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TripLeverage Adopts Blockchain Technology to Improve the Business Travel Industry

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Aug 18, 2021
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The pioneering business travelling platform, TripLeverage, will soon integrate blockchain technology into its travel expense management services. The travelling agency plans to integrate blockchain technology with an ILO Launch of its native token, Trip Leverage Token, on Unicrypt. The ILO is set to take place on August 23, 2021. 

TripLeverage believes incorporating blockchain technology paves the way for a more streamlined travelling experience for companies.

TripLeverage: The Game Changer 

Usually, consumer websites fail to retrieve the customer’s VAT spent on travel costs. However, TripLeverage is keen on saving its customers’ money by ensuring they get back their VAT, cutting off travel expenses by 20%. 

Clients also receive a 34% discount on hotel rates, all thanks to the business trip agency. A centralized solution is available for travellers, and it will cater to organizing every travel data using a single source. Moreover, TripLeverage allows companies to design their travel policies and implement them for travellers to follow.

To build trust with the community, the travel agency certifies its KYC and auditing procedures through SolidProof and QuillAudits. TripLeverage is incubated by BitBook, which extends support for various tasks such as facilitating a fair launch and funding developing and auditing smart contracts.

TripLeverage has seen tremendous growth since its launch and now plans to move another step forward with its Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) exercise on Unicrypt

The ILO Fair Launch 

A fair launch mechanism ensures participants in a blockchain network have equal access to a token’s distribution. Therefore, TripLeverage will use an ILO fair launch system on Unicrypt, which removes the need for seed sales or private sales. 

The launch exercise is scheduled to occur on August 23, 2021, with the community taking full ownership of the maximum supply. Unicrypt’s ILO solution will also eliminate team tokens, Bitbook Incubator tokens, and advisor tokens. 

A buyback mechanism is also in place meaning that, TripLeverage will use 100% of its revenue to buy and burn its native digital token. This mechanism ensures TripLeverage tokens gain massive values over time since the assets will become scarce in the market. 

Ideally, the travel agency has a stable net-monthly income from various sources such as advertising, partnerships, and business trip reservations. Therefore, as revenue continues to increase, long-term holders will receive a lucrative return on investments. TripLeverage plans on extending the buyback mechanism until 99% of the tokens are removed from circulation.

There will be a reflective transaction tax of 10% on TripLeverage which will serve the following purposes: 1% to the team salary, a token burn of 2%, 1% marketing funding, 1% buy and burn procedures, 2% for liquidity locking, and a reflective 3% to the token holders.

Reward Program 

TripLeverage employs a unique reward program that seeks to shape its relationship with the community. It incentivizes travellers who constantly work on promoting and expanding the platform’s customer base. 

As such, referrers who refer the platform’s travelling solutions to other entities receive 50% of the net revenue, which translates to 1% of the booking amount paid by the referees. Additionally, TripLeverage will give back 50% of the net income to the community, a figure that equates to 1% of the booking amount, by burning and buying TLT.

Static rewards is another earning option whereby token owners will benefit based on two underlying factors. Firstly, holders will secure rewards depending on their token’s trade volume. Secondly, the rewards will vary with the number of tokens a user holds since storing the assets for extended periods generates more returns. 

Rewarding the community ensures the platform onboards new potential clients and retains the existing ones simultaneously. You can find out more about TripLeverage and TLT by visiting; 

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