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WalletInvestor Review: AI-Based Cryptocurrency Forecasts Provider

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Oct 29, 2020
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Crypto investors rightly focus on technical forecasts and try to uncover how to position themselves. These days, the following technical indicators can feel like watching your favorite movie over and over for days; eventually, you’ll get worn out and tired. That’s where technical forecasting providers like WalletInvestor step in to change the way investors look at technical analysis and forecasts.

WalletInvestor is something of a hub for everything technical analysis for cryptocurrencies and other publicly traded assets. This provider is relatively new yet a supreme powerhouse for cryptocurrency forecasting. Unlike most, WalletInvestor is AI-based for quality, most accurate forecasts. Here is a detailed review of the website.


WalletInvestor: What Does It Offer?

For cryptocurrencies, there is no better service than WalletInvestor. Launched in 2017, it is one of the most popular AI-based cryptocurrency forecast providers around. The service has grown over the years thanks to superb prognosis. From the moment you set your eyes upon this oasis, you’re blasted with a detailed forecast featuring the largest cryptocurrencies and respective crypto exchanges.

WalletInvestor creates a direct connection between Artificial Intelligence and Technical Analysis, allowing investors and traders to have access to accurate forecasting information. Away from the forecasting, WalletInvestor has a blog, which is promptly named “Magazine.” This blog offers valuable insights and actionable tips that can be applied with a preferred investment strategy for success. Also, users can find the latest market news and updates.

Newbie cryptocurrency investors and traders are sure to appreciate WalletInvestor; it’s straightforward and easy to use. There are a lot of beginner-friendly elements that are particularly useful in eliminating the chaos in technical analysis. Meanwhile, experienced traders can appreciate WalletInvestor’s capability for conducting advanced analytics and forecasting. It is even possible to customize the technical analysis and forecasting to fit a trading strategy.

WalletInvestor: Cryptocurrency Forecasting

Cryptocurrency forecast is the sort of core product offered on WalletInvestor. The service presents comprehensive charts and forecasts that provide plenty of insights, which could deliver a much-needed edge against the market. Customers can also use the cryptocurrency converter feature, which makes it easier to determine how much of one crypto is equivalent to another. That way, traders can kick out the complex equations as they prepare to trade.

WalletInvestor Review

WalletInvestor has literally every cryptocurrency that is currently trading. Since the entire process is AI-based, the possibility of human error is nearly eliminated, which means traders don’t have to worry about bias or lack of interest in lesser-known cryptos. The platform also lists upcoming coin sales to allow early investors to cash in before the value of the crypto skyrockets, and it becomes expensive to buy-in. In essence, WalletInvestor helps prepare the trader all the way no matter what interests they have at the core of their trading strategies.

Their forecast for every cryptocurrency is extensive and comprehensive. In fact, WalletInvestor estimates their accuracy level in forecasting to be around 70%, which is quite astonishing. The model employed here is one that every cryptocurrency trader should be aware of. This platform gives traders an excellent opportunity to make better traders and investments in cryptos than ever before.

WalletInvestor typically offers 7-day, 24 hours, and 14-day forecasts. For cryptocurrencies, this information is obtained based on the pattern anywhere between 15 and 45 days. To support the forecast, the provider will present historical data and short information that will help support their claim and make a case for anyone who would want to make actionable decisions based on this prediction. The trader can tune the data to 2 weeks, minute by minute, and one year forecast; therefore, WalletInvestor is a useful tool for both speculators and HODLers. 

WalletInvestor: Value Proposition

Even if cryptocurrencies form the bulk of WalletInvestor forecasting operations, it is not the only product on the platform. WalletInvestor was launched to capture the demand for a high-quality, reliable technical forecast for cryptocurrencies, but has expanded to also offer the same for stocks, Forex, Funds, Commodities, and more. As such, any investor or trader who is likely to keep their hands into more than just cryptocurrency has a lot more to appreciate from this provider. The quality is the best across the board.

WalletInvestor Stocks

WalletInvestor: Accounts

Most users choose to get started with a free account. This is a good option because it offers room for flexibility to test the information provided and integration into your overall strategy before upgrading to get more out of this AI-based forecast provider. The process for obtaining this standard account is straightforward. Besides, this is the only account you can have without signing up for WalletInvestor.

The standard account allows you to see cryptocurrency forecasts several days in the future. You can get anywhere between seven to 14 days of price forecast. As amazing as that sounds, it is nothing compared to the premium account, which offers a great deal for the serious trader and savvy investor. The premium account offers a premium for everything WalletInvestor offers.

To give you an idea of what the premium account looks like, the provider allows you to tailor the forecast to your specifications. That way, you can receive a customer premium forecast on top of the standard forecasting. This is an excellent proposition, particularly for anyone who would like to test out their strategies and tweak it for optimal success.

On top of that offering, WalletInvestor adds a 7-day premium forecast and chart pattern recognition, which is an advantage for anyone who might not be so quick with identifying them. As a rule of thumb, the premium account comes with Ad-free as well.

WalletInvestor Review: Verdict

Anyone looking to take their cryptocurrency trading skills to the next level should look no further than WalletInvestor. This platform doesn’t just have the best of everything; it also incorporates the best in technological advances to analysis for optimal accuracy. Besides, it is a great tool for first-time traders who are keen on avoiding rookie mistakes.

The strength of WalletInvestor is in its simplistic yet comprehensive display of technical information; there are just some numbers in green and others in red. The information available is as accurate as forecasting can get, which gives the user plenty of legroom to make a decision based on the prognosis projected.

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Mar 6, 2021
They are a BIG SCAM !!! Their "advanced" software only makes a 'pattern' that everyone can notice, of the last few weeks and generalize it towards years to come... Not accurate at all. The premium accounts is a scam, don't get into it, report them.
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