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Squirreling Squirrels

Squirreling Squirrels a Community-Based NFT Project Is Ready to Support the Planet

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Mar 7, 2022
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Squirreling Squirrels is a community-based NFT project with an initiative to support the planet! Our community will plant trees, as well as create our own Metaverse Park, P2E Game & Token.

As they nibble their nuts and climb the trees, squirrels are squirreling around without help, so we wanted to give our Squirrels a place where we know they will thrive: Squirreling Squirrels on the Blockchain!

Squirreling Squirrels is an NFT collection riding the Metaverse wave in its own unique way; Launching with beautifully hand-drawn NFTs including 200+ unique traits, ready to squirrel on the Metaverse.

Our goal is to impact the world positively through planting trees both virtually on our Metaverse Park and physically through our partnership with Tree-Nation! Together, our target goal is planting a million trees in different regions of the world!

FUN FACT! Did you know that squirrels are responsible for accidentally planting millions of trees annually? We love that our squirrels take the initiative, but we want to help them out, and we need your help too! By being a part of our experience and a Squirreling Squirrels NFT holder, you automatically contribute to our mission. Oh, and you get a cheeky certificate along with it because you earned it, you Squirreling Squirrel!

The Idea Behind Squirreling Squirrels

The crypto sector does not have a good reputation regarding the environment. Thus, we aim to change that by showing that NFT holders really care. We go for making the world a better place, tree by tree, squirrel by squirrel! 

Therefore, we invite anyone that believes in us and what we stand for. Join our adventure, where we reward our community. All loyal SS holders will own and gain access to our Squirreling Squirrels Park on The Sandbox, where many exciting events will be held.

Our community will be able to enjoy our play-to-earn game on the same platform. Our Token ($ACORN) will be used in-game, as well as on the blockchain marketplace, and can be swapped on a DEX.

The Team Behind Squirreling Squirrels

Our team is distributed all over the world! From Asia, Europe, the Middle East & Canada, the core team consists of professional, highly qualified, and innovative business owners, tech experts & more. We all want to give back to society & excel in the wonderful NFT universe. All working hand in hand to create a benevolent and result-oriented environment, strongly committed to our values and mission.

You can follow us on Discord to learn more about our team and join our AMAs.

The Launch

The minting launch is still TBA; we’re focused on community building.


To know more about the Squirreling Squirrels, visit our website: https://squirrelingsquirrels.io/  

Visit the Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/SquirrelingSQRL

or Discord page here:  


Media Contact:

Name : Charbel Kairouz

Email: [email protected]

Location: ,Egypt 

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