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Prisma Analytics, Dell Technologies and CryptoDATA Tech Will Host the Official Launch of Edain Tradable License Key

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Sep 22, 2021
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Prisma Analytics GmbH, Dell Technologies, and CryptoDATA Tech have teamed up for an innovative project and announce the online launch of their utility token called EDAIN on September 29th, marking the start of the pre-sale period.

The EDAIN launch event aims to raise awareness for decision-makers that seek to leverage data into actionable knowledge. It will be an exclusively online event, as it will be transmitted live on the Edain website starting 17:00 (UTC).

Edain represents the quantification of data in a tangible form and the development of a new knowledge industry, easily accessible to any user around the world.

The Tradable License Key (TLK) represents a measurement unit of knowledge with the purpose of creating value that can be capitalized through the tradable unit (EAI token), providing user access to the knowledge generated by the C+8 platform. The innovative C+8 platform has been developed according to, and on the basis of, technological patents by Prof. Dr Hardy F. Schloer.

Developed and powered by the partnership between Prisma Analytics and CryptoDATA Tech, Edain is a tradable license key designed to provide access for every human to the revolutionary C+8 Technology®; a transformative AI environment based on big-data analytics tools.

Prof. Dr. Hardy F. Schloer, Founder and CTO of Prisma Analytics GmbH: “The Edain TLK represents the key to access C+8 Technology®, and implicitly, access to a vast central knowledge repository that is designed to become the largest, most accessible knowledge source in human history. Through dynamically expanding library of knowledge apps utilizing the C+8 knowledge database, users will be able to research anything from social trends and geopolitics to risk identification, security threats, predictive modeling and finding the proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ for virtually any decision application, over time.”

Event speakers: Prof. Dr. Hardy F. Schloer – founder and CTO of Prisma Analytics GmbH, Ovidiu Toma – Chief Executive O cer of CryptoDATA Tech, Adrian McDonald – President Dell Technologies EMEA, Mr. Mark Mulvaney, Hybrid Cloud Lead, Dell Technologies EMEA

Ovidiu Toma, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech: “We have developed Edain as a means to provide every human, anywhere in the world with freedom of choice. Edain facilitates access to a technology that transforms raw data into actionable knowledge in real-time and thus, users can make optimal knowledge-based decisions. The C+8 Technology provides humans a very powerful advantage in understanding the dynamics of the world around us and it can be easily accessed by anyone with Edain license keys.”

About Prisma Analytics

Prisma Analytics GmbH combines big data analysis and artificial intelligence to create products that are tailored to closely fit the growing demands of high-level decision-makers.

The company has developed the C+8 data model, which continually processes Big Data of all types, and from any source, into a fully generalized, unsupervised self-organizing data environment, which maps a dynamic copy of the real world and its history into a multi-dimensional and causality-based knowledge network.

From a business model perspective, the technology acts as a platform that allows software

developers to build a huge variety of applications upon it. The first app launched by Prisma

Analytics is Decision Point, a unique predictive analytics solution that uses the C+8 data

model’s native forecasting capabilities (machine-generated intuition) for the analysis of

stock price movements.

About CryptoDATA Tech

CryptoDATA Tech is a Romanian company that operates in the areas of cyber-security, encrypted telecommunications, and artificial intelligence to provide IT solutions using Blockchain technology.

CryptoDATA Tech has been an innovator in the global cyber-security market and is known for developing the most powerful encryption protocol, Voice Over Blockchain Protocol® (VOBP), implemented in encrypted and secure devices developed in Romania.

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