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Turning Fees Into Assets: The More You Trade, the More Money You Have

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Jul 29, 2021
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Cryptocurrencies have become all the rage lately, especially among old-money investors. As the world of finance is going digital, investors have been flocking to the crypto-market, a move that’s becoming a catalyst to increased trading volumes and, in many cases, price and value appreciation. Moreover, many see these tremendous gains in the sector as just a tip of the iceberg.

VDollar is one of the leading cryptocurrency contracts exchange in the world, exposing traders to a wide selection of tokens and coins against several fiat currency and cryptocurrency pairs.

Launched on the vision of becoming the leading cryptocurrency exchange, VDollar is now a large and growing ecosystem of blockchain protocols and trading products. It offers some of the most exclusive features for traders and enthusiasts alike.

An example of these exclusive features is VDollar Crypto, which is a token created to basically turn fees into assets for traders. The more they trade on the VDollar Exchange, the more money they earn. Here’s why you have every reason to buy into VDollar Crypto:

A Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

It is critical and always smart to understand where an asset comes from and its use cases. Contrary to what is considered the norm of the industry, VDollar is not registered in a tax haven or secrecy jurisdiction.

VDollar Exchange is registered in Colorado, USA, under a Money Services Business (MSB) registration. That means it falls under the American regulation, which is a good thing considering the thorough vetting of the company’s founders and operations.

Longtime cryptocurrency enthusiasts know how vital it is to trust your exchange to keep your coins safe. Trust is the nut and bolt of what makes and breaks crypto exchanges. The American registration remains a strategic advantage to VDollar.

VDollar is vested in three business sectors: a digital currency exchange, an ultra-circular digital currency wallet and a new trading mining coins under the VDollar brand name.

Today, several cryptocurrency exchanges offer similar features encompassing trading, storage and native tokens. The difference between them comes down to the crypto exchange that the consumers view as approachable and supportive.

Fortunately, that is the case with VDollar for the entirety of the trading experience. Such positive experiences tend to accumulate and etch deeply in the trading community, which is already wired to look out for trustworthiness, at all cost.

That’s what’s so interesting about VDollar. It exists in a virtuous cycle where consumers, or rather as the company calls them – the VDollar Family, keep using the exchange because they are assured of the service provider. So it only makes sense that eventually the next monumental feat is the rise of the VDollar token.

Turning Fees into Assets

The VDollar token is many things wrapped into one. It is a utility token used for trading cryptocurrencies and a reward coin designed to encourage spending and holding.

In essence, it is a token designed for use on the VDollar platform. However, it is also designed for safety and security, pegged into a USDT Reserve Pool (URP). These features particularly pit VDollar against its peer, the Binance Coin (BNB), which sees its value fluctuate from time to time.

However, more important is the value VDollar token is to the investor. The rule is that 100% of the transaction fees on the exchange will be put back into the USDT Reserve Pool as the underlying asset.

That means users get back what they spend to trade. While BNB value is guided by the impulses of the market and trading patterns, VDollar derives value from a solid underlying asset rooted on the World’s currency and value creating mechanism.

VDollar demonstrates an impressive ability to create value for users. Value is created not on a whim, but as the direct consequence of financial ingenuity and excellent service.

An In-depth Look into VDollar

Breaking down VDollar coin into its constituent parts allow us to pinpoint both the sources that generates income and opportunities to create value. What sets VDollar exchange and token apart from its competitor – Binance and the Binance token:

  • New Trading Mechanism

For starters, VDollar’s new trading mining mechanism is not included to the BNB token. The Binance coin does not have a real asset backing its performance except its easily recognizable brand name, whereas VDollar is pegged to a USDT Reserve Pool.

  • USDT Reserve Pool

VDollar also has a commitment to openly disclose on-chain addresses to the USDT Reserve Pool, unlike BNB token. Each transaction becomes easily verifiable and transparent for all stakeholders to view and audit.

  • Perpetual Motion Machine

The maximum supply of the VDollar token is capped at 10 Million, compared to the 200 Million cap for BNB token, with no diminishing output. At the first issuance, each USDT transaction fee will result in a VDollar token being mined. Then halving happens at every phrase.

  • Super Representative Generation Mechanism

Unlike Binance Coin, which is known to have a centralization problem, VDollar takes a super representative generation approach. Anyone who meets set qualifications can be voted into one of the 32 representative seats.

  • Regulated/Licensed

VDollar is regulated and licensed under the Singapore’s Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and as a Money Services Business by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) at the United States Department of the Treasury.

Pro-Tip and Conclusion

Companies that prioritize the user and their trust as they grow are able to design a reinforced virtuous cycle where consumers keep coming back for more. VDollar is one cryptocurrency exchange that exhibits such invaluable qualities.

The point here is that VDollar is at an incredible position to take on Binance token. Traders expect exchanges to provide access to crypto-assets and protect their coins, but that’s just the bottom line. The challenge is to design win-win proposition that benefit everyone, which VDollar managed to achieve.

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