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Pinkslip Finance Plans to Revolutionize Online Gaming by Integrating DeFi and NFTs

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Aug 19, 2021
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Pinkslip Finance operates as an online drag racing game launched in August 2021. Unlike other gaming platforms, Pinkslip Finance presents a unique mechanism that combines gaming, finance, and NFT technology under one roof. Thus, Pinkslip Finance plans on redefining GameFi, which is a fairly new industry in the crypto-verse.

Game and Earn with PinkSlip Finance

The inspiration behind Pinkslip Finance comes from several drag race movies whereby winners usually take possession of the loser’s car. Interestingly, the car’s certificate in some regions was pink hence giving rise to the Pinkslip term. 

At Pinkslip, users start by purchasing NFTs, which take the form of cars. The NFT cars have distinct features, each with a different chance of winning. 

However, the winning result is not guaranteed since the platform implements true randomness in its functionalities. Users have a bigger chance of winning if they obtain a unique NFT. 

The three types of NFTs available include Bronze NFT, Silver NFT, and Gold NFT. Between the three NFTS, Gold possesses the highest chance of winning races. Acquiring the NFT cars is straightforward since users can use the platform’s native asset (Pinkslip Token) to buy any of the three vehicles. 

The Pinkslip token is available for purchase in the open market or during the initial pre-sale. It is worth noting that users can only obtain an NFT if they have less than three vehicles in possession. After purchasing NFTs, users can now drag race with their vehicles and place a betting amount with the Pinkslip token. 

DeFi is Also Available!

The DeFi industry continues to experience tremendous growth as data records locked assets worth $79.73. billion. In terms of finance, PinkSlip allows users to participate in staking using the Pinkslip token. Staking is a DeFi component whereby individuals earn rewards from holding digital assets. 

Gaming in the Pinkslip ecosystem is projected to boost its staking pools by providing long-term yields and a higher return on interest. Participating in the staking venture is, however, only eligible to the drag race drivers. Users have to continue racing and secure 20 vehicles, giving them a direct ticket to receive a staking pass. 

Therefore, one staking pass is equal to 20 NFT vehicles. Once investors receive a staking pass, they can participate in the staking pool and secure Pinkslip tokens. 

Remember, the staking pass is a one-time opportunity since the pass is immediately burnt after users claim their rewards. What’s more, token and NFT holders are scheduled to be incentivized as the platform continues to progress. 

An Upcoming Public Sale

Pinkslip Finance intends to conduct a public sale on August 25, 2021, and raise 500 ETH in the process. The minimum and maximum investment amounts will be 0.1 ETH and 3 ETH. Additionally, according to the listing price rate, one ETH will buy 7272 Payslip tokens. 

Pinkslip plans on adding a 30% liquidity on Uniswap V2 from the total amount raised. The platform also recently completed its seed sale event through Pincubator, Pinkslip’s incubating platform. Through Pincubator, Pinkslip Finance successfully managed to conclude its seed sale in less than 24 hours.

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