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Stratus Redefining Social Media

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Aug 24, 2020
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What do you get when you merge social media with an impregnable blockchain platform? Stratus! Stratus is the soon to be unveiled largest, blockchain-based social media ecosystem from Apollo Fintech. This medium’s development emanates from the need to address the challenges the existing social media platforms face. Key among these are lack of trust, privacy, and susceptibility to censorship.

To mitigate the challenges posed to existing platforms, Stratus intends to employ several strategies. First of all, to address the issues of trust, it is deployed on Apollo’s blockchain. The blockchain is encrypted with second to none security features. Secondly, unlike the competition out there, Stratus will not engage in data mining to shore up revenues. The platform is robust enough to penetrate the most advanced censorship protocols, ensuring a free expression bar for when such speech exceeds legal bounds.

Features That Distinguish Stratus From Alternatives

The following features make Stratus tower above its peers.

  • Stratus is hosted on Apollo Fintech’s blockchain platform. 
  • It has all in one capability. The platform converges the most used social and economic services in one ecosystem.
  • The hosting blockchain has database sharding capabilities ensuring the swift execution of functions.
  • It is censorship-free. It has a sound architecture proofing it from censorship.
  • It has incorporated two kinds of wallets that serve the ecosystem. First is the universal fiat wallet, and second, the Apollo wallet.
  • The ecosystem has the functionality of major social media platforms. It has its alternatives for mainstream social media like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • It will offer internet services, such as hosting and domain naming.

According to Apollo C.E.O, Mr. Stephen McCullah, all these features will offer the users cheaper, better, and more convenient services all accessed from one place.

The Economic Value of Stratus

Across the globe, billions of people interact daily on different social media platforms. The efforts to monetize these sites speaks volumes of the enormous market they offer. Stratus is the only platform that will bring together social and economic functions in one place with the following advantages:

Market Place

The ecosystem has a market hub. It is an e-commerce platform bringing together buyers and sellers. In this space, sellers can advertise their products and services. Interested buyers then make their offers for them. On agreeing on the prices, the buyer transfers funds to the seller’s wallet, who, in turn, provides the goods or services bought.

Payments Platform

Apollo currency

Using the two wallets available to them (universal fiat wallet and Apollo wallet), users will be able to pay for goods and services. The use of the Apollo currency significantly streamlines transactions. The payments are near-instant and also secured by strong encryption.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Money Transfers

The ecosystem creates direct connectivity between the users. In this way, P2P remittances are possible. One can directly send money to anyone in their network. They can also tip for services accorded and contribute to worthy causes. The blockchain and digital nature of the Apollo Coin makes a natural linkage of wallets possible.


Another significant feature of the Stratus ecosystem is the ability of users to form user communities. Users with similar interests can develop groups for the advancement of the same goals. Information contained in the discussions and postings in these groups is invaluable. The members get to share ideas and experiences, some of which, when applied, lead to economic gain.

Freelancing Sites


Freelancing gigs have gained prominence in modern life. The global freelance market runs into billions of U.S dollars. Every day, millions of remote workers turn to the internet for opportunities to earn from their skills. Stratus will develop a platform to cater to this segment of the economy, which will draw on the best of LinkedIn and Upwork. By using the said platform, freelancers, regardless of their situation on the globe, will be able to advertise their skills hence earning from them.

Investments App

Stratus will introduce an investment app akin to Robinhood and Coinbase. This application will enable users to trade, for example, in the stock market. They may also trade in cryptos. All trade is commission free since it is devoid of third parties.

Internet Services

The ecosystem caters to the providers of internet services. Through it, they will be able to carry out web hosting and domain naming services. These two are essential for anyone in need of web services.

YouTube Alternative

Source: NordVPN

Stratus will host a YouTube alternative; only this one will be better. The influencer community will benefit the most from this. The platform will give them unrestricted access and easy ways of monetizing their content. Additionally, it will enable them to earn up to a hundred times more than they would on YouTube for the same amount of viewings of their content.


For most people, social media is a valuable tool. Primarily, they are tools for keeping in touch with one another. However, with each passing day, they continue to find new functions. The problem is up to now; none of the available platforms have managed to converge different services on one platform. This situation, coupled with the challenges of maintaining public trust, data mining, and avoiding censorship, necessitate the need for change. The soon to be launched Stratus social media ecosystem by Apollo is the answer to these. Built on a robust blockchain infrastructure, it will offer users topnotch security. 

Additionally, it allows the convergence of the popular services many use on a single platform. In this way, Stratus guarantees ease and convenience of use. As elucidated in this article, the platform will be of high economic value to the users.

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