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Walt Disney NFT Project, “Ape’s Hidden Mistress” Giving Free Mint Tickets “Daily” To Online Member (Minting Date in December)

Walt Disney NFT Project, “Ape’s Hidden Mistress” Giving Free Mint Tickets “Daily” to Online Member (Minting Date in December)

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Nov 9, 2021
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Summary: AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) by Walt Disney has come up with a new policy as regards their free NFT giveaway. This is to ensure that only online and active participants on their discord page get rewarded. 

AHM (Ape’s Hidden Mistress) by Walt Disney NFT minting has paved the way for those that can mint to make a fortune off of minting. In other words, everyone who mint has “won the jackpot.”

Are you curious to know how minting alone is “like hitting the jackpot”?

Recently, someissues arose during the conversation between the AHM team and Walt Disney.

AHM’s first aim was to give out free NFT to both online and offline discord users, but this attracted individuals who were not fans of NFT, and they were unlikely to realize the value of what they were given. Therefore, they also chose to re-strategize to guarantee that active members are rewarded for their efforts. This means that only those who are active on Discord will be rewarded.

Anyone who can mint an NFT has already “won the jackpot” this implies that they have a steady source of revenue.

“The new rules have gone into effect, and they will continue to give out free NFT at random, but the beneficiary will now be chosen from an online Discord community. Before the actual mint day, they’ll give away more and more free NFT each day, “According to Jon Wright.

It’s worth noting that there is a slew of benefits available only to the “first, original minters.” The first 5,555 minters, for example, will receive many free airdrops.

This means that anyone who buys an NFT but does not have it minted before December 2021 will “never” receive any of the top surprise incentives. (Only for the first minters, who minted themselves on their launch date in December) “A few confirmed free airdrops including 3D Graphics Design NFTs to all minters even if they sold their original NFTs,” “A weekly commission of what Walt Disney earned from the film projects,” and many more, including multiple secret surprise news.

Additionally, all minting costs will be utilized to sweep floors, support their weekly surprise, and provide exciting gifts. To all those who mint in December, all of these and other tiny events add up to at least $15,000+ in Solana per month.

Until the last day before the launch, a daily random free mint giveaway will take place. So, are you ready to participate in their NFT minting? Then check below.

More information is available on their Discord, Twitter, and website.

Their random giveaways have a better chance of succeeding in the coming weeks because many prominent investors believe AHM will sell out in a matter of seconds.

Official website: https://www.ahm.global/

Link to their Twitter & Discord

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