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NFT Grower Team Launches Project to Accelerate WEB2 to WEB3 Transition

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Oct 11, 2022
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NFT Grower’s latest project aims to exponentially increase the total number of internet users, as almost 2.9 billion people still do not have access to the World Wide Web.

With many active projects, NFT Grower is now developing new technologies and distributing them to worldwide users, stating that their goal is “to accelerate the transition of society from WEB2 to WEB3 and spread technology where people need it”.

And considering the ongoing transition to WEB3, the company is working on accelerating this process by delivering the latest technologies to internet users worldwide. 

Boosting the WEB3 transition

The project was built after realizing that many people do not even have access to the WWW (World Wide Web); thus, NFT Grower aims to increase the number of internet users in underdeveloped countries and help them during the WEB2-WEB3 transition. 

Furthermore, data provided by UNICEF shows that most Internet-deprived people live in undeveloped countries, and children are still disadvantaged due to the lack of Internet connectivity in local schools.

Tony L. Joswiak, CIO at NFT Grower, spoke about the project initiative at the Crypto Expo summit in Dubai: “NFT Grower is engaged not only in implementing plans for the development of its Metaverse and investment pool, but also sets social goals for itself, such as connecting schools to the Internet in developing countries around the world and popularizing WEB3 technologies among the younger generation.”

Tony also mentioned that in the near future, the company will deliver a solution that will provide transparency and convenience for NFT donations. He emphasized that by owning a donation NFT of a cause for which funds are being raised, it will be possible to track the whole process in real time.

“I think NFTs also provide a compelling use case. One of the things we’re starting to analyze is what philanthropy will look like for future generations. Because if you donate to UNICEF, you may probably get a ‘thank you email’ at best.”

About NFT Grower

NFT Grower is a crypto company currently developing many projects. One of the most popular may be the NFT collection summing up 11,111 monkey characters based on the Binance blockchain, which is now close to being launched. 

Moreover, NFT Grower is working on developing a Metaverse where users from all over the world can unite, earn, and own property in the form of NFT. Also, the users will be able to get remarkable opportunities that were not available to them in the real world due to geographical restrictions or other factors. NFT Grower also provides an investment pool where users can earn up to 1.3% daily, this way becoming a part of the Metaverse, too. 

Currently, the NFT Grower community consists of more than 20,000 people from all over the world, and by the end of the year, the project team plans to cross the 100,000 mark. Not only does the project plan to attract an audience from the already established crypto community, but it also aims to create opportunities for those who are new to crypto technologies or still deprived of Internet access.


You can get in touch with NFT Grower and find out more about its developments through the website, Telegram news channel, Telegram community chat, and Twitter.

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