the token is and always invest 1-5% of your portfolio.  You can learn more about the SafeMoon token by visiting the Gate.io exchange.

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