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Will Pulse Bomber Be a First-Mover to the New PulseChain Network?

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Nov 26, 2021
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Pulse Bomber – A new token and crypto mining platform that has recently released on the Binance Smart Chain, is quickly becoming popular in the crypto space due to its passive income potential. The project has one main objective – to become a prominent first-mover to the highly anticipated PulseChain network, as soon as the main net goes live.

The goal is to gain a foothold in the market early, utilizing the BSC as a launching point to gain a significant head start for when the PulseChain network finally launches. They are already making headway with the popularity of their mining platform and growing community, as well as planned updates that include staking options, an NFT marketplace, and game development.

When the migration takes place, holders of the native $PULSEBOMBER token will be rewarded with a 1:1 airdrop of the new PulseChain equivalent.

The Pulse Bomber Miner – High ROI Returns

The Pulse Bomber Miner is a passive income generator that allows holders of the $PULSEBOMBER token to hire miners for additional token rewards. The miner offers sustainably high ROI with a daily average of 10% and up to 3650% APR.

The ROI rate may vary depending on the balance of the smart contract and the engagement rate of the user. To prevent it from becoming a set and forget platform, the engagement cycle works on a 24-hour window. Users are encouraged to return at least once in this time frame to either claim their earned tokens or hire additional miners to compound their rewards. By returning daily, the ROI is maintained while users who fail to return to the platform within the 24-hour window, will see the efficiency of their existing miners decrease and experience a drop in the ROI.

Tokenomics for BuyBacks, Burning, and Marketing

The native $PULSEBOMBER token, has a unique feature called a dual buyback and burn protocol, that creates a significant point of difference when compared to other models seen in the space. Unlike typical burns from non-circulating supplies, Pulse Bomber has created a system that purchases tokens from the open market, and removes them from circulation.

Additionally, marketing is a focus for the project, and the $PULSEBOMBER tokenomics are designed to sustain the ongoing marketing efforts for the long term.  

Why PulseChain Is the Best Option for Pulse Bomber

PulseChain has been making waves in the crypto space since its initial announcement. They have an approach to the industry that aims to reward the initial investors with previously unseen airdrop allocations and fix some of the issues plaguing the space simultaneously. 

High gas fees, slow transaction times, and increased attention to the ecological impact of crypto mining, have put a negative light on the most popular networks, namely Ethereum.

PulseChains plan – to enhance the Ethereum network by sharing the load, reducing the fees, increasing the transaction times, and removing pollution by using proof-of-stake.

Pulse Bomber has created their project with an underlying objective – to move to the new and highly anticipated chain once the option becomes available, sometime in early 2022. The goal is to be one of the first to make the switch and solidify themselves as a dominant force on the new network.

Pulse Bombers Short Term Roadmap to Early 2022

Pulse Bomber

The next few months are full of planned updates and developments for the project. The team has an ICO launchpad, staking platform, NFT marketplace, and a complete gaming metaverse in development. The goals for the project are set high and they are showing no signs of slowing down in their leadup to the PulseChain migration.

They have a development team with years of experience in the crypto industry and have also enlisted help from Coinpresso – a leading advertising and PR agency in the blockchain space. The agency is comprised of experts in marketing, web development, crypto social media marketing, and SEO, who are helping Pulse Bomber reach a wider audience.

Pulse Bomber is aiming to create a strong foundation by using the BSC to hit the ground running when PulseChain goes live. They have a significant product with the Pulse Bomber Miner, expert assistance with growth, and a strong roadmap ahead of them. Based on the day one use case, their planned roadmap and updates, along with their fast-growing community – a takeoff for the Pulse Bomber project seems inevitable once they are able to make the switch to PulseChain. 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN

Telegram: https://t.me/PulseBomber

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