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OMI Price Prediction

Omi Price Prediction 2023: Market Analysis and Opinions

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Dec 8, 2022
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ECOMI (formerly OMI) is a virtual collections marketplace based in Singapore that focuses on pop-culture properties, allowing users to buy, sell, and exchange digital assets using the VeVe mobile app. ECOMI’s digital collections contain an incredible assortment of pop-culture pillars from licensees such as DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Marvel, and Cartoon Network.

OMI coin is the ECOMI platform’s native cryptocurrency, allowing users to make in-app purchases after converting their OMI into gems. The token buy-back and burn mechanism implemented by ECOMI is a great addition to the platform’s tokenomics.

Omi Price Prediction | Introduction

After becoming dissatisfied with Ethereum’s scalability concerns and expensive gas taxes, ECOMI launched its native OMI token on the GoChain network, conducting a private auction and initial exchange offering (IEO) in 2019. ECOMI is open and upfront about its token allocation and usage of funds. 

 To discourage premature token dumps, a 12-month vesting period was set for tokens granted to the team, board, and advisers, while a 24-month cliff, vesting at 25% every quarter, was implemented for tokens issued to the founders. The ECOMI coin has a current circulating supply of 264.38 billion, with a market cap of $257,707,069 (at the time of writing).

Omi Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

To better understand OMI’s evolution, let’s take a look at its price for the past 6 months. 

MonthOpen PriceClosing PriceMonth High
(Source: CoinMarketCap)

At the time of writing, the OMI coin has been rising steadily over the previous seven days, with a 7-day high of $0.001067. ECOMI has recently demonstrated very great potential, and this might be a fantastic time to get in and invest.

Omi Price Prediction: Market Opinions forecasts that the price of ECOMI is expected to reach a minimum value of $0.002 in 2023. The coin will most likely have a maximum trading price of $0.003. At the same time, OMI is expected to have an average trading price of $0.0025 throughout the year.

Omi Price Forecast for December – January

According to Price Prediction, ECOMI is predicted to attain a minimum price of $0.00095799 in December 2022. The average price of OMI is expected to be $0.001.

Crypto Predictions suggest that the OMI coin will start 2023 at $0.001277850907898 and end the month at $0.001823457682549. The maximum anticipated OMI price for January is $0.001860586645163, and the minimum price is $0.001265198918711.

Omi Price Forecast for 2023 

As per Bitcoin wisdom, the OMI price estimate has a lot of room for growth in 2023. They believe that the price of OMI will reach $0.002024 as a consequence of the possible announcements of various new collaborations and activities. 

However, before initiating any positive wagers, we need to wait to observe if the OMI’s relative strength index moves out of the oversold zone. OMI will trade at a minimum trading price of $0.00253 and an average trading price of $0.002226. This is due to market volatility.

Meanwhile, CryptoPredictions see the price will begin in January 2023 at $0.001277850907898 and end at $0.001823457682549. 

Cryptocurrency Experts and Influencers

 GOV Capital’s ECOMI (OMI) price forecast indicates that the asset will be a great addition to your portfolio in the future. The price of ECOMI is expected to be $0.0018386710688526 in the coming year. 

Latest News about OMI

Even though VeVe was launched only two years ago, the platform is gaining more popularity with each day that passes. This might also take OMI to a new level. 


What Is Omi?

 ECOMI is a technology business established in Singapore that specializes in digital collections, Omi NFT (non-fungible token) exchange, and digital asset security and protection. ECOMI is led by David Yu, the company’s founder and CEO. Daniel Crothers and Joseph Janik are the other two co-founders. ECOMI was established in 2017. Oni coins and tokens are commonly used interchangeably with omi coins and tokens. OMI is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates independently.

How to Buy Omi?

OMI is available on multiple exchanges, including OKX, AscendEx, Bitforex, and Uniswap.

What Is Omi Used For?

When a user buys, sells, or trades digital collectibles on the VeVe platform, the OMI token is used as a medium of exchange. OMI also assures that digital collectibles have an immutable record of ownership.

 Digital assets saved on the OMI wallet may be shown in the “virtual showroom” of the VeVe app, which is available for download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. To access the services, customers must first import a certain amount of OMI and convert it to the in-app “gems” currency. VeVe is a closed environment, as opposed to NFT markets such as OpenSea and Rare. Assets purchased and exchanged on VeVe can only be held in the OMI wallet, limiting the possibility of secondary sales.

Omi Price Prediction: Verdict

Omi is an excellent investment in general, and it is one of the finest options for NFT fans. Omi’s platforms will readily provide its customers with digital treasures with which they may exchange. In such an event, the price of Omi is projected to climb steadily as more individuals use this type of cryptocurrency.

If you want to buy OMI, you have multiple options. However, you must consider the costs as well as your plans for your assets. This information will assist you in making a more informed decision, as your choice will incur costs, including the commission paid to the exchange.

* The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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