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Stratus: A Liberated Social Platform Coming Soon

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Nov 24, 2020
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As the current social media sites continue to limit the kind of content you display, Stratus is here to move everyone towards a liberated ecosystem. At its core, Stratus is a brilliant innovation from Apollo Fintech, aimed at mitigating the present problems faced by mainstream social media platforms. 

The current social sites restrict a user’s ideas or views concerning various topics. In turn, the unnecessary restrictions lower online engagements that could be useful to the global audience. Though many argue the presence of the censorship of content is healthy, Stratus begs to differ. 

In that case, operating with Stratus guarantees that every user’s expressions and opinions matter without suppressing or deleting any of them; that is by keeping in mind that certain individuals can take advantage of this freedom to air their ideologies.

A Beneficial Non-Censored Stratus Environment

As the project rolls out in Q3 of 2020, Stratus employees will also have a duty to monitor and safeguard its members’ posts rather than censoring every detail. Therefore, users can interact and discuss any topic they wish to despite its sensitive nature. The censorship-free functionality assures Stratus users of infinite freedom and provides a conducive media platform for insightful purposes.

At the same time, the network will prevent online threats that come with the anonymity of online platforms. While you do not require to reveal your identity, it will establish regulations to ensure that everyone can prove their identity as true. Stratus further assures a firm to fight against any forms of fraud, online theft, impersonation, personal data distribution, and more. This factor is all thanks to the blue verification that can differentiate malicious users from genuine ones.

The network also promises not to sell user data for personal or corporate advantages, as is the case with most platforms lately. Its military-grade encryption system will prevent any cases of user data misuse or discrepancies.

Shifting Online Service Reliability

Stratus never ceases to amaze as it hopes to show off nearly surreal functionalities on its ecosystem. Furthermore, it targets to bring out the convenience of online engagements, especially in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The idea to incorporate every other mainstream service currently available into its network creates the perfect definition of the internet of services. It hopes to set aside the need for a plethora of applications to access different spaces online.

Another intriguing efficiency presented by the ecosystem is the bitcoin lightning network alternative, the Knox World Pay. Also, a recent innovation by Apollo, the service displays unimaginable BTC transaction speeds on a worldwide level at under 2 seconds. Besides, it ensures that everyone gets a chance to participate; this is by the SMS feature, which favors those in remote areas and their counterparts who lack smartphones.

Describing Stratus as the next phase in global interactions is putting it lightly. The world, both crypto or otherwise, will soon experience the real weight of what Stratus represents. Likewise, all users can rest easily assured of the internet of services, under one account, one dashboard, extensive functionalities, secure, private, and yet with unprecedented freedom of speech. 

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