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MXC launched 100x plan, many well-known institutions join the eco-system as SuperNode!

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Jun 6, 2019
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Recently, MXC Exchange, based on market insight and with the expansion of globalization and asset trading business, has launched the SuperNode Program, which will work with well-known institutions in the industry to find 100x projects to promote the development of the blockchain eco-system.

MXC recently released a list of the first batch of super-node institutions planned for 100x projects. Till now, FBG Capital, GENESIS GROUP, JRR Crypto, Nodecap, LD Capital, LINKVC, Mars Finance, Consensus Laboratory (ranking in no order) and many other well-known investment institutions have joined the list, and other institutions are being announced. As a strategic market partner, Super Node will assist MXC Exchange to establish a community, operate the market, upgrade the brand, and prosper the exchange ecology together.

It is reported that the MXC hundred multiplier plan aims to create a hundred-time growth plan for the blockchain industry, including project 100-fold, user 100-fold, trading volume 100-fold, and so on. The establishment of Super Node Program aims at empowering the project side, realizing the mutual benefit, and building a global ecology through the professional, authoritative and resource advantages of Super Node Institutions and MXC Exchange.

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