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Polygame Is Changing the Current Landscape

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Mar 23, 2022
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The way we trade and move money is evolving, and Polygame is leading the charge! 

Transfer of Power

Cryptocurrencies worldwide are accomplishing what traditional finance and big banks never granted us control over: security. 

We are finally moving towards attaining a firmer grasp on our security. Blockchain projects give us the control to exchange deflationary currencies, making it even more complicated for banks and the “elite” to preserve their existing power structure. 

In other words, crypto is enhancing our lives without the sovereignty commonly associated with private banks or Wall Street. Cryptocurrencies give power back to the people, democratize it, and correct social inequality between classes by minimizing market control by the upper-class. Cryptocurrencies also denationalize currencies with lower transaction fees for exporters who receive local currency after delivering goods in competition with traditional financial institutions.

The Objective 

Polygame is a gaming platform that presents new opportunities to earn money for streamers, players, and content creators.

We are based on blockchain technology and use smart contracts for transactions in a decentralized ecosystem and crypto as the primary in-game currency.

Our principal objective is to deliver an exhilarating and safe atmosphere for the key players in the gaming space.  

Newfound, one-of-a-kind opportunities are available in the form of fan tokens, further enhancing the platform’s essential purpose.

Players can win tokens by watching streamers and streaming the game themselves.

The Polygame founders have fully invested in people that love cryptocurrency and will support it no matter the circumstance.

We know that Polygame will provide a massive uplift for content creators, streamers, viewers, and marketers in the near future.


At first, the target audience is those more fully engrossed in gaming culture. However, as the gaming landscape continually grows, this audience will morph along with it. 

Polygame aims to provide a monetary system for both gamers and streamers — specifically for video game streams. 

Polygame was recently listed on multiple launchpads and has had several successful funding rounds.

PGEM tokens provide incentives to streamers, who receive rewards proportionate to their popularity, creating win-win cooperation with other gamers and influencers as an alternative to YouTube and Twitch platforms.

We now have more than 55k Twitter followers with numerous streamers and channel operators worldwide. 

Furthermore, the rise of eSports on online platforms is fuelling this growth exponentially.

Polygame aims to address many of these areas by providing decentralized toolsets for sports competition organizers to run their tournaments while enforcing their desired rulesets.

Our specialized app is designed to be played on any device, including your phone. The app is not only fun but also provides a certain level of competition if, by chance, you are a streamer.

The Polygame team has created this platform to allow streamers to earn money by playing games and allows viewers to make money with our watch-to-earn system.

Support and Learn

To support Polygame, learn more about the project, and explore our community, please visit us at: 





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