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Concurrency conferences

The year has debuted with a plethora of crypto events; summits, conferences, workshops, and expos- all of which are dedicated to furthering the learning and development of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and all its related applications. Crypto enthusiasts and experts alike congregate in various corners of the world to either find out more or impart their wisdom on this disruptive technology.

We have compiled a list featuring the top cryptocurrency conferences that will take place in March of 2019.

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2019

Event date: 01-03 March 2019

Location: Puerto Rico

The sixth edition of CoinAgenda will be welcoming all kinds of participants from the crypto space, from investors and traders to digital currency funds with top entrepreneurs. This conference will feature 3 days of discussions related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector.

CoinAgenda Caribbean will be focusing on the economic development of blockchain in Puerto Rico and what jurisdiction and regulations it faces in the Caribbean, the growth of security tokens, enterprise applications, modifications in crypto funding methods and crypto trading platforms.

The event will have James Greaves- CEO of Glyph and David Drake- Founder and Chairman of LDJ, as speakers.

Off Chain 2019

Event date: 01-02 March 2019

Location: West Sandy, Utah, USA

Off Chain offers an interactive learning experience for those interested in the novel technology that is blockchain. Experts from the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector will give their insight regarding the real world use cases of this technology and how they can provide more financial freedom.

Calvin Weight, the CEO of Coinbook Exchange and Tron Black, Lead Developer at Ravencoin & Principal Dev at Medici, will be attending the crypto conference as key speakers.


Crypto Investor Show: London QEII

Event date: 01-02 March 2019

Location: London, UK

Crypto Investor will be expecting 4,000 investors and traders that are looking to learn the industry’s best trading tips, take advantage of networking opportunities, stay in touch with the newest blockchain developments and meet leading crypto personalities.

The crypto conference will have the following speakers: On Yavin- CEO Cointelligence, Stephan Tual-Founder of Atlas Neue & former CCO of Ethereum, Steve Kelso- head of Galaxy Digital/Europe.

CoinAdvice Conference

Event date: 04-06 March 2019

Location: Chonburi, Thailand

CoinAdvice is poised to be one if the largest cryptocurrency conferences in the world as it expected to have 10,000 delegates. Crypto owners, 100 journalists, and over 250 speakers will all be united in one place. The CEOs and founders of the leading companies in the crypto space will be joined by the most promising new blockchain startups and ICOs.

The cryptocurrency conference will have Alexi Lane, CEO Everex, and Steve Good, Cryptocurrency Expert, speaking at the event.

Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2019

Event date: 04-06 March 2019

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Fintech week is comprised of three conferences: the first conference focuses on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, asset tokenization, and DLT technology; the second conference will be about various topics regarding Fintech; the third conference looks at how a new functional environment can be created.

The event will have the among its speakers: Yael Rozencwajg- Founder & CEO at Blockchain Israel; Fabien Aufrechter-Director at Havas Blockchain.

M.I.T. Bitcoin Expo 2019

Event date: 09-10 March 2019

Location: Massachusetts, USA

This year’s Bitcoin Expo will discuss the challenges that blockchain is currently facing and how we can further its development. The expo will serve as a learning platform for both experienced cryptocurrency traders/ investors and novice enthusiasts.

Among the speakers at this crypto, expo will be Bill Barhydt- Founder & CEO at Abra and Rune Christensen- Co-Founder & CEO at MakerDAO Tadge Dryja, MIT DCI.

Asia Crypto Week   

Event date: 11-17 March 2019

Location: Hong Kong

Asia Crypto Week will be an intense week packed with various events which focus on education and development which have the purpose to further mass adoption by supplying information regarding this cutting-edge technology. Experts and crypto leaders will be offering their insights and knowledge on this new technological sector, and share their experiences and advice.

MPWR Crypto Mining Summit 2019

Event date:12 March 2019

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MPWR 2019 will be expecting various individuals from the crypto mining sector. Medium to large-scale crypto miners, researchers, hardware producers, power suppliers, developers, as well as regulators, and political leaders to engage in conversations that focus on the crypto mining industry.

The cryptocurrency conference will have the following speakers: Frank Holmes- Exec Chairman at Hive Blockchain, Wes Fulford- Chief Executive Officer at Bitfarms Technologies, Christopher Bendiksen-Head of Research at CoinShares.

Token 2049

Event date:13-14 March 2019

Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

TOKEN2049 is a highly-covered conference that is expected to welcome over 2,000 delegates, including industry leaders and experts that will share their knowledge and insight.

Among the invited speakers will be two prominent altcoin creators, Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, and Justin Sun, the Founder and CEO of Tron, as well as David Johnston- Chairman of the Board of Factom, Bill Barhydt- CEO and Founder of Abra.

Crypto Current Conference

Event date:14-15 March 2019

Location: New Orleans, LA

Crypto Current was created to inform enthusiasts and traders of the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain events in an easy-to-understand manner. Crypto Current has posted content on its podcast, blog, and social media that has helped many novices learn more easily about this complex technology sector.

The Cryptocurrency conference will be having the following speakers: Richard Carthon- host of the Crypto Current Podcast, Sterlin Lujan- Communications Ambassador and Opinons Editor at, Rachel Siegel- Blockchain Speaker and Influencer.


World Crypto- Bitcoin and Blockchain

Event Date: 29-30 Mar 2019

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Blockchain and Bitcoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency conferences which includes many fields such as medicine, health care, life sciences, and engineering. Here, experts and beginners alike can take part in discussions on cutting edge researches as well as ways of driving forth blockchain technology in these sectors.

The purpose of this conference is to congregate scientists of various levels and specializations to participate in sessions and informal gatherings which focus on Blockchain and Bitcoin research. The conference aims to be a platform where industry experts and researchers are able to swap ideas and information regarding the most recent developments in Bitcoin and its underlying technology.


With this, we conclude our article on the top cryptocurrency conferences that you must check out this March. Remember to always book in advance a ticket, as cryptocurrency conferences have limited places that sell out fast.

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