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Top Courses to Become a Certified Bitcoin Professional

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Oct 24, 2020
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In recent times, trading cryptocurrencies has become one of the most rewarding enterprises to indulge in. Although it comes with several risks and difficulties, it is profitable in more ways than risky. Becoming a certified Bitcoin professional may not be such an incredible feat for you until you’re trying to invest as a broker with people’s money, and you need them to entrust their cryptocurrencies to you.

In this article, I will show you some of the top courses that will help you to become a certified Bitcoin professional, both for your personal trading and to set you up for the brokerage business. All the courses that will be listed here are affordable, considering the level of coordination and knowledge that will be passed. Follow me through this article, and you might just be on your way to becoming the best in your clique.

Top Bitcoin professional courses

Below are some of the best courses to become a certified Bitcoin professional.

1. Blockchain certification training

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Edureka delivers this course, and even though it only runs for four weeks, you’ll be given access to their materials for life. The materials can range from videos to books and audio files. The course costs $300, and if we’re going by how much knowledge you’ll acquire by the time you’re done with the course, it’s relatively low.

Another advantage of taking this course is that it doesn’t only center around Bitcoin. You’ll acquire knowledge about blockchain technology as a whole, with more focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others. If you’re really interested in becoming a certified Bitcoin professional, this is the kind of material you should invest in.

2. Certified Bitcoin professional

The course is very detailed for people who are only venturing into the Bitcoin world, but It will take you from that level to the level of a professional for a small amount of $95. The course contains 33 well organized and coordinated topics. 

The topics follow one another in a beautiful succession that helps you understand the course better. At the end of the course, you’ll be made to write a 10-minute exam, attempting 75 questions. If you’re a complete beginner seeking to become a professional Bitcoin enthusiast, then this is the course for you. Your certificate awaits you after the course.

3. Certified blockchain professional

Certified blockchain professional (CBCP) is for people who are already experts in blockchain technology and want to have a certificate as proof that they have gone to the very height of Bitcoin knowledge. Although CBCP is not a course like the ones mentioned above, it is an exam that helps you prove your expertise and experience to clients and potential clients. 

You should prepare to gain knowledge about blockchain technology, Bitcoin, and other related cryptocurrencies. The exam only costs $275 and is a great way to end all your learning.

4. The complete Bitcoin course

Source: TheIndependent

This course is offered on Udemy, and if you know your online courses well, you’ll understand that Udemy is one of the surest and most patronized online learning platforms in the world. This course isn’t going to take up so much of your time, but for those who have other engagements or busy schedules, you might need a few days to digest all the information thoroughly. 

Usually, the course only takes 8 hours, and it costs really low, compared to the ones already mentioned above. Don’t worry about certification; you’re going to get it as soon as you complete the course. 

5. Blockchain for technical executives and analysts

This is another costly course to add to this list of the top courses to become a certified Bitcoin professional. The course doesn’t only focus on Bitcoin but also on other cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a whole.

As against widespread knowledge that Bitcoin courses are only for Bitcoin enthusiasts and traders, this one is for executives and analysts who may not have any interest in trading cryptocurrencies. Some people basically write about cryptocurrencies; some people may run companies where Bitcoin is the only payment option; this course is for them.

The course costs $2350 and covers everything concerning Bitcoin, Hyperledger, and Ethereum. 


Taking strategic and concentrated courses will always increase your understanding of any venture you decide to undertake, and the courses listed above do justice to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. The fact that you don’t only have to learn Bitcoin when you take these courses is an outstanding benefit because you’ll be getting various courses for the price of one.

If you’re already into Bitcoin and you want to spend your currency on something that will be worth your while, you should consider playing Bitcoin slots at Bspin for an enriching time. If you’re a complete beginner, this is a great chance to learn the basics of Bitcoin and crypto wallets before taking any of the above courses.

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