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SiGMA Rebrands with a New Global Vision

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Feb 2, 2021
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The multilingual site speaks to the gaming industry as it climbs a new world stage

SiGMA Group is excited to unveil the face of its rebranded website. Through a commitment to quality and years of successful operations, SiGMA has nurtured the development of a strong brand, allowing for its evolution into a global influencer on the gaming and tech stage.

The new layout offers a holistic user experience, reflecting a shift in the gaming industry towards a more global perspective, as well as SiGMA’s growing international portfolio as it launches new core events across 4 continents.

Available in 10 key languages, including French, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish, and with plans to add Thai, Hindi, Japanese, and Korean over the next few months – is unique in offering a central, accessible portal that brings SiGMA’s blockchain events and global news coverage to a broader audience.

Finding synergy between high output and multiple translations whilst maintaining quality content has been a logistical challenge. Adaptability is a vital skill, one we’ve been able to hone during this health crisis, allowing us to create a forward-thinking site that reflects a more globally-minded gaming industry,” said the founder of SiGMA Group, Eman Pulis.

Over the last year SiGMA has recruited several new squad members, opening offices in Kiev, and Manila – and our efforts are paying off. This year marks our first foray into North America, with a new office now up and running in Chicago. Once just a local company, SiGMA’s brand now reflects our presence across different regions; a fitting face for the World’s Gaming Festival,” said COO for SiGMA Group, Sophie Crouzet.

SiGMA’s rebrand is already reaping success, with ranking websites such as Alexa showing high engagement for SiGMA’s website, making the company one of the strongest event and media websites in its category.

Content and news sharing are an integral part of SiGMA’s identity and has provided a solid platform for the industry to shape its future and showcase objectives at the heart of stakeholder’s needs.

Every 2 years, we are given the task of going through a rebrand. After seeing SiGMA through 3 brands, this has to be the most exciting one yet! After we decided to expand our product, we chose a specific color to symbolize each region which is reflected in the choice of elements for said region.
Thinking about our growth, our expansion, and about how many more eyes will be on SiGMA, we took our previous concept and cohesively united all the regions in this awesome artwork. The map will grow along with us, with every event we host, adding to our ever-growing portfolio.
We have also upped our game when it comes to bringing more interactive visuals to our website and across our media. What better way to portray ourselves, as a company that loves culture and color! After all, we love bringing people together!
” said Jessica Camilleri, Head of Creative Department, for SiGMA Group.

SiGMA’s media arm, SiGMA News features a consistent and varied output of written and video content, articulating a plethora of diverse voices, ranging from investigative news to interviews with the industry elite and expert-led thought leadership.

We are thrilled to finally reveal our redesigned website to our audience. Creating quality content remains of the highest priority to the company, which is why we have invested significant resources into the media division – introducing a team of highly proficient translators who understand the dynamics of language and its value to the reader,” said Katy Micallef, Head of Content.

The website is also home to SiGMA’s most recent initiative – SiGMA College launched through the company’s charitable arm SiGMA Foundation.

The free-to-all college offers a full portfolio of interactive eLearning courses free of charge, and will be an accredited and licensed venture.

Key topics will leverage the company’s vast network and knowledge pool to build a number of courses highlighting opportunities in the gaming, blockchain, and emerging tech sector.

Through this free online education tool and our upcoming book for students of iGaming, SiGMA aims to bring more than just good business to the locations it operates in. We’re making good on our commitment to enhancing the space we work in“, says Events Director, Emily Micallef.

If you would like to elevate your brand through a high visibility placement on the SiGMA News website, please contact the Head of Content, Katy Micallef. For sponsoring and exhibition opportunities get in touch with an account manager for your region here.

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