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The Future of Property Ownership: LEND7 Kicks Off Next-Gen Real Estate NFTs

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Jun 6, 2022
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Think of a world where everyone can invest in real estate without a myriad of intermediaries, unbearable initial capital requirements, and never-ending legal barriers. We made it possible.

Freshly made crowdfunding platform LEND7 opens the door for all market players, transforming the traditional real estate industry into a fully-fledged digital solution with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the forefront.

After an astonishing breakthrough in 2021 — when NFTs hit a market value of $22 billion — NFTs gained traction from wider audiences. Having complete ownership of something on the Internet fuelled the cryptocurrency and Web3 communities’ interest.

“NFTs are a winning product that puts value and control straight into the owner’s hands. Thus, the Internet of tomorrow — and industries of tomorrow — belong to the token creators and users. For real estate, we are bringing tomorrow now.” – LEND7 team

By converting real estate assets and business receivables into NFTs, LEND7 aims to eliminate industry barriers such as limited investor access, low liquidity, and lack of transparency.

LEND7 will utilize NFTs to bridge the traditional real estate industry with the ever-growing blockchain and Web3 communities. Ultimately, LEND7 will:

  • Minimize the real estate entry capital requirements to make the industry accessible to all market players.
  • Lower transaction costs and accelerate the real estate investment process while bringing value to owners right away.
  • Cut off intermediaries to enhance transparency and hand over more control to real estate investors and business owners.

Of course, the arrival of LEND7 comes during an interesting time for the crypto and NFT spaces. The spectacular collapse of Terra Luna, as well as continued speculation on NFTs has created concern about the future of the industry. LEND7 is carving a different route, focusing entirely on utility and providing real-world value. 

This focus on providing solutions through NFT technology, rather than trying to make quick money off hype, is what ultimately will enable LEND7 to rise above the market noise and get on the path to sustainable success. 

The LEND7 project has garnered massive interest from both retail and institutional investors. LEND7 private sale will go live at 7 a.m., UTC, June 7th and will end at 7 p.m., UTC, June 27th. The public sale is planned for June 27th.  

For more detailed information, contact us by email at [email protected] or visit

About LEND7

The founding team behind LEND7 comprises real estate and blockchain experts with extensive backgrounds in FinTech and proven experience in successful crowdfunding project kickoffs.

LEND7 is building a global network for real estate investing and fundraising driven by the Cardano blockchain, combining pioneering technologies to provide unparalleled security and sustainability for the project.

Eventually, LEND7 aims to become a complete ecosystem for the tokenized real estate industry, bringing full transparency and liquidity to real estate and cryptocurrency communities.

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