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ROSA FINANCE Builds the First Decentralised Pension Fund

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Jul 6, 2021
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ROSA FINANCE is making use of public blockchain technologies to build up a retirement and savings solution focused on transparency, security, self-custody, and decentralization.

Intermediaries have plagued the existing financial system for years. The processes are inefficient, and customers have little information about their funds’ actual situation and less access than ever before. In fact, in many cases, when you put your money in an average pension fund, it feels a lot like those funds have faded away.

Therefore, ROSA Finance took it upon themselves to build a decentralized savings solution for retirement funds using multiple technologies focused on decentralization. With these technologies, ROSA aims to offer a trustworthy pension solution to people with non-standard earnings, pension fund users, and anyone else who is ready to diversify their revenue sources in the future.

How Does ROSA Work?

ROSA is building a multi-blockchain interoperability decentralized application for customers to deposit retirement funds as tokens and earn yields and rewards from staking funds.

The token, as well as the application, are built to interact and function on the Ethereum public blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain. And as the project evolves, ROSA will integrate even more blockchains.

Because the project uses public blockchains, users can always look up transactions and review the smart contract, thus assuring full transparency.

And because the true status of the funds is taboo in the mainstream financial system, with ROSA, customers can always check the live status of their assets.

A Safer Future with ROSA

Blockchain offers immutability; therefore, you no longer have to fear the day the retirement fund disappears because of various reasons. Also, there is no potential dilution of shares over time because of various market conditions.

The number of tokens you stash on your terms with ROSA may only increase thanks to yields and staking rewards.

And to pursue the growth in value for the ROSA tokens, the funds locked in savings plans will be used to invest across a decentralized portfolio. The funds are not invested just anywhere but will be carefully spread following the prudential principles of security, profitability, and liquidity, using risk management concepts such as diversification and asset-liability matching.

Also, to increase the maximum earning potential, ROSA will offer low-interest crypto-backed loans. This means that borrowers will over-collateralize the funds they take out from ROSA, and if they decide to default on their loan, ROSA won’t suffer any loss.

Retiring with ROSA

You can plan your retirement with ROSA on your own terms. You stash in the tokens on your own accord and can currently choose between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to deposit and earn cryptocurrency. You can select whichever ledger you want, considering performance and costs with no wallet switch necessary.

And to further emphasize the democratization of retirement funds, if you try ROSA and decide it is not what you want anymore, you can always transfer your assets without fees across chains.

Plan your future with ROSA FINANCE and take control of your retirement funds.

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