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Stratus: Your Newest Social Media Platform

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Sep 9, 2020
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Apollo Fintech has been a guru in the formulation of ambitious yet applicable solutions to real-time issues. The Q3 of 2020 ushered in one of its many innovations, the National Currency Platform. This step was not the end of what Apollo promises users worldwide. Currently, it is working on launching the most expansive social network in the world, Stratus. Stratus is an ingenious creation developed on the world’s fastest, most efficient blockchain, the Apollo blockchain, also used to host the Apollo Currency.

When you hear about social media, your mind instantaneously travels to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Nonetheless, Stratus is coming to replace these platforms with an all-in-one ecosystem. It will offer the ultimate internet experience through one account login, one wallet, and one dashboard access.

Main Inclusions on Stratus

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Social Media

Stratus will accommodate features of all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, telegram, and TikTok, to mention a few. Besides, it will include all beneficial functionalities of the same per every phase of Stratus’ upgrade.

All these platforms will be accessible to the user on one platform, hence eliminating the need to switch from one hub to another and the tedious process of logging in and out. Furthermore, innovative blockchain technology will enhance all these apps’ performance and significantly improve the users’ experience.


The same login can swiftly transition your use to finance platforms such as PayPal to send or receive money. Other platforms functions, such as Coinbase will allow buying, selling, and storing of cryptocurrency. The stratus platform will also give access to other financial services, such as trading with p2p transactions. Stratus users will also reap all benefits of blockchain technology on finance. Every account will also have a universal fiat wallet and Apollo wallet usable to send and receive money, donations, tips, and purchases.


In this digital market age, most buying and selling happens online. Doing so has so many advantages, top of all being accessing more fantastic markets. Stratus has Amazon and eBay functionalities to offer a good shopping experience to users. The availability enhances shopping further through availing means of payment within the same platform. In that way, transacting will be faster and easier.

What Does Stratus Offer Users?


Most platforms used for social interaction collect personal data mostly provided during authentication and exchange. Even though laws protect users, most of these apps share or sell this data to governments or external companies for various reasons, which is a breach of privacy. The Stratus ecosystem ensures information is exclusive and not shareable. You are assured that Apollo will not use your data for unauthorized research or the creation of statistics.

Furthermore, the platform only requires one secure login password, making it more convenient to create a strong and memorable password. Unlike the current platform where multiple passwords are needed, each forum’s different one makes it necessary to make it simple for remembrance. Stratus ensures you have complete control over your data.

Censorship-Free Environment

Social platforms come with customized regulations for safety and to uphold morality and  peace. However, most of these platforms limit the expression of freedom of speech, which is a violation of human rights.

Social media is one of the most excellent tools for sharing views, airing opinions, organizing rallies, and demonstrations. The limitations put by these sites affect content creators and activists. People in these lines of work are continually landing in trouble over posts considered unacceptable. The frequent suspension of their channels is demotivating, making it a challenging career path.

Stratus will ensure the freedom of speech, exercised entirely as long as it does not violate the given measures.


Above all, Stratus is undoubtedly the most convenient platform innovated. Stratus has created a digital ecosystem where all internet services are accessible on one platform. The comfort is how swiftly you can switch platforms, shop online, make payments, trade, bank, etc. Brands and businesses also get to advertise and sell products or services on a more wholesome platform.


Day in day out, we get to see innovations come into the market. As exciting as it is to be part of the new technological universe, people regularly compromise their security when sharing data. Having all social networks hosted on a reliable platform will rid individuals of worry and risk.

You will not spend valuable time switching from one social media page to another, seeking different experiences. A revolutionary innovation has been made that combines all our favorite and most functional apps. The best part is, it’s not just social interactions, but also inclusive of other essential internet services.

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