Trump’s Bags Debuts its Unique Crypto Meme+Utility Coin, With an Automated Smart Contract and Real-Time Transparent Transaction Tax Donations to D.J.Trump - Coindoo
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Trump’s Bags Debuts its Unique Crypto Meme+Utility Coin, With an Automated Smart Contract and Real-Time Transparent Transaction Tax Donations to D.J.Trump

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Jun 10, 2024
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CHI, USA June 05, 2024 — In an era where cryptocurrencies continue to challenge the future of finance, Trump’s Bags emerges on the scene as a meme coin with utility. Unlike typical meme coins, Trump’s Bags distinguishes itself with a unique feature of on-chain, automatic conversion of its transaction tax, which it sends directly to one of the most prolific and talked-about figures in modern politics-Donald J. Trump. The aim, to support his crypto advocacy and highlight the power of crypto. This new meme coin offers more than just a playful financial asset, incorporating real utility and transparency within its transactions. 

Trump’s Bags Debuts its Unique Crypto Meme+Utility Coin

A Unique Utility: Real-Time USDC Transfers

Trump’s Bags stands out in the crowded crypto space with its innovative utility. Every trade involving Trump’s Bags automatically converts 5% of the transaction into USDC, which is then sent directly to President Trump’s personal wallet. This process is powered by state-of-the-art automated smart contracts, ensuring transparency and eliminating the need for manual intervention. The funds are verifiable on-chain in real-time, providing supporters with a clear view of their contributions.

Supporting Trump’s Crypto Drive

The core mission of Trump’s Bags is to support Trump’s advocacy for cryptocurrencies. By continuously funding Trump’s wallet with USDC from every trade, the coin directly aids his efforts to promote and integrate crypto into mainstream finance. This initiative not only boosts the visibility of Trump’s Bags but also aligns it with a high-profile cause that resonates with a significant portion of the crypto community.

Current News and Trump’s Crypto Comments

As (former) President Trump navigates through his legal challenges and prepares for the 2024 election, Trump’s Bags offers a unique form of personal donation. Recently, Trump has been in the news for various legal battles and his continuous presence in the political arena. Despite these challenges, his influence and potential impact on the financial world remain significant. Trump’s Bags leverages this influence by providing a steady stream of crypto donations, helping to sustain and amplify his voice in the crypto space.

Token Distribution and Smart Contract Milestones

The distribution of Trump’s Bags is strategically planned to ensure growth and sustainability:

– 70% Liquidity: Ensuring robust trading activity and market stability.

– 10.5% Smart Contract Trump Rewards: Direct donations to Trump’s wallet.

– 10% Marketing and Partnerships: Expanding reach and building alliances.

– 5% CEXs: For centralized exchange listings.

– 4.5% Team: For development and operational costs.

Moreover, smart contracts enforce automatic milestones that further align with Trump’s donations:

– 1M USDC sent: Burn 1% of the supply.

– 5M USDC sent: Send 0.5% of the supply to Trump’s wallet.

– 10M USDC sent: Burn 4% of the supply.

– 50M USDC sent: Send 5% of the supply to Trump’s wallet.

These milestones not only incentivize trading but also ensure that significant contributions are made transparently and automatically.

Revolutionizing the Crypto Space

By combining the excitement of meme coins with genuine utility and donating to a high-profile figure, Trump’s Bags is setting new standards in the crypto world. The project aims to secure its place as a top 100 crypto project by the election season, driven by a dedicated community and a clear, transparent mission.


The Trump’s Bags community is growing rapidly, united by a common goal of supporting Trump’s crypto drive and ensuring the project’s success. With every trade, people contribute to a cause that transcends the typical boundaries of cryptocurrencies. 

For more information, visit the Trump’s Bags website and connect with the community on Telegram and X.

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Feel free to reach out with any questions or for further details on how Trump’s Bags is reshaping the crypto landscape.

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