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New Possibilities in the NFT Market with the MiniShib Platform 

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Dec 21, 2021
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The Shiba Inu meme coins are well-known in the cryptocurrency world. They began as a joke and quickly became well-known for their significant influence on the acceptance of cryptocurrencies. And this success is not surprising at all. 

But the approach used by the Shiba Inu meme coins, which is usually influenced by what Elon Musk says, seems to work less well these days. So, Mini Shib comes with a different approach, which will launch a new NFT-focused platform. With their launch, the platform will provide a breakthrough for the audio and visual NFT launchpads and marketplaces. In addition to a play-to-win game and a $100,000 Shiba Inu burn every 20 million MC.  

What Exactly Is miniShib?  

MiniShib is a new approach for meme currencies to level up their game and expand to the NFT sector. And this joyful pooch hopes to become a top dog with its future advancements.  

The team behind the enthusiastic miniShib has a bold plan that begins with an audio and visual NFT platform. But more than a platform, the team wants to create an NFT universe with a DAO-driven marketplace for numerous musical and graphical talents at its core.  

And up until now, the team has successfully formed alliances with a wide range of artists to populate their platform once it is completed.  

Solutions That miniShib Provides  

The platform intends to develop this new project by providing a novel Dao-driven NFT platform and marketplace for musical and graphical creators. The platform’s decentralization allows for reducing production obstacles, retaining ownership, and protecting artists from fees lost to intermediaries in the creation business.  

MiniShib’s goal is to create a financial gateway for innovators from all walks of life. They also realize that ignoring the catastrophic gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain is both impossible and immoral. So, recognizing this is disadvantage for small and medium-sized investors, the platform promises to solve this dilemma with cross-chain connectivity to the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain.  

And that’s because AVAX is known for having the fattest smart contracts, many proof of stake validators, and low transaction costs.  

What Comes Next?  

Even though they are in their early stages, they continue to provide a lot of innovation and make a difference in the crypto market.  

By looking on their roadmap, the project seems to be in phase 1. The platform already reached 250 holders, a listing partnership with Coingecko and CMC, 10 million MC, which will be followed by completing their roadmap and whitepaper, and launch version 2 of the website. 

On the following phases, the team wants to complete an audit, come out with other listings, launch a merch shop, and many other features. 

Be ready to take part of the change and get ready be part of the Shiba Inu journey in NFT.  

Stay up to date with everything going on with miniShib and follow the projecton their social media: InstagramTwitter

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