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What Is Whaleportal and How Does It Work? 

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Jul 3, 2024
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Crypto has been around for long enough to convince us it is probably the way to go in the near future. With its many advantages, crypto can become the status quo of the financial sector, especially if it works on features that leave room for improvement. 

With so many cryptocurrencies available on the market and a plethora of crypto projects and platforms aiming to streamline various crypto-related processes in the industry, hundreds of millions of crypto users are left with so many options that sometimes they cannot even realize what they need in a certain situation.

Still, some platforms are always helpful, and Whaleportal is one of them. With its numerous features, Whaleportal is a valuable resource for crypto investors from all over the world. But let’s see how it works and what it offers. 

What Is Whaleportal? 

Whaleportal is a trading dashboard that provides detailed insights about the crypto market and its movement through numerous charts updated in real-time. The platform aims to provide trustworthy and reliable information to worldwide crypto enthusiasts and is working hard to become a top source of crypto-related data. 

Over time, Whaleportal developed numerous charts, with the main goal of providing extremely detailed information about the crypto market in order to keep its users up to date and offer them everything they might need to make informed decisions when investing in a certain cryptocurrency.

Whaleporta’s precision is genuinely surprising, the platform having managed to predict Bitcoin’s evolution during times when no one expected such data to be on point. Whaleportal relied on its advanced charting tools and data feeds, thus managing to keep its predictions as close to reality as possible. 

Some might wonder why we need another Web3 analytics platform when we already have some popular ones, such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Well, if this is the case for you, too, let’s see what Whaleportal offers. 

Main Features

When you first access Whaleportal, you will notice a basic list of the top cryptocurrencies in the market, including their prices and some basic charts (e.g., funding, volume, open interest). 

Main Features

However, the magic happens when you discover all the charts available. At the moment, Whaleportal covers as much data about cryptocurrencies or crypto projects as possible. 

Sentiment Heatmaps

Most of us probably already know what a heatmap is. However, in crypto, it’s a bit different. The Whaleportal team thoroughly checks numerous sources to learn what users say about Bitcoin and crypto every day. 

Based on all the online information, the platform creates a chart that shows the sentiment in certain colors. 

Buying and Selling Heatmaps

Buying and selling heatmaps are a bit similar to sentiment heatmaps. Basically, the platform creates a heatmap chart, highlighting certain information through various colors (usually red and green). 

In this case, buying and selling Heatmaps can show the evolution of buying and selling activities for certain cryptocurrencies over a set period.

Funding Rates

Funding Rates

The funding rates charts offer two main options: USD-margined and coin-margined. Each chart provides information about 10 cryptocurrencies. For instance, at the moment, users can get data about Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC), Ordinals, Arbitrum (ARB), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA), and Binance Coin (BNB).

The exchanges available include Bybit, Binance, Phemex, Bitget, OKX, DyDx, and last but not least, an average of the data available. 

Users can choose to view the chart for a certain cryptocurrency. By clicking on “View,” they will be able to study the evolution of that crypto’s candlesticks and funding rates.

Funding Rates

Open Interest

Open Interest

The open interest feature shows information about 10 cryptocurrencies as well. The table is rather simple, but users can once again choose to open a more detailed chart. There, they can set the period they want to check, whether they want to see aggregated data or information about a certain coin or token and whether they want to see it as an area or a line. 

Exchange Balance

Exchange Balance

The exchange balance feature is also called “Bitcoin Balance on Exchange” and represents the amount of Bitcoins that are being held on exchanges. Whaleportal follows various exchanges to determine the balance as well as possible. Users can select the period they want to check, ranging from 1 minute to 1 week.

Fear and Greed Index

Fear and Greed Index

We all know what a Fear and Greed Index is, right? But to refresh our memory, the crypto fear and greed index is basically a sentiment indicator. It offers users insights regarding the sentiment in the crypto market based on the evolution of the market in general. 

The fear and greed index usually takes into consideration numerous sources, including social media behavior, Bitcoin dominance, volatility, momentum, and the overall price trend. 

Taker Buy/Sell Ratio

Taker Buy/Sell Ratio

The taker buy/sell ratio is a metric that studies the taker volume compared to the total volume. It can show whether traders aim to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for a higher price or sell for a lower one. 

Premium Index

Premium Index

With the premium index, users can choose the period, the index type (Average premium Index, USD-margined, or coin-margined), and whether the premium index should be shown as candlesticks or bars.

The index shows the evolution of a cryptocurrency’s prices (Open, High, Low, Close). While the upper chart shows the prices, the premium index shows a positive or negative percentage, depending on the evolution. 

Whale Metrics

Whale Metrics

Whaleportal’s most intriguing feature is the whale metric. They track the top 300 biggest wallets and their behavior (exchange wallets are excluded). For instance, this page currently includes 16 charts. Some show combined wallets with a good purchase record, while others show OG wallets. 

Whaleportal Learn

These days, many crypto-related platforms provide educational content to help new crypto enthusiasts easily discover the industry. And now, Whaleportal offers various articles about its charts, describing how the platform works and how it is useful. 

Besides, Whaleportal also has a blog section that constantly discusses events or changes in the crypto industry. 

Pricing and Free Plan Offerings 

Fortunately, Whaleportal offers a free plan. To use the platform, it is highly recommended to create an account, as you will have access to more features than if you are not logged in. 

The Pro version of Whaleportal reaches $69.99/month and includes heatmaps, sentiment analysis, support and resistance, unlimited indicator on procharts, WhaleAlgo, and API access (200 req/min). Users can also choose to pay with crypto. 

In Conclusion

Whaleportal is a great crypto-related platform, especially for investors or traders who want to have as many charts as possible gathered in one place. The platform provides extensive information regarding many crypto coins or tokens and offers a one-stop solution for worldwide crypto traders. 

Its various features can contribute to more informed decisions and, therefore, a higher potential to earn significant profits. 

Regarding its pricing plans, Whaleportal is extremely useful in its free version, but the paid Pro version offers even more valuable information. 

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