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Pulse Bomber – Passive Income Generator

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Nov 9, 2021
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Pulse Bomber is a brand new project that has just launched on the BSC with some of the best tokenomic concepts seen in the crypto space to create a dual buyback and marketing protocol. This self-generating marketing fund has already produced some impressive results and created a substantial foundation for the ongoing marketing efforts for the project. 

The key difference between this project and other offerings that have come to fruition is the use case that Pulse Bomber has already brought to the table. The Pulse Bomber Miner has launched simultaneously with the $PULSEBOMBER token and delivers an opportunity for holders to create a significant passive income stream with market-leading ROI. The Pulse Bomber Miner was created to be a passive income generator, built for longevity and sustainability.

Nov 2021 | Pulse Bomber - Passive Income Generator

The Pulse Bomber Miner – Sustainable Passive Income Generator

The Pulse Bomber Miner is a DeFi crypto mining platform that was created by the development team to be a sustainable passive income stream for the holders of $PULSEBOMBER. The miner is simple in concept but the work that has gone into the fine-tuning of the platform by the development team has been immense. The user interface is clean and simple to use, with the user only needing to connect their chosen wallet to the platform and deposit their chosen allocation of $PULSEBOMBER tokens.

The reward potential is substantially higher than the standard, with an average daily ROI of 10%. This high ROI is expected to be maintained if users are constantly engaging the platform, where they can receive up to 3,650% APR on their investments. There are only two basic functions within the crypto mining dApp once a deposit has been made, hiring additional miners and claiming, with users being able to use the obtained rewards earned each day by constantly increasing the number of miners.

Empty The Barrel by Claiming or Hiring More Miners

The system has been designed to require daily engagement and some minor effort from the user is required, this is to ensure people return to the platform to prevent the miner from becoming a set and forget type system. The user is encouraged to return at least once every 24 hours to use either of the two available functions (claiming or hiring more miners), and if a user does fail to return within this time frame, the efficiency of their hired miners will begin to gradually decrease.

There are some fees associated with the crypto mining platform, with a 5% deposit fee and a 25% withdrawal fee required but there are no fees once inside the mining platform itself. These fees are to support the sustainability of the contract and to ensure the longevity of the service.

Pulse Bombers Buyback and Marketing Tokenomics

The tokenomics model for Pulse Bomber is an evolution of the team’s previous success with Pulse Rise, with some of the same elements built into this new contract with some notable differences towards the marketing aspect. Pulse Bomber is not only introducing the successful buyback mechanics that purchase tokens from the open market for burning but also dedicates a portion of transaction taxes to marketing expenditure. Already amassed over 150K, the marketing wallet is being used to continually drive new users to the platform through the best advertising and marketing methods available.

Altbase Listing Planned for the Coming Weeks

The project already has listings planned for the coming weeks, one in particular, is the altcoin exchange Altbase which will enable the $PULSEBOMBER purchased easily using simple debit and credit card options that the application provides.

Pulse Bomber’s Roadmap to the Inevitable PulseChain Bridge

Pulse Bomber has a hefty roadmap laid out in front of them with some big goals and aspirations but the project also has the expert help to get them there. Coinpresso has signed on as partners to the project to assist with all future marketing, SEO, and promotional endeavors. Coinpresso is an expert crypto advertising agency and is bringing with them years of experience in the field. When this partnership is combined with the substantial marketing allowance the team has already amassed, the potential for increased brand awareness is immense.

The project has one main objective and will be taking the leap into the highly anticipated PulseChain network, with a bridge being planned to launch as soon as the PulseChain main net goes live at the end of 2021. As has happened time and time again, first movers to any new network generally see the most success, and Pulse Bomber aims to solidify itself as the ultimate project on PulseChain and be one of, if not the first project to utilize this platform, a move that will see this project become a mainstay in the crypto space.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN

Telegram: https://t.me/PulseBomber

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