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Blockchain Development Companies

Top 7 Blockchain Development Companies

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Apr 13, 2020
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Blockchain technology is a topic of interest and is considered an ingenious innovation. For those who are off the grid, blockchain simply refers to records of data that are time-stamped and arranged into blocks, which are bound by cryptographic principles. Many servers manage this immutable data, so they don’t work as a single entity.

Blockchain technology focuses on financial technology; this has led to the creation of decentralized powers of many companies using cryptocurrencies.

However, before selecting a blockchain company, you have to consider few factors due to the change in technology and innovation.

The dynamics vary from company to company; hence, you have to distinguish the characteristics with these companies. These factors include skills in software programming, knowledge in data structures, and the use of basic blockchain tools.

Another important factor to consider is the experience that a company has on the market, as is the case of Infuy, which has over 10 years of work in the field. Without wasting time, let’s dive into the top 7 blockchain development companies.



The company originates from Argentina, and it’s well known internationally in the blockchain business. CoinFabrik relies on an interdisciplinary approach, offering services, and solutions in blockchain technology. Its core activities include smart contract audits, decentralized solution development, as well as consulting and training services. The company offers a fundraising platform, exchange as a service platform, mellow wallet, and cryptosense.

Not only does it give token protection and handle crowdfunding application and programs, but it also involves in decision making through a new technology called the hyper ledger. CoinFabrik aims to provide customized solutions and run programs that use an exchange service for their digital assets.

The company satisfies the trade demand by using an effective platform, which is highly secured. It deals in a variety of coins as well as fiat and guarantees simplicity and protection. They enforce this through a two-factor authentication process supported by devices of high-performance. It’s one of the top blockchain development companies due to its flexibility, security, and scalability.

Osiz Technologies

Osiz Technologies

Started in 2008, Osiz became a leading blockchain development firm that provides services to more than 100 countries across the globe. The company has a team of developers who are knowledgeable in blockchain application and provides a secure service. Its 10-year experience and existence in the blockchain technology have made it cater to various sectors.

Their services revolve around blockchain application, cryptocurrencies development, wallet development, as well as blockchain domain and consultation. They deal in multiple coins and on various platforms, such as Tron, hyper ledger, EOS, and Ethereum. The company has global customers who they aim to achieve their success mark through the trust and confidence in them.

HashCash Consultants

HashCash Consultants

It’s a global company dealing with blockchain products and services. They can transfer payments and assets internationally. These services include trade finance, remittances and moving processing of payments. HashCash also allows different forms of digital assets exchange; its services are flexible with PayBito and Billbitcoins.

As they give exchange services, they also offer software solutions to their customers. It uses blockchain technology to propel its services and handle programs that bring about development. Through its platforms such as IoT and big data, they can solve the most difficult problems and transform strategies for their customers all over the world. It’s one of the growing blockchain development companies.



This technology company is leading in blockchain technology providing services to different businesses. LeewayHertz customizes solutions for different companies using blockchain technology. Some of these solutions are programs and digital assets, such as stablecoins and STO/IEO launches, making them offer both private and public blockchain for their customers. LeewayHertz works with other companies that provide platforms for digital assets to come up with software solutions for their clients.

The company provides blockchain platforms, such as Ethereum, Hyper ledger, and Hedera for their clients around the world. They aim to give quality services related to blockchain development technology and push for more innovations.

Intellectsoft Blockchain Lab


It’s a section of the Intellectsoft Group, which is another reputable company that deals with blockchain technology. The group has a consulting studio that relies on ledger technologies to make innovations in the markets. The company is good at offering services that satisfy their customers’ needs. They are effective in their products that allow customers to reach their goals in corporate services.

When clients embrace their services, they promise to use advanced technology and all the expertise they have to offer services. The blockchain technology they use in your company is a combination of talents that will bring forth enterprises. They guarantee enhanced solutions in blockchain implementation. These include cryptography, blockchain engineering, and cybersecurity.



The company was founded in 1998 by a group of professionals who aim to deliver quality services in blockchain development. Their services are customized for software development, which is open all over the world. Due to their experience in this industry, they have completed more than 1500 successful projects. Their main clients are top companies in the world, such as PayPal, Adidas, Philips, Cisco, and Xerox.

They do a contract deployment audit and solution development, which is just a fraction of what they can offer. The company carries out secure payments and organizes its data. Their databases are organized due to their successful projects when working with other companies over the years. Itransition continues to bring new transformation in the cryptocurrencies world with its innovations and consistency in blockchain development.



This blockchain development company is well known for offering services in various cryptocurrencies platforms, money transactions, block app developments, and loyalty programs. The organization is also responsible for medical services, eCommerce, retail, and high tech organizations. They guarantee reliable services, especially in blockchain and software development to their customers.

With the company being a top blockchain technology provider, it relies on the profound knowledge of its experts come up with solutions for various businesses. The company also allows service exchange of digital assets. Their processes are safe and secure hence gaining popularity all over the world.


The blockchain technology companies have different prospects and similar services. Their main aim is to satisfy the needs of their clients, especially when it comes to blockchain eCommerce technology. These companies have also been started by genius minds, which come up with software solutions for their customers. The fact that it deals with matters in cryptocurrencies which also accepts multiple coins, make them more marketable.

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