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Unicrypt Platform Making Advancements to Achieve a Self-Sustainable Launchpad

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May 25, 2021
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Unicrypt is a decentralized finance platform designed for new crypto projects to launch their ILOs. Already, many projects have leveraged Unicrypt’s decentralized launchpad and completed their presale successfully. The decentralized launchpad allows investors to list their projects for ILO without adhering to long procedures. 

Statistics show that Unicrypt’s user base has been growing vastly recently, with the number of website visitors hitting 653 thousand in April. In the short time it has been providing services, UNCX, Unicrypt’s native token has grown vastly in value. 

Apart from value growth, new partnerships have been formed to increase the platform’s convenience. Recently, Unicrypt announced on medium that they made a new partnership with Jigstack to increase their user base. Jigstack has a tool dubbed Lemonade offering IDO services. Due to the Unicrypt-Jigstack partnership, this Lemonade tool will enjoy using great features like token vesting and liquidity lockers.

There is a new website in place, and Unicrypt’s team is going public in a few weeks. More updates include the renewal of its farming pools for a second period. 

Unicrypt Renews Its Farming Pools to Offer Rewards

The Unicrypt farm options have been operating since late 2020, and just recently, the farm’s first six months came to an end. In a recent announcement by Unicrypt, the platform has activated some new pools to help the investor maximize rewards. These farms will run till the end of Unicrypt’s farming contract after which Unicrypt will introduce more farming and staking options with its coins.  

The token pairs supported currently for farming are UNCL/ETH pair and UNCX/ETH pair. Participants in the UNCL/ETH pair will receive their rewards in UNCL tokens, whereas those using UNCX/ETH pair will receive rewards using USDC tokens. The release of new farms in UniSwap will provide investors with more options for investing and maximizing incomes. 

Since the platform is community-centered, its community members always receive updates on the major moves. One of the most recent updates was on their medium page about the new token vesting and token minting features. 

Liquidity Lockers, Token Vesting, and Token Minting Services

Liquidity lockers are one of the top services provided by Unicrypt. Using this feature, upcoming projects can lock some percentage of their tokens before the ILO. The main reason behind locking liquidity is to protect the presale investors. Some projects do not often hit their target soft and hard cap, meaning the project is a failure. In some instances, after projects fail, they do not refund their investors, leading them to losses. 

This liquidity locker feature locks some amount of tokens, and in case the projects do not hit their target, the investors are secured with the tokens. The liquid locker feature will work together with the token vesting tool. 

This upcoming tool helps in periodically releasing tokens. For instance, some projects may start releasing locked tokens in proportions, maybe 30% every 6 months, and the remaining at the end of 24 months. Token vesting plays a unique role in assuring the investors that the projects can be relied upon in the long term.

A token minting feature is also a reliable tool for upcoming projects. All new projects will mint new tokens using the Unicrypt platform. Therefore all the presale services will be available on one dashboard. 

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