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Robotina – The Integral Power Solution of Tomorrow

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Mar 5, 2018
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Company Overview

For over 27 years, Robotina has been intensely involved in creating innovative automation and control technologies. The company uses a wide array of technologies: Internet of Things (IoT) enabled hardware, cloud software and other advanced solutions, being a reliable and quality provider of services, catering to various industries. Robotina has collaborated with important companies such as Hitachi and Panasonic.

Robotina’s employers have great technological expertise that was obtained and perfected through years of experience.

Platform and future plans

Robotina is developing a platform which will provide a vertical, advanced technological solution to the existing inefficiencies in energy management. The platform will use Internet of Things (IoT) elements and the Power Platform (PP), and other emerging technologies such as Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The platform’s application will run on a cloud infrastructure.

By using the latest high-tech developments, between 10 to 20% of energy can be saved. Robotina has already tested and demonstrated that such results can be achieved, and that the technologies involved can be attained.

Robotina’s primary objective is to connect individuals that want to adopt an eco-friendly way of managing energy and reduce emissions, in a community that will enable them to benefit by saving on energy cost and earn relevant proceedings.

Robotina strives to become one of the most important providers of specialized connected control devices and systems in the future. To ensure that this will take place, continuous investments have gone into propriety technology:

  • Cybro-I, II and III (Q1/18): distributed control system that has hardware and software features which allow it to adapt and overcome any potential problems. Cybro is also the first IoT controller that can be programmed.
  • SMIP: Cloud (SaaS): enabling platform for the Cybro technology, communicating securely with its controllers to overcome the data transmission issues the controllers (real world) and Internet (virtual world) face.

ICO information

Using a token based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology, the Robotina Utility token (ROX), the platform will enable users to perform internal transactions. The token can be used as a payment for services and products that are sold on the Robotina platform, via other tokens, digital or fiat currencies. The user will receive a special discount special discount of 3% only if he effectuates purchases with ROX. Should other payment methods be used, it will be converted to ROX, the rewards being distributed among community members.

Robotina Utility Tokens (ROX) can also be used for crowdfunding pro table projects that employ ESCO or VPP schemes.

Token SymbolROX
Start Bonus10%
ICO launch date20-02-2018
ICO end date30-03-2018
Token TypeEthereum
Total supply815000000
Price0.05 $ ETH

Advantages of the Robotina platform

Awareness and control

Energy Management System (EMS), HIQ-Home and other IoT that are connected to the platform will help users manage efficiently their sites and IoT, giving them absolute access and control.

Energy efficiency and Dynamic energy pricing   

Through the many applied technologies, a ROI (Return on Investment) will be produced rapidly, along with savings of 20 % on energy costs. Users will also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and benefit from tax reductions.

Security and safety

The platform’s AI will detect and alert the user should any potential threats occur.

Energy efficiency- for corporate users and the like

Users that consume energy in industrial quantities that are connected and use the services of the Robotina Platform will see a 30% reduction of overall energy costs.

Robotina Vs Competitors

Robotina has been activating in this business sector for a longer period of time than its competitors, Power Ledger (2016) and We Power (2017).

Another difference that sets Robotina apart would be that is has a higher optimization rate, 15% optimization on 27,222 TWh power market (resulting in approximately 4 TWh in savings), compared to WePower’s business potential of 0.5TWh. Power Ledger’s business solution is limited considering there are no laws in place for massive P2P trading.

It is also worth nothing that Robotina has invested its own funds in the development of its technologies.

 RobotinaPower ledgerWePower
ManufacturingYesUnder developmentUnder development
Technologies Applied1.Blockchain


2.Internet of Things

3.Artificial Intelligence

1. Blockchain1. Blockchain
Own Smart Grid R&DYesNoNo
Business Track RecordYesNoNo
Project ConceptIoT Solutions to Control, Manage and


Reduce Energy Costs, Energy  Trade and Services

Interoperable energy


Trading platform



Renewable projects


Robotina’s ambitious objective is to revolutionize the energy management process by being the best provider of smart connected solutions on the market.

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