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rASKO Borrow and Lend Money Market Is Coming to Binance Smart Chain!

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Aug 16, 2021
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At the heart of the money market is ASKOlend which is a very robust non-custodial smart contract platform that was originally forked from the Compound protocol, but then was substantially modified to accommodate risk-averse lender strategies, with multiple risk tier lending, automated liquidation functions, and unprecedented asset mapping capabilities.

In addition to ASKOLend, the rASKO Money Market consists of rASKO Risk Token Swap, rASKO Farms and rASKO Borrowers Rewards pool, which drive the money market participants ability to invest, earn, trade broad range of assets and off-set borrowing costs.

Why Invest in the rASKO Token?

rASKO provides unprecedented utility for the rASKO borrow & lend money markets with over 70 assets which can be listed on the ASKOLend platform, providing unmatched flexibility to borrowers and lenders while offering a multitude of ways to earn and off-set borrowing costs.

We are increasing the liquidity in the crypto world. Users will enjoy a variety of assets and at the same time stay long in their core assets. That is ensured by our innovative smart contract platform which allows borrowers and lenders to trade and earn with an unmatched variety of assets.

Join Our Presale and Upcoming IDO

A 40% rASKO token bonus will be available for all ASKO holders maintaining a balance of not less than 20,000 > ASKO who whitelist and purchase rASKO tokens during the presale.

· Users who do not own ASKO ERC20 tokens will receive a 20% token bonus.

· Payments can be made either in BNB/BUSD/CAKE or ETH/USDT to the relevant Gnosis Safe.

· A minimum of $100 purchase is required to participate in the rASKO token sale.

· 75% of all fees generated from the rASKO Money Market on BSC will be used for rASKO buy backs and operating expenses

· 25% of all fees generated from rASKO Money Market, and distributed to the DAO, will cause an equivalent in rASKO tokens to be burnt monthly.

· After the Pre-sale and IDO, the capital allocation to the liquidity pools will be:

**40% locked liquidity from total proceeds raised at IDO offering to secure pool liquidity and 50% of all funds raised will provide liquidity to the rASKO Money Market. More information to be provided prior to the IDO stage.

Join Us!

For more information on the rASKO Presale, please make sure to follow the ASKO Medium, Twitter, and Website for more updates.

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